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Steve Frost ~ British Movement General Secretary

Steve Frost of British Movement joins us to talk about National Socialism in Britain today.

Topics include…

Colin Jordan and the formation of the British Movement

• Nicky Crane

• John Tyndall and Colin Jordan were friends who had different idea’s about the future of British Nationalism

• In the 1970’s the BM decided to exit voting politics and support the National Front

• Ray Hill and Searchlight attempt to cause division and splits

• Michael McLaughlin stands down as BM Secretary in 1983

• Blood and Honour and British Movement continue to have a good relationship

• Combat 18 – state operation?

• Current cultural and political activities of the British Movement

British Movement Sun wheel blog

Young Wolf – Youth Section of BM

WPWW 2014


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John Tyndall pt 7

The Eleventh Hour

Chapter 8 – Years of Political Apprenticeship


• Many Organizations came and went prior to the formation of the National Front

• John Tyndall meets John Bean and created the National Labour Party

The White Defence League headed by Colin Jordan

• First British National Party created with Colin Jordan as leader and John Bean as Deputy

British Movement activists attacked by Jewish ’62 Group

•  John Tyndall and Colin Jordan (and two colleagues) sent to jail under the Public Order Act 1936

• John Tyndall and A.K Chesterton bring the various groups together to form the National Front

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