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Steve Frost ~ British Movement General Secretary

Steve Frost of British Movement joins us to talk about National Socialism in Britain today.

Topics include…

Colin Jordan and the formation of the British Movement

• Nicky Crane

• John Tyndall and Colin Jordan were friends who had different idea’s about the future of British Nationalism

• In the 1970’s the BM decided to exit voting politics and support the National Front

• Ray Hill and Searchlight attempt to cause division and splits

• Michael McLaughlin stands down as BM Secretary in 1983

• Blood and Honour and British Movement continue to have a good relationship

• Combat 18 – state operation?

• Current cultural and political activities of the British Movement

British Movement Sun wheel blog

Young Wolf – Youth Section of BM

WPWW 2014


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7 Responses

  1. Eddie Stampton

    Interesting interview. Are we to take it that Will Browning is somehow OK now? You only mention Charlie Sargent, yet I understand many in the BM & Blood & Honour believe Will Browning to be a state asset. In fact wasn’t it him that sent a bomb to a leading BM activist. Selective memory??

  2. Paul,

    your programmes are very useful in shining a light on British nationalism. It is interesting that an active number of people remain involved on the fringes ready for the day when the alternative becomes the mainstream and are realising that not involving themselves in activities heavily policed by the regime is a good idea. The white Man March a good example.

    Also, good to hear that for the first time although not discussed on this show that students in the universities are becoming national socialists and organizing inside the former solidly Marxist iron curtain of academia. That fact is really significant if not almost unbelievable to older listeners and perhaps worth a programme sometime.

    The great white traitor Claire Short became the Birmingham Ladywood Labour MP and deliberatly brought in vast numbers of black immigrants using her position and contacts as International development minister to round up blacks abroad to bring into Britain. She was able to use the carefully cultivated phoney image as a role-model for women she was given by the Jewsmedia to defend Greville Janner when he was first accused of paedophilia.

    Her family were from Northern Ireland and the Anglo-Irish can never be fully trusted because of their long historical link since Cromwell against the indigenous Irish people (easily transposed to English people) with freemasons and Jews. Tommy Robinson is such an example.

    “After The Daily Telegraph published details of MPs’ expenses in 2009, Short admitted that in 2003 she had overclaimed £8,000, using parliamentary expenses to pay for her mortgage. She repaid it in 2006. In addition, the records show that “over the past four years Miss Short has submitted regular claims for decorating at her second home, including hundreds of pounds worth of work to a summer house and conservatory, as well as her porch, patio and kitchen. She also charged more than £1,500 for repainting.” By 2009, Short had claimed and received over £65,000 in expenses (in addition to her salary).”

    She later In June 2009 received an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from the University of Ulster ‘in recognition of her services to international development’ A payoff to yet another
    white-genociding, corrupt criminal who was set up as morally superior to nationalists.

  3. Alexander (from Flanders)

    Very interesting show. Good to learn that NS is alive and kicking in Britain.

    I would love to hear more about Combat 18. In the nineties me and my comrades would wear C18 shirts, and we though we were baddass. None of us realized at the time that C18 might be comprimised (or knew anything of the wierd stuff). We just wanted to be c18 members because that was the most extreme pro White group we ever heard of. 🙂

    The police hated us. Every time the cops saw us, we were stopped. Everytime. We thought we were soooo coooooool. Now I’m a little embarrassed when I remember those days.

    I still love the C18 song from Weisse Wolf (White Wolf). 😉


  4. Paul Smith

    Maybe you should interview Eddie Stampton, he seems to know it all.

  5. Northern kamrade N.S

    Will Browning is known to associate with well known grasses such as Andy Leary from Liverpool/Southport and other state filth,stay well clear.

  6. Northern kamrade N.S

    It would be interesting to hear Eddie Stampton interviewed the blokes been involved in the struggle for most of his life I’m sure he would have some interesting stories to tell etc.I enjoyed listening to Kevin Watmough the other week too.

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