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John Tyndall pt4

Andrew Fountain with John Tyndall in 1977

Andrew Fountaine with John Tyndall in 1977

The Eleventh Hour 

A call for national rebirth – by John Tyndall

The corn Laws of 1846 lowers protective barriers on imports to Britain and ruins many British farmers.

• Liberals protest against South African Apartheid, ignoring the fact that black South Africans have the best standard of living in the whole of Africa (under the white man) and that many other African Countries are ruled by cruel post Colonial leaders who starve their own people.

• Liberal dilemma; to support their own Country in a Patriotic war to take back the Falkland Islands or support a ‘Fascist’ regime in Argentina?

• The Liberal mind has no concept of Honor, such a word is completely alien to them.

• Speeches from the National Front AGM of 2013. Richard Edmonds and Party Chairman Kevin Bryan speak.



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5 Responses

  1. richard

    Thanks Paul for putting these programs out, I must admit i thought the National Front died and changed into the BNP, but after listening to the NF AGM 2013 i realise that must be incorrect. I also liked what they said about churchill because anyone who reads the history books knows he was no british hero. Ill look forward to hearing more from you as these podcasts seem very well researched and full of historical information about the National Front which has been hidden from the British People.

  2. E

    Drop some bombs on the House of Rothschild mansions and where the “so called” Royal families live and the problem is solved.

  3. richard

    I know what you mean about the NF. The way I see it now is, the NF are telling the whole truth, while the BNP will only talk about Muslims/Banksters. The BNP has a bigger membership but it’s shrinking. The NF is growing with quite a few ex BNP joining them.

  4. I agree with the reply Paul gives to Richard. Heh, doubt that anyone agrees with everything about anything, but to my mind too, the NF will be the salvation of Britannia.

  5. richard

    Youre right paul, while muslims are a problem, they didnt fight their way ashore like previous invaders. It takes courage to name the real problem and the NF are the only people stating it.

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