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On White Pathology, with Tanstaafl


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  1. ulf

    The Aryans were hunting and gathering too, were they not? maybe you meant “romanians”

  2. Gregor

    Tan, this broadcast was one of the finest you and Carolyn have done, and that’s saying a lot. Could you contact me, please?

  3. Weston

    Hello Tanstaafl. I’m very new to white nationalism or whatever name that it goes under here at The White Network. I keep stumbling across new sites all the time. Started at a summary of one of Dr. Rushton’s books, to Taki’s, to Amren, to the Observer (as you mentioned in the broadcast), and so on. I really appreciate your efforts to raise awareness. I need to study more on the Jewish issue but from all I’ve read thus far at the Observer and elsewhere it can hardly be disputed. Your broadcast touching on the Nixon/Graham conversation really brought it home. When discussing the jews and pointing out their overwhelming negative influence with friends I’ve come up against some pretty harsh backlash. Primarily I think because of all the Pro-Jewish literature they’ve read in the past that glorify them in some way or point out their mistreatment. I’m a very sincere Christian and have no doubts whatsoever about my faith. So, I have a dilemma on the problem of the Jews. If they are God’s people, although they’ve blatantly rejected Christ, how can I be against them. Their obvious corruption and degradation goes against all He is but….I don’t know. I’m just at a loss on it. I’m getting nothing but “Don’t be bigoted and anti-Semitic, the Jews have suffered much and are a noble people and they’re the receivers of God’s promise. Those people on the Internet are crazy and they will mislead you”. I’m just wondering if you have any feedback on the issue from a spiritual standpoint or if you may be able to point me in the direction of some. I’d be grateful. It’s a bit of a conundrum for a racialist newb.

    The other thing I wanted to comment on was Jared Taylor. I’m a fan of his site and his logical way of pointing out the problems we face in his videos and debates. I heard the Donahue interview where he said “look white to me” and it was the worst one I’ve seen him in. Good looking white people party and ugly browns and blacks and all that garbage. That’s just the sort

  4. Weston

    of ammo anti whites need and I was disappointed to see it from him. Anyways, this Q & A with him in the UK may shed a bit of light on his views of the issue you discussed in this broadcast. This and maybe significant Jewish contributions to his cause. I have no idea about that. Thanks again.



    Hate to get into religion, for I’m no believer myself, but briefly, jews are anti-Christ and they are merely, self chosen. It’s all a con. It’s word-play. Jews lie and repeat their lies incessantly, and the masses believe. But, if you’ll read your bible, Christian, you’ll find that these charlatans who call themselves jews are not, and that the term, Israel, in the bible, does not mean, or refer, to these imposters who call themselves jews, hence, they are not God’s “chosen”. Your Christian teachers have been misled or deliberately lied,(for fear of the jew) and therefore have misled you.

    Jesus said directly to the jews: “You are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” John 8:44

    Hardly an endorsement for their alleged “chosen” status but certainly a true representation of what we can easily see jews are about.

  6. JoshuaF

    Nice discussion, since it is getting to the point where we are now forced to look to ourselves as the co-creators of our external reality.
    I believe the White Race is Spirit orientated and accordingly we have greatly judged and misjudged some of our emotions as bad or wrong. It is now more important than ever to do the internal work which involves recovering lost Will. Spirit and Will needs to come into balance and work together. I do not believe there is a person on this planet where this happens. We are obliged to do the internal work, and it is on-going. A starting point is what are we doing now to suppress our emotions? What are our addictions, and what don’t we want to feel?

    It seems to me the Black Races tend to be Will orientated and their emotions can go completely out of control because there is no guiding Spirit as such. Maybe they have not developed as we have and that is why they try to emulate or copy us. There are of course exceptions both ways. Nothing is cut and dried.

