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Unternehmen Werwölfe (Enterprise Werewolf) pt 2/2

• Training takes place at Castle Hulchrath, near the small Rhenish town of Erkelenz. The castle was at the time the HQ of the HSSPF-West, Karl Gutenberger. Here Prutzmann set up his Werwolf Staff HQ.

Ilse Hirsch. Ilse joined the Bund Deutscher Mädel also known as the BDM (League of German Girls) at the age of 16. In 1941 she became a full time BDM Organiser. In 1944 she volunteered for the 'Werewolves', she was then 23 years old .

• On November 26, 1944, the Germans organized the Upper Rhine High Command to defend the upper Rhine. Hitler placed German Interior Minister Heinrich Himmler in command on December 10. (Note: It was in January 1945 when Hitler appointed Himmler, Commander in Chief of Army Group Vistula)

‘Operation Carnival’ begins when a captured B-17 bomber drops the group into a Belgian forest on March 20, 1945.

• After carrying out their mission two of the group are injured by a landmine

• The trial of the ‘Werewolves’ takes place in October 1949 in Germany. All but one of their group is rounded up.

SS Werwolf Combat Instruction Manual



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Steve Frost ~ British Movement General Secretary

Steve Frost of British Movement joins us to talk about National Socialism in Britain today.

Topics include…

Colin Jordan and the formation of the British Movement

• Nicky Crane

• John Tyndall and Colin Jordan were friends who had different idea’s about the future of British Nationalism

• In the 1970’s the BM decided to exit voting politics and support the National Front

• Ray Hill and Searchlight attempt to cause division and splits

• Michael McLaughlin stands down as BM Secretary in 1983

• Blood and Honour and British Movement continue to have a good relationship

• Combat 18 – state operation?

• Current cultural and political activities of the British Movement

British Movement Sun wheel blog

Young Wolf – Youth Section of BM

WPWW 2014


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Unternehmen Werwölfe (Enterprise Werewolf) pt 1/2

• October 1944 – Americans capture Aachen (the first City of Germany to be occupied by the Allies)

• Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler requests Otto Skorzeny to form the ‘Werewolf Resistance’, but Skorzeny already has many duties to undertake

• SS General Karl Gutenberger takes up the recruiting, training and organizing  of Werewolf recruits

• Hitler Youth and German Maidens volunteer for  Werewolf  training in large numbers

• Himmler orders the execution of ‘Burgomasters’ (Germans’ who aid the Americans in setting up a occupied administration within the Reich)

• Burgomaster of Aachen -Franz Oppenhoff panics when the Ardennes Counter Offensive erupts just a few miles away

• First V1 Rockets land in German occupied territory just short of the Belgian City of Liège

Charles Whiting. Werewolf



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Interview with South London NF Organiser Tony Martin

Tony Martin has been involved in Nationalism since 2007 when he joined the BNP. He has stood for local Council and also for the Parliamentary elections of 2010. He is now a local Organiser for the National Front.

Tony did 20 laps around Stratford during the Olympics of 2012. The Britain vs Argentina Hockey match was taking place. His flag is the Falkland Islands flag

Subjects to be discussed include;

• Public meetings and Freedom of Information requests

Emma West – despite the crown prosecution service sighting ‘death threats’ against her as the only reason to deny her bail, they failed to report any of the threats to the police

Racist Negress on London bus. Who was she and what was her punishment?

• Tony questions the Bumbling Buffoon Boris Johnson (Mayor of London)

• Croydon and Tony’s future political plans

South London National Front Meeting 5/4/2013. (Tony Martin speaks 2nd)

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Interview with Jimmy Marr

Pro White activist Jimmy Marr has stirred up quite a ‘Hornets nest’ in his Home State of Oregon and beyond.

Some of the topics discussed include;

• Jimmy’s early activism which included a large ‘Anti racist is a code word for anti white’ banner over a interstate highway bridge

• Jimmy’s televised interview with local T.V KVAL

• The Daily Mail in Britain report on Jimmy’s activities

• Local rag Eugene Weekly attack Jimmy and ‘the message’

• The White Man March – how did it go?

