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The Jews’ Complaint Against “Americanism” – Episode 71


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Jews Versus Whites

How do we differ? Let us count the ways.

Jared Taylor commits racial treason on Phil Donahue !:

Donahue: “How are you with the jews? Are the jews OK?”

Taylor: “The jews? The jews are fine by me.”

Donahue: “And so jews can live in your neighborhood and go to your cocktail party with all those good looking people?”

Taylor: “Look white to me.”

Whatever Taylor thinks about the jews, his answer plays into widespread misperceptions of both jews and race. Saying you’re OK with the jews because they look “white” is saying that race is just skin color, literally skin deep, something trivial.

The differences run far deeper.

The jewish narrative distinguishes jews from Whites – painting jews as oppressed and Whites as their oppressors.

If jews saw jewishness as part of, or even on par with Whiteness, then they’d argue that both, or neither, should be capitalized. Instead they get angry and make ridiculous arguments in favor of double standards – the capitalization of words being just one seemingly trivial example.

The argument is often made that jews are just another type of White, but with a different religion. But unlike other European religions, any and all of which are freely and mercilessly criticized, criticism of judaism is regarded as “discrimination”, “hate”, “intolerance”.

Another argument that is often made is that jews are just another type of White, but with a different ethnicity, like the French or Hungarians. Except that jews, wherever they live, unite and lobby as a block, across borders. And those who live in France or Hungary demand to be treated as good or even better than any mere Frenchman or Hungarian.

Jewish DNA deserves a discussion of its own. Suffice it here to note that jews are genetically closer to Europeans than Africans, but are still clearly distinct. Even partial Ashkenazi ancestry can be discerned by DNA analysis.

The focus here will be on differences in thinking – the clearest being in group identity.

The recent Pew poll confirmed that jews generally identify positively as jews. They are hyper-aware and hyper-defensive about their jewishness and the interests of jews as a group. They view Whites not only as distinct from jews, but as a threat – either passively, by assimilation and intermarriage, or actively, via genocide.

This is in strong constrast with Whites, who generally don’t identify positively as White (or even “white”), are relatively unconcerned or defensive about their Whiteness, and have in large part accepted the jewish narrative which paints anyone with a strong, positive sense of White racial identity as morally or mentally defective. For the most part Whites view jews as “white”, socializing and intermarrying with them even when mixing with other races was not considered acceptable.

Jews are amongst the thought-leaders of anti-“racism”/anti-Whitism. For example, Susan Sontag (“the White race is the cancer of history”), Noel Ignatiev (“the key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the White race”), and Tim Wise (“white like me”, who literally makes his living inciting hatred of Whites).

Differences in thinking and identity are also visible in politics and voting patterns.

Milton Himmelfarb “coined the aphorism on the Jewish community’s political persuasions: ‘Jews earn like Episcopalians, and vote like Puerto Ricans.'”

Mik Moore: Reflections on the Jewish Vote, 2012, Mik Moore, 9 Nov 2012:

2012: 70% for Obama, 30% for Romney

2008: 74-78% for Obama, 22-26% for McCain

President Obama and the white vote? No problem., Chris Cillizza and Jon Cohen, 8 Nov 2012:

2012: 39% for Obama, 61% for Romney

2008: 43% for Obama, 57% for McCain

In the end, President Obama’s “problem” with the white vote wound up being less than advertised — and certainly less problematic to his political prospects than Mitt Romney’s 44-point loss among Hispanic voters.

This chart, again from our friends at the Post polling unit, tells that story better than we can write it.

Just one in every ten Republican voters were non-white. That is the story of the 2012 election.

The upshot is that the jewish vote is consistently, markedly distinct from the White vote.

It is also consistently jewish pundits who label Whiteness a “problem” – and not only when it comes to voting. I discussed many examples of this in Anti-White Problems.

Two recent examples follow.

Twitter, Women and Power,
by Nicholas Kristof, NYTimes.com, 23 Oct 2013:

Twitter is on schedule to go public as a company next month, a sparkling symbol of innovation, technology — and stale, old thinking reflected in a board of seven white men.

I also realize that I live in a glass house, because my world of punditry is a cacophony of mostly white male voices. Gender imbalance isn’t just Twitter’s problem, but a global challenge across many sectors.