    I believe that doing the internal work is contagious. Those who do the work give safety to those they come in contact with.
    On a personal note, I live in Kenya where one White is out-numbered by more than 1000 Blacks. (The “tribe”, actually a group of tribes, Carolyn talks about is pronounced Kal-en-Gin!) I speak Swahili and have no problem dealing with Blacks. I do not contribute to any charity that “helps” Blacks, and I keep my distance. We do not have to work out the destiny of Blacks as many Whites seem to believe. The do-gooders are usually the ones who get slaughtered! I employ a few carefully selected employees (currently 5) and they work very hard and do not in general need supervision. They are in their tribal environment. Trouble occurs when blacks go outside the tribe, as in the USA and other places. Where I am, I feel safe, although I do take precautions: so far touch wood! On a social level, our small community of Whites naturally stick together and do not include Blacks in our social circles.

  7. Markus

    This pathology also has to do with intelligence. The average or highly intelligent White people are capable of abstracting these concepts to identifying with some ideology, good or bad. While the lower intelligent “hillbillies” are not. The hillbillies know they are White, first and formostly.

    Applying this to the blacks or latinos it’s the exact opposite. They are not capable of abstracting some ideological abstract for the most part and cling to their race.

    In Germany, we had the class struggle and bickering between the German states and tribes. While it is a given for less intelligent workers to be socialists (which is exploited in Communism), it was a noble proclamation for the elites to be socialists also.

    This noble proclamation was aimed at the nation, not some other nation, as the intelligent Whites aim it today.

    That’s why the Jews and their proxies do anything to prevent this from happening again, in addition to banning usury-capitalism.

  8. This isn’t the place for a discussion or debate about Christian doctrine.

  9. weichseler

    This was an exceptionally good program. Too bad Kmac wasn’t in on the discussion. I too read his recent article with deep interest. I must say that Tan has an amazing read on racial psychology and should write a major essay on the flaws of the White psyche, and how it is being subverted and co-opted by Jewry. I would concur that the insightful Revilo Oliver did indeed have a lot to say on the subject.

    I have often wondered how the mindset of the Old European genetic population differs from the Indo-Europeans who overwhelmed them, and how the mixed elements of that conquest differ from the original two. Christian universalism and religious supernaturalism has also had a very deleterious effect on the Euro psyche, and is a major factor in the de-racialization of the White mindset, IMHO.

  10. truthspeech

    I suggest there is no “white pathology” as it is being used in this discussion. So-called white pathology is really the Jew-created “New State Religion” and that New State Religious thinking is what you’re seeing when you see the so-called white pathology.

    This New State Religion is similar to but backwards from the religion of the Aryans who ruled India before they miscegenated themselves out of existence into that present mulatto nation. That Aryan religion held that light was good, darkness was bad. Light was order, dark was chaos. Those were not metaphors. They were talking literally about skin color and that was understood by listeners at that time as a warning against race mixing and superiority of the values and behaviors of the whites as compared to the primitive black masses.

    It’s the New State Religion that has taught us that Whites are evil and need to atone. That blacks and other colored races are noble, and oppressed by the evil white. And paradoxically that there is no such thing as race, all peoples are exactly the same and so whites should extend to the Other, the same reciprocal altruism that served us well among our own White race. None of these are white pathologies; none are inherent in white behavior or attitudes. They are all Jew-imposed. And it’s meant to be the suicidal creed that it is, just as Jew-created Christianity was and is.

    If Whites have a fault, it is only in not recognizing the Jew and thinking the Jew he sees is one of his own, and that the view espoused by the Jew is a product of White culture and thinking. But that is a small fault given that relative to blacks and Asians, Jews more easily pass as white non-semitics, something helped by some amount of interbreeding.

    As proof, look at the natural behavior of whites in apartheid South Africa, or even of the Southern United States where white indignation at a black crime committed against a white resulted in lynchings as reprisal and warning to other blacks that such violence against whites would not be tolerated. Whites have a fully intact instinct against the Other and recognition of the lesser intelligence, primitivism, and chaos of the dark races and their lack of capacity for high civilization.

    It is only the Jew-imposed New State Religion that has circumvented this fully intact White instinct for preservation.

  11. Weston,

    Regarding your question about the Jews, I think perhaps the easiest way to think about it is that the Jews of Today are Pharisees. Talmudic Judaism is Pharisaism; this is what the Jews themselves admit.

