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John Tyndall pt 3

Paul continues to summarize The Eleventh Hour by John Tyndall.

• The contradictions of Britain’s WW2 policy

• In addition to Leftists, the Conservatives also aid the destruction of British power following WW2

• John Tyndall on Mein Kampf

• Jewry boycotts newspapers and ruins their advertising revenue if they dare challenge the official ‘Holocaust’ narrative.

• Case in point – Holocaust denial in Japan: Marco Polo demonstrates insensitivity

John Tyndall magazine Spearhead

Peter Rushtons’ website Heritage and Destiny

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5 Responses

  1. richard

    Thank you for these podcasts, i appreciate your efforts, this man John Tyndall sounds like an honest English man dedicated to his country and its people, and there is no shame in that.

  2. Paul Hickman


    Thank you. That’s the link I was looking for.


    You’re welcome. Thanks for listening.

  3. richard

    You’re very welcome.

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