Of course it is actually a cacophony of mostly jewish voices. Even the ones that aren’t jews parrot jewish opinions on race, immigration, nationalism, and with special deference to Israel and jews. The value to jews of posing as “white” is that in cases like this the attention and blame can be fobbed off onto Whites.

Apple, Twitter and Tech’s Middle-Aged White Guy Problem, Daily Ticker, Yahoo Finance:

Anyone who watched the Apple (AAPL) keynote this week (if you’re me) couldn’t help but notice that it was a parade of middle-aged white guys who came on stage to reveal the company’s latest and greatest.

And Twitter, ahead of it’s planned IPO next month, has come under fire for the makeup of its board of directors: all white men. The executive team isn’t much better (all men except for the general counsel).

The “white man” brought in to comment in this case doesn’t defend Whites or White men whatsoever. Instead he says things are changing, but “it needs to change faster”. The “white man” is, of course, a jew whose attitude toward jews is entirely different. Aaron Pressman from Yahoo! News tweeted: Feel exactly the same, tears to my eyes etc @winerip I’m Jewish, and when I was growing up…never buy a Ford or VW… http://t.co/DLLRLsbONl

The podcast will be broadcast and available for download on Tuesday at 9PM ET.

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Killing the Holocaust Myth, Part 5 plus “Revisionist Remembrance Day”


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John Tyndall

John Hutchyns Tyndall (14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005), was a British politician and patriotic activist, who came to lead the national liberation movement in the United Kingdom during the 1970s and 1980s. He is most noted for his leadership of the National Front and for founding and leading the British National Party, until the leadership passed to Nick Griffin.

During his tenure as leader of the new BNP, Tyndall did little to dispel the perception among some that the BNP was a neo-National Socialist organisation, and strongly resisted any attempts to soften the party’s policies or image. Tyndall was convicted of incitement to racial hatred in 1986 and was jailed three times. During his time in prison he completed the part-autobiographical part-political book The Eleventh Hour (ISBN 0-9513686-2-1), which he subsequently revised several times.

Paul summarizes the ’11th Hour’ A call for British rebirth by John Tyndall.

John Tyndall’s magazine http://www.spearhead.com/


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Interview with Paul Hickman, the Birmingham Nationalist


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Announcing Voice of Albion

Published on October 26, 2013 by in Blog

As mentioned on today’s Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn, we’re pleased to announce that Paul Hickman will be bringing Voice of Albion to the White Network. It will be broadcast at 2 PM ET every Sunday, starting tomorrow.

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Angles of Jewish Influence in American Life – Episode 70


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Jewish Crypsis – Jewdar

Jewish crypsis – the name game, the nosejobs, the hiding behind religion, the half-jews – are indications of parasitism.

Jewdar, or j-dar, is short for jewish radar – trying to determine if someone is or isn’t a jew. It is akin to what the military calls IFF – “identification friend or foe”. Jews use the term because they know better than anyone else that jews disguise themselves, but still have a strong interest in identifying their kin.

A comment on Steve Sailer’s Nicholas Wade on Ashkenazi ancestry illustrates how even on “race-realist” forums, even on posts concerning the biological nature of jewishness, attempts are still made to deny that jews have any recognizable physical features, and that any attempt to do so is “crazy”:

Anonymous said…

“Even so, you can often tell white Jews from other whites.”

No, you can’t. I’ve lived in New York my whole life and I can’t tell Jews from non-Jews. (Excepting the ones in religious garb of course)

“Alan Dershowitz, Woody Allen, Noam Chomsky, Trotsky, Kafka, Carole King, the guy in SOCIAL NETWORK, Henry Jaglom, Roman Polanski, Bob Dylan, Streisand, Bette Midler, Elena Kagan, Ruth Ginzburg, Serge Gainsborough, Philip Roth, and etc. are recognizable as Jewish from a mile away.”

No, they are not. In fact those people don’t even look like one another! You know these people are Jewish and so you assign to them a physical commonality which does not exist.

The flip side of “pattern recognition” is “pattern imposition” – where the mind tries to see a pattern which is not there. You’re engaging in pattern imposition, not pattern recognition.

