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Why this Archive

"Let him work." - Carolyn Yeager Note: Several UPDATES have been attached at the end of this page: 30 April 2014 30 April 2014 #2 1 May 2014 20 May 2014 28 June 2014 25 Aug 2015 9 Sep 2015 22 Jul 2016 6 Nov 2017 24 Jan 2019 This site is ...

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The End

For the reasons described in My Mistake, I have decided, without consulting with or seeking Carolyn Yeager's consent, that The White Network will no longer be used to record or broadcast any new programs. There will be no further posts or comments. I will not allow her to abuse the system I constructed to undermine the purpose for which it ...

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My Mistake

Carolyn Yeager has used this platform, which I had provided for her, to attack and denigrate White nationalism and, by extension, Whites as a race: White Nationalism, Eurasianism, and the future of Western Europe [The audio for this program can be download from http://carolynyeager.net/system/files/tWn_Saturday_Afternoon_with_Carolyn_Yeager_20140412.mp3 - Tan 30 April 2014] The cause of this break and clues as to her motives, what she ...

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the alleged "gas chamber" room that was supposedly rigged up for the limited gassing procedure, in a house one mile from the camp.

Were 86 Jews gassed at the Natzweiler-Struthof camp?

April 14, 2014 Germar Rudolf joins Carolyn to discuss how credible the Natzweiler gassing story is. Their verdict is: not at all but another method of inducing death may have been used. More research is necessary. The Treblinka "Star of David Tile" hoax featured in the Smithsonian Institution TV documentary was also discussed. Charles Krafft and Fredrick Toben called during the ...

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Ilse Hirsch. Ilse joined the Bund Deutscher Mädel also known as the BDM (League of German Girls) at the age of 16. In 1941 she became a full time BDM  Organiser. In 1944 she volunteered for the 'Werewolves', she was then 23 years old .

Unternehmen Werwölfe (Enterprise Werewolf) pt 2/2

• Training takes place at Castle Hulchrath, near the small Rhenish town of Erkelenz. The castle was at the time the HQ of the HSSPF-West, Karl Gutenberger. Here Prutzmann set up his Werwolf Staff HQ. • On November 26, 1944, the Germans organized the Upper Rhine High Command to defend the upper Rhine. Hitler placed German Interior Minister Heinrich Himmler in ...

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Map of Eurasia for Eurasian Political Movement - Oct. 10, 2012 (click to enlarge)

White Nationalism, Eurasianism, and the future of Western Europe

April 12, 2014 Carolyn questions whether White Nationalism "worldwide" can work, then points to various reports that show Putin is no friend of White Nationalists, followed by a look at Eurasianism and what it means to the West. Some highlights: Three men can be said to be responsible for what is called White Nationalism today: Willis Carto, William Pierce and David Duke ...

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At the Obersalzberg, Adolf Hitler, accompanied by Reich Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop (right), receives the Prime Minister Zwetkowitsch of Yugoslavia for talks in February 1941

Nature's laws, N-S not a religion, source of raw materials: Sept. 22-25, 1941 - Episode 6

April 10, 2014 “Hitler’s Table Talk” Study Hour presents:  Carolyn Yeager and Ray Goodwin read and comment on the Sept 22 to Sept. 25, 1941 dinner table monologues by the German Führer, as taken down by an adjutant and checked for accuracy by Martin Bormann. In this program: The separate worlds of Europe and Asia are not marked by the Ural Mountains, ...

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What is Liberalism?

The word liberalism has been in common use in political discourse for more than two hundred years. Why is its meaning so ambiguous and changed so dramatically over time?In short, it is due to a shift away from White/Aryan origins to a contemporary judaized meaning. The word itself is emblematic of the racial struggle for control of Europe.liberal, at Online ...

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Welcome to the White Network.

NOTE: This is a read-only copy of thewhitenetwork.com frozen as-is on 15 April 2014 with the following changes:

* All links have been updated to reflect the new domain name.

* Comments are closed.

* Donations are no longer requested or accepted. The 1and1 referral link has been removed from the footer.

* The contents of pages authored by Carolyn Yeager have been redacted and the MP3 files for programs she hosted have been removed at her request.

* The blog post Why this Archive was added. See that post for more information.

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