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Interview with Paul Hickman, the Birmingham Nationalist


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  1. Kevin

    Great show today, guys:)

    Welcome aboard, Mr. Hickman! It’s great to hear voices from around the world.

    Thank you both very much.

  2. katana

    Great interview with Paul Hickman, Carolyn.

    It’s good to hear from someone from the trenches who talks so clearly and plainly. If possible I’d like to hear Paul’s views on Western Springs and WIN’s idea of establishing, ‘semi secretly’, White conscious communities throughout the UK.

    I look forward to his White Network podcasts. Thank you in advance Paul!

  3. Paul Hickman

    Kevin/ katana

    Thank you both!

    I think Western Spring is good in theory. Personally I won’t make a financial commitment (monthly amount) until I see a white community form from it.

    I am not familiar with the individual behind WIN but I do think the WS organizer is to be trusted.

  4. Markus

    Great. A new host on TWN. Fantastic, a Saxon cousin on the Isle. I will definitely listen to the new show!

  5. rodin

    nick griffin when asked about the holocaust by nicky campbell said he was privy to bbc transcripts from ww2 and that’s what convinced him the holohoax was real. it sounded true when i heard about it logic. i got banned from the david icke forum shortly after posting clips from the birmingham evening mail re black and muslim crime. my birmingham customers confirmed black and muslim crime was endemic there. thank god circumstances have dictated i return to my native scotland. pity a glass of wine has disabled my shift key….

  6. rodin

    prince charles was circumcised by mohel rabbi jacob snowman

    uk supermarkets also marks and spencer and tesco = tessa cohen

    speaker of the house john bercow jewish

    everywhere – savile said he was the most jewish catholic ever


  7. As far as I understand, little George was not circumcised, and it was a decision of mother Kate. Do you have any information about this? I’ve also read that Diana did not allow William to be circumcised. I would like to know what is true but it seems to be a royal family secret. At least, no jewish mohels are stating they performed it and when.

  8. Markus

    You talked about the Rothschilds.

    In Germany, near Frankfurt, there is the Villa Rothschild.

    Built between 1888 and 1894 as summer Residenz for financier Wilhelm Carl von Rothschild, and since 1949 has been honoured with the title the birth place of the Federal Republic, the Villa Rothschild, with its proximity to Frankfurt… (Orbitz.com).

    There is a sign in the Villa Rothschild that says “this is the birthplace of the Federal Republic of Germany”.

  9. No … really?
    It’s a luxury 5-star hotel.
    from http://wikimapia.org/22565829/Villa-Rothschild-Kempinski-Frankfurt

    The boutique hotel Villa Rothschild Kempinski in Königstein today is an impressive witness of German history . Built between 1888 and 1894 as summer residence for the famous banker family Rothschild , its pompous opening in the year 1894 was celebrated with high-ranking guests such as Empress Viktoria and the Prince of Wales. After World War II the estate became the heart of the political and economic reconstruction of Western Germany.

    In this unique location the decisive contracts for the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany were signed and therefore the Villa Rothschild Kempinski can truly be called the “cradle of the Federal Republic”.

    What a riot!

  10. Please forgive me for not commenting, yet, directly on the show but rodin mentioned Nick Griffin’s becoming ‘convinced’ of the holocaust which is an obvious lie when you see the clips of him saving this on the BBC, by the British Intelligence coded transcripts regarding what was going on on the Eastern Front in Russia during WWII. This is what David Irving now says and why I can’t wait for the Revisionist work on the Einsatzgruppen to be published! There is already a lot of great info detailing the treachery of the Fackelmännerbefehl “torch-men order” where Stalin’s secret police agents, mostly Jews who were fluent in German from growing up speaking Yiddish, dressed up as SS or Wehrmacht and burned villages and killed Russian civilians while shouting in German and always left one or a few to tell the ‘horrible tale of German atrocities’. But back to Griffin adopting Irving’s line about German mass-murdering on the Eastern Front, this is what made Griffin, I assume, start mouthing what I also think is a false front with him on a British Christian TV show calling Hitler a monster. You can see he is lying about his real feelings because he later corrected a black guest Pastor on the show who indicated that Hitler is the one who ‘told the Big Lie’ with Griffin responding that Hitler wrote about this in Mein Kampf and it was “descriptive not prescriptive . . . he was saying that others do this . . . but, but . . .” and Griffin obviously starting to give away that at his confused bi-sexual core, which has been several times over the years, most well known being the aging queer “Big Mart” Martin Webster of the BNP ‘old days’, he still knows that Hitler is Right! and that National Socialism is the only True way for National/Racial Salvation for Britain. But like the typical British politician he is constantly a compromising, ambivalent, and queer, frankly, split-minded individual. What I find really interesting is that the more Griffin has moved toward idolizing Churchill and moved away from National Socialism and Tyndall you see Griffin get more and more bloated and laughable with an enormous and highly sensitive ego as well! If he becomes a chronic alcoholic who wears women’s undergarments and holding meetings in the nude he would practically be a reincarnation of Churchill!

  11. Hahah Konrad. Good comment.

  12. Paul Hickman

    Konrad Rhodes

    I went to a meeting in ST Helens where Nick Griffin was speaking a few months back. He talked about the Golden Dawn stitch up where they Photoshopped a photo of them to make it look like Golden Dawn was carrying weapons inside a hospital.

    I said “Stalin would be proud” known how he is to have manipulated photo’s for political ends.

    Nick Griffins responce….”Yes Stalin would be – and so would Goebbels”.

    Goebbels did not use such methods to my knowledge?

  13. Alexander (from Flanders)

    The last time I listened to the White Network was several months ago, so now I have a whole mountain of shows to listen to. 🙂

    I liked this interview very much. Paul Hickman sounds A-OK. Even better is that Mister Hickman will do his own show. I can’t wait!

  14. Glad we made you happy, Alexander. Welcome back.

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