Jewdar is a form of pattern recognition based on an evaluation of various bits of evidence. The denial and psychopathologization of such pattern recognition is part of jewish crypsis. Jews know very well that 1) jews disguise themselves and 2) there are ways to recognize them anyway. They also know that their interests aren’t served by non-jews understanding any of this.

The Toronto Jewish Film Festival’s J-DAR website makes a game of it. ABOUT TJFF:

We Jews have a reputation for making great films, and that’s what the Toronto Jewish Film Festival is all about – great films. Movies that engage, thrill and make you laugh. Stories that are universal. No matter what your nationality, or religion. So grab a friend and some popcorn, and prepare to be entertained. After all, creating great films is what we do best.

HOW J-DAR WORKS explains how they rate a movie’s jewishness by looking up the writer, director, producer, editor and cast in

a database that contains the names of pretty much every jew in Hollywood – give or take a jew. Plus, it analyzes your movie for jewish content too.

That “jewish content”, often packaged in the moral of the story, is aimed at the unsuspecting subconscious of universalist-minded viewers.

Jews take their jewishness seriously. Making a joke of the interference their own crypsis causes them is one way of disguising it – even as they share tips on how to overcome the problem. For example, How to Jew: Activate your JEWDAR, at Schmooze Magazine:

Growing up, whenever my father would take me to a place that was known for being particularly WASP-y, he would whisper in my ear “Jew! Jew!” in imitation of the “Jew-alarm” our presence set off. While, to my knowledge, Jew-alarms do not actually exist, there are some more subtle ways of figuring out whether your friend’s cute roommate is a member of the tribe.

The article lists several elementary sources of evidence for an effective jewdar: physical appearance, the name game, breeding grounds, and shared social experiences. Another good source of evidence is language, eg. words like “schmooze”, expressions like “member of the tribe”, and other jewish terms that jews use and recognize but often go right over goyishe kopfs.

Jon Carroll is one of those goyishe kopfs. He’s up to his ears in jews but was surprised to learn about jewdar. He quickly understood that it’s just a big joke, of course, but life-and-death serious too. The mystery of Jewdar:

So these thoughts were running around my brain – which was also telling me that three columns on gaydar might be just a bit much – when my editor, the fabulous Andrea Behr, said casually, “Then there’s Jewdar.”


Now, it should be said that, for an Irish lad, I’m pretty darned Jewish. Both my daughters are Jewish, and so of course both their daughters are Jewish. I have sung at a bat mitzvah, and I was not nearly as bad as some would have expected. Also, it turns out, most of my best friends are Jewish. (I would have said “some of my best friends,” but that’s now a cliche meaning “I met a Jewish guy once on the golf course,” which is not at all what I mean. English is so hard.) But I had never heard of Jewdar.

But – to return to the serious theme at the beginning of the column – there’s a larger and more compelling reason for the development of Jewdar. There was a time in Europe – and there still is a time in other places right now – when being able to know friend from foe was literally a matter of life and death. It was hard, because Jews come from many places on the globe and look many different ways, speak many different languages, and sorting it all out takes an almost supernatural instinct.

Get it wrong, go to jail. It’s like Monopoly, only with real people and the Gestapo.

It is not known how much of a role Jewdar played in the survival of those who did survive. Sometimes it might even be counterproductive: Oscar Schindler is an obvious example, but there were many others. Compassion is not limited by ethnic and cultural boundaries. But still, underneath all the joking, there’s the reality of friend versus foe, and what to do in the absence of shibboleths.

Underneath all the joking, Carroll sides with the jews against Europeans.

Understanding Jewish Influence I: Background Traits for Jewish Activism, by Kevin MacDonald, provides a more sober and objective assessment of what’s going on:

GST [Genetic Similarity Theory] has some important implications for understanding cooperation and cohesiveness among Jews. It predicts that people will be friendlier to other people who are genetically more similar to themselves. In the case of Jews and non-Jews, it predicts that Jews would be more likely to make friends and alliances with other Jews, and that there would be high levels of rapport and psychological satisfaction within these relationships.

