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John Tyndall

John Hutchyns Tyndall (14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005), was a British politician and patriotic activist, who came to lead the national liberation movement in the United Kingdom during the 1970s and 1980s. He is most noted for his leadership of the National Front and for founding and leading the British National Party, until the leadership passed to Nick Griffin.

During his tenure as leader of the new BNP, Tyndall did little to dispel the perception among some that the BNP was a neo-National Socialist organisation, and strongly resisted any attempts to soften the party’s policies or image. Tyndall was convicted of incitement to racial hatred in 1986 and was jailed three times. During his time in prison he completed the part-autobiographical part-political book The Eleventh Hour (ISBN 0-9513686-2-1), which he subsequently revised several times.

Paul summarizes the ’11th Hour’ A call for British rebirth by John Tyndall.

John Tyndall’s magazine http://www.spearhead.com/


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11 Responses

  1. Kevin

    Great show, Paul.

    Thanks for your information on Mr. Tyndall. During the opening clip of his speech, I wondered, “Who is this guy? He’s great!” I’m glad to have learned about him.

    Terrific show; I look forward to more.

    Kevin in Los Angeles

  2. Congratulations, Paul, on the excellent quality of your first program on The White Network. I found it totally absorbing and informative. Looking forward to more about John Tyndall.

  3. Paul Hickman


  4. Thomas Gaffney

    Seventeen Come Sunday is a good choice of music to begin a great program…

  5. Markus

    Thank you Paul for introducing me to Tyndall.

    If there are more British nationalists like him, I will abandon my resentment toward the English as a Prussian German.

    It would be most effective if British patriots would lead us Aryans out of the debacle, for Britain holds a great lot of perceived moral high ground in the world and everyone speaks English worldwide.

  6. Paul Hickman

    Thomas Gaffney

    Thank you – it isn’t as easy as you might think to find a English sounding song.


    Don’t feel anger towards the Brits, it was the Jews and their lackeys (like Churchill) which declared war on Germany twice. I always thought Kaliningrad should have gone back to Germany after the collapse of the Soviet empire.

  7. Markus

    I understand Paul. It’s just, even the best of the British voices that one hears, like Nigel Farrel, tell all the truth and then blame “the Nazis” or say the EU as fascistic.

    It really feels good to hear Englishmen admitting the whole truth.

    It’s an outrage that Königsberg is still called Kaliningrad. Kalin was the president of the USSR, and a notorious mass murderer. While Leningrad and Stalingrad have their old names back, Kalin is still honored as a “Russian” hero.

    Gorbachov offered to return the exclave, but Kohl refused and lied to the German people “that Gorbachov didn’t want to give it back”. That came out in Der Spiegel.

  8. Markus, please give a link when you repeat something from a news story, as for Der Spiegel here. Thanks.

  9. Markus

    Here is one that talks about Moskow’s offer to give East-Prussia back.


    Hamburg – Für die Sowjetunion stand bei der Frage der deutschen Wiedervereinigung nach SPIEGEL-Informationen auch die frühere preußische Provinz Ostpreußen zur Debatte. Der sowjetische Generalmajor Geli Batenin signalisierte im Sommer 1990 gegenüber einem Bonner Diplomaten Interesse an Verhandlungen über den sowjetischen Teil Ostpreußens. Das geht aus einem geheimen Fernschreiben der Botschaft in Moskau vom 2. Juli 1990 hervor.

    Hamburg – For the Soviet Union, the return of East-Prussia was part of the debate in relation to the reunification, according to DER SPIEGEL. In Summer 1990, Soviet General Major Geli Batenin signaled to negotiate about the interests of Bonner diplomats about the Soviet part of East-Prussia. This stems from a secret cable of the embassy in Moscow from July, 2nd 1990.

    – Gorbachev later admitted, he wanted to sell North East-Prussia.

    – To correct myself, Gorbachev called Kohl a liar in regards to the restitution of confiscated land in the DDR as part of the reunification.

    ARD, First German Television (aka Allied Radio Germany)

  10. Donn

    Welcome to The White Network Paul.

  11. Just when I though British nationalism was dead it was great to hear someone who was brought up in a brainwashed Soviet who yet remains a real patriot, a white and a man. There is hope for the future!

    Also great to hear Richard Edmonds the man who should be leading Britain.

    Well done Paul, a natural radio journalist and a promising addition to the White Network

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