• Plans for the future regarding activism and perhaps Politics


Early ‘White Man March’ video released

The Daily Mail piece on Jimmy’s activism

KVAL News interview Jimmy

Stand up to ‘Nazi’s’ in Eugene


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John Tyndall pt 17/17

The Eleventh Hour – Scenario For War and The Way Ahead

• The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO),  was always under the command of America, irrespective of whether he was the most qualified man for the job

• Although Britain has retained her capacity to produce nuclear weapons – the means to deliver the weapons are largely controlled by the United States

The Falklands War of 1982 was a National war, not a NATO war

• John Tyndall advocates a two year National Service period for young British people

• The Cancer of Liberalism

• What is ‘Fascism’?

• Oswold Spengler’s Decline of the West

• We can prove Spengler wrong in his assertion that the West is finished

Hardtalk – Nick Griffin (August 2001)

Spearhead article  – One Change Too Far (October 2001)

Heritage and Destiny Article – Death of Valerie Tyndall


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National Action

Tom is an Organiser from the Social Nationalist Group ‘National Action’. He discusses a range of topics which include;

• Why Tom decided to form National Action

• A progress report detailing activities over the past six months

• The pros and cons of voting politics

• The benefits of ‘Direct Action’, as opposed to concentrating solely on voting politics

• The White Man March 15th March 2014

• The advances made by Golden Dawn, Jobbik and svoboda (Website down)

• British Nationalism and the way forward


Fascist group on campus


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John Tyndall pt 16

John Tyndall after being assaulted by a Red Mob. David Copeland is in the background. The photographer conveniently captured them both in the same frame - just months before the bomb attacks

The Eleventh Hour – Chapter 18 Britain and the world

• France was only prevented from bringing greater force to bear against us across the Atlantic (during the American war of Independence) by her heavy military commitments in Europe, such as the War of Spanish Succession (1704 – 1714) and the Severn years war (1756 – 1763)

• In 1834 the Zollverein or customs Union came into existence – only Austria and the German Northwest Coast land remained aloof

• That Germany might covet British possessions in Africa was not inconceivable but it certainly was not probable; with potential enemies enough, it was hardly likely that she should wish to add to these what was then the greatest Empire in the world

The Washington Conference 1922

Sir Oswold Mosley was the only prominent British political figure who vocally opposed declaring war on Germany

“Each of you, Jew and Gentile alike, who has not already enlisted in this sacred war (against Hitler’s Germany) should do so now and here”

Samuel Untermeyer (elected President of the World Jewish Economic Federation) Text printed in New York Times August 7th 1933

• Behind the facade of Western – Soviet ‘enmity’ there was all along, Western – Soviet collaboration



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John Tyndall pt 15

The Eleventh Hour Chapter 17 – The Imperial Imperative

John Tyndall addresses the 1998 BNP Conference

• The Colonial territories once owned by Imperial powers now, for the most part, rot in poverty, maladministration and corruption

“The Empire is not breaking up, it is growing up”

Conservative Prime Minister Harold Macmillan

• The economic motives of Empire predominated over all others (including Racial Expansion)

•  The British Empire never intended to colonise South Africa with British settlers

• Jewish finance in London was determined to secure the gold and diamonds under the Afrikaner’s land. The Boer war followed

• India ‘The Jewel in the Imperial Crown‘, was always more of a prestige symbol of Empire than an asset to it

• Britain’s entry into the ECC in 1973 weakened it’s ties with the White Dominions


Richard Edmond’s speech in Birmingham 1st February 2014 

John Tyndall BNP Conference speech 1998 4/6

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John Tyndall pt 14

The Eleventh Hour Chapter 16 – What’s at stake in Ulster?

Young National Front activists

• Irish Nationalists accept integration into Europe

• The battlefields of four Continents have been moistened by the blood of many tens of thousands of men from Ulster regiments

• The E.U and the U.S.A pressure Britain to abandon Ulster

• In Ulster, ‘Liberalism’ does not dominate her political institutions, nor her education system, nor her church, nor her people

• London refuses to guarantee the permanent existence of Ulster

“The good Friday Agreement (1998) Just a stage towards the final goal of a United Ireland”

Gerry Adams – Former IRA Commander and Leader of Sinn Féin

Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF)

Anglo Irish Treaty 1921

Loyalist Mayfield Protest 1985

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