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John Tyndall pt2

The Eleventh Hour

A call for National Rebirth

• John Tyndall covers 3 centuries of British history in chapter 4

• Jews ejected from Britain by Edward 1 in 1290. They return under Oliver Cromwell who is indebted to Jews in Amsterdam.

• Communist take over in Russia spreads to Hungary and Bavaria

• Oswold Mosley and European Fascism


The Edict of Expulsion of 1290

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6 Responses

  1. Etienne

    Oswald Mosley. League.

  2. Markus

    So if the majority is against the BNP, as this one woman implies, what about the praised minority rights?

    And if expatriation is so bad, why are they quite about the expatriation of the Germans, not only from their own country in Prussia and Sudeten, but from Wolga-Russia, Siebenbürgen-Romania, the Krim, Hungary, the Baltics and the former German colonies?

    Because they are Nazis, both Germans in general and the BNP. Subhuman. These liberals are so hypnotized, they don’t even realize that they are extreme supremacists.

    Very interesting. I didn’t know that the BNP was so openly proclaiming their point of view.

    One big Roman Salute for you brave contemporaries.

  3. Every British nationalist should refuse to campaign to ensure Nick Griffin does not regain his traitorous seat in the European Parliament. A seat that has been exclusivly used to further add to his fortune, give creedence to the Zionist occupation of Europe and allow him to neglect the crisis at home. The future of British nationalism lies with the rise of another true, visionary, brave and intelligent leader like John Tyndall, until that time Griffin, who many older nationalists are now convinced is in the pay or blackmail of the security services, will continue his parasitical grasp on nationalist activity and ensure failure on behalf of the state.

    Let it never be forgotton that Griffin overthrew John Tyndall in what has since proved to be a mere grab for power for his own interests and not in the interests of the British people or the white race. Richard Edmonds should lead British Nationalism but he does not want to create yet more splits. Perhaps it is for others to gather together to leave the BNP and national Front behind, start a new grouping, an unofficial, unregistered party which ignores the phony democracy and remains 100% white and call on Mr Edmonds to lead.

  4. endzog

    A very astute analysis, I agree 100% about not campaigning for the BNP. I also think Richard Edmonds would make a great leader and agree we need something new.

  5. Kevin Inman

    Richard Edmonds did not wish to be the new leader of the National Front.
    Kevin Byran was then voted in has leader. I beleive Kevin should be given
    a chance.

  6. Kevin Inman

    He does deserve a chance Kevin You’re right. His speeches are very good too.

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