GST explains the extraordinary rapport and cohesiveness among Jews. Since the vast majority of Jews are closely related genetically, GST predicts that they will be very attracted to other Jews and may even be able to recognize them in the absence of distinctive clothing and hair styles. There is anecdotal evidence for this statement. Theologian Eugene Borowitz writes that Jews seek each other out in social situations and feel “far more at home” after they have discovered who is Jewish.54 “Most Jews claim to be equipped with an interpersonal friend-or-foe sensing device that enables them to detect the presence of another Jew, despite heavy camouflage.” Another Jewish writer comments on the incredible sense of oneness he has with other Jews and his ability to recognize other Jews in public places, a talent some Jews call “J-dar.”55 While dining with his non-Jewish fiancée, he is immediately recognized as Jewish by some other Jews, and there is an immediate “bond of brotherhood” between them that excludes his non-Jewish companion.

Robert Reich, Clinton administration Secretary of Labor, wrote that in his first face-to-face meeting with Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan, “We have never met before, but I instantly know him. One look, one phrase, and I know where he grew up, how he grew up, where he got his drive and his sense of humor. He is New York. He is Jewish. He looks like my uncle Louis, his voice is my uncle Sam. I feel we’ve been together at countless weddings, bar mitzvahs, and funerals. I know his genetic structure. I’m certain that within the last five hundred years—perhaps even more recently—we shared the same ancestor.”56 Reich is almost certainly correct: He and Greenspan do indeed have a recent common ancestor, and this genetic affinity causes them to have an almost supernatural attraction to each other. Or consider Sigmund Freud, who wrote that he found “the attraction of Judaism and of Jews so irresistible, many dark emotional powers, all the mightier the less they let themselves be grasped in words, as well as the clear consciousness of inner identity, the secrecy of the same mental construction.”57

Any discussion of Judaism has to start and probably end with this incredibly strong bond that Jews have among each other—a bond that is created by their close genetic relationship and by the intensification of the psychological mechanisms underlying group cohesion. This powerful rapport among Jews translates into a heightened ability to cooperate in highly focused groups.

Crypsis, jewdar and parasitism are all related.

A recent article Occidental Observer article by Tobias Langdon, Verbal Venom: Biological Parallels for Western Pathologies, discusses the psychological mechanics of jewish parasitism:

Neuroparasitology is the study of how parasites manipulate the brains of their hosts. Parasitic wasps are experts at this manipulation. For example, some inject paralysing toxins with their stings and create living larders for their offspring. Mason wasps lay eggs on paralysed caterpillars, then seal them into brood-chambers made of mud. The caterpillars are then eaten alive by the larvae that hatch from the eggs.

Parasitic wasps induce this suicidal passivity with minute injections of neurotoxin, because tiny amounts of chemical can have huge effects on nervous systems.

Each species of parasite exploits some particular aspect of its host’s biology. Wasps inject toxins that paralyse nerves; cuckoos lay camouflaged eggs that fool eyes and brains. But this raises a dangerous idea about Homo sapiens. It’s clear from biology that predation and parasitism evolve quickly and easily among animals. All birds have a common ancestor, but some birds, like eagles and shrikes, now prey on their relatives, while others, like cuckoos and skuas, now parasitize their relatives. So why can’t predation and parasitism have evolved among those animals known as human beings? Why can’t there be predatory or parasitic ideologies, professions and even races?

One answer might be this: there can’t be because that’s a wicked thing to suggest – it’s bigoted, hateful and racist.

My hypothesis, therefore, is that cultural Marxism is a language-based form of parasitism. But how might you go about proving this hypothesis? In the same way as you might prove that an animal has parasites. You don’t have to detect the parasites directly — you can deduce their presence from their effects on an animal’s metabolism

Pathogenicity, Wikipedia:

Virulence is, by MeSH definition, the degree of pathogenicity [the potential capacity of certain species of microbes to cause a disease] within a group or species of parasites as indicated by case fatality rates and/or the ability of the organism to invade the tissues of the host.

In an ecological context, virulence can be defined as the host’s parasite-induced loss of fitness.

The term “virulent anti-semitism” is a typical jewish inversion of reality. Virulence is a characteristic of parasites, a measure of their ability to infiltrate and harm their hosts.

The podcast will be broadcast and available for download on Tuesday at 9PM ET.

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Killing the Holocaust Myth, Part 4 – “Where They Went”


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Günter Deckert on the German Elections, Asylum Seekers, the EU and Energy


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