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Copyright and Re-posting Policy

We here at The White Network appreciate the people with websites who re-post our programs and blog articles. This gives us the possibility of a wider audience. However, it can also mean that some people are accessing our programs from those sites, and not coming to our site at all. Sometimes, at these other sites, a different pictorial image than the one the host selected for the program is used, which does not always convey the impression the host wants to convey, and in a few cases might not even reflect our network as we see it and want the public to see it.

Therefore, we ask those who re-post our programs to follow these guidelines:

1. Include in the heading the words The White Network, preceded by ‘from’, ‘by’, ‘at’ or something similar, linked to thewhitenetwork.com page or that particular program page.

2. Do not give your viewer direct access to an mp3 of the program, but link to our program page so that your visitor will listen to or download the program from our site. In this way, they will see our image and the way we have presented the program, and can also comment on the program if they wish. There are many things on our site we want our listeners to see.

3. If you want to make our programs available at your website, but don’t want to acknowledge The White Network as the source, as per these guidelines, then don’t re-post it at all. Everything generated here is the property of The White Network and the program host.

Thanks very much for your respectful attention to this request.

© the White network