    From the Jewish Encyclopedia:
    “…with the destruction of the Temple the Sadducees disappeared altogether, leaving the regulation of all Jewish affairs in the hands of the Pharisees. Henceforth Jewish life was regulated by the teachings of the Pharisees; the whole history of Judaism was reconstructed from the Pharisaic point of view…A new chain of tradition supplanted the older, priestly tradition…Pharisaism shaped the character of Judaism and the life and thought of the Jew for all the future.

    I’ve written at length about the subject at my website, which you might find useful:

    Remember, the Jews killed Christ, and are therefore the most wicked people on the face of the earth.

  12. laura

    weston, i think jared taylor is wonderful. that appearence on donahue was a disgrace. he may have dont it for the $. the audience was a set up for controversy. taylor is an elitist, thats why he likes jews. he may like jews better than white hillbillies.

  13. katana

    Good to hear Tan get fired up and speak plainly. This part, around 47:14 in the podcast, is very informative.

    … “They see that race exists and that you are supposed to like the non-Whites and that you are supposed to hate the Whites and that they go along with it.

    It’s the milieu, it’s the zeitgeist of our current society.

    And that zeitgeist is dictated, that’s a tone that’s set from the top, from the leadership which is heavily judaized, it’s full of jews and people who have decided that they like jews and want to be allies of jews, and want to get in bed with jews and want to be in business with jews, and so they start mimicking the things that jews say. The nasty shit that jews say and the nasty attitude that they have about Europeans is being echoed by Europeans up at that level. And it boils down, and filters down to the White masses.

    We are, human beings in general, White people too, are domesticated, we are basically herd animals. We look around at the other people in our herd, for the most part, and try to conform to what the rest of the herd is doing. And in this case the herd is being programmed from above by mass media and these messages of “non-White people good, White people suck!”


    That’s the message, the sickness, that we are being fed constantly. To hate ourselves and to welcome our own destruction. That’s the mind poison that jews and their goy collaborators have been pushing on us for many decades.

    What I wonder though is how much our goy elites know the score and are truly traitorous versus those being just as brainwashed as the rest of most people?

    Great stuff Tan!

  14. Neal Joitke

    I will comment BEFORE LISTENING that is a habit of mine.
    That picture is a real problem. The Clintons and the jews in the White house celebrated forcing the school in Arkansas to take its first BLACKS.
    THEY openly discussed with relief the MISTAKE WE MADE IN 1954.
    1 The Officers followed orders
    2 The Military enlisted did not rebel against the orders and hurt the Officers giving these oders
    3 The civilians did not create Casualties on the military doing it.
    As for this picture those two men should be closer to death or dead
    That is the mistake I see and hope every one sees it also.

  15. katana

    truthspeech wrote:

    It’s the New State Religion that has taught us that Whites are evil and need to atone. That blacks and other colored races are noble, and oppressed by the evil white. And paradoxically that there is no such thing as race, all peoples are exactly the same and so whites should extend to the Other, the same reciprocal altruism that served us well among our own White race. None of these are white pathologies; none are inherent in white behavior or attitudes. They are all Jew-imposed. And it’s meant to be the suicidal creed that it is, just as Jew-created Christianity was and is.
    Good points.
    Christianity, regardless of its arguable origins, with its ‘save everyone’, ‘be kind to others’, etc., type of emotional mindset among White societies is certainly ‘a’, if not, ‘the’ major factor in our ongoing destruction. White societies have been transformed from proudly aggressive societies into guilt ridden passive societies by jews exploiting aspects of our Christian history and values.
    We’ve become a society of wimpish do-gooders ever looking to show compassion to outsiders. Willing to sacrifice ourselves, our future and our complete existence for the benefit of alien outsiders.
    All for what? For a pat on the head?
    We will not be praised for this final one-off insane sacrifice for ‘humanity’. We will be mocked by jews as the total idiots that they have turned us into!

  16. Weston


    I agree. He’s an elitist to the bone. You can hear it in his speech. Not saying I don’t like what he’s speaking up against. And it’s good for Whites to have someone well spoken representing them. That’s one thing I like about these podcasts though. The people on here sound real and sincere.

    I’m curious about this Richard Spencer guy that’s advocating a White Nation. Even people that have no particular or strong views on the subject of race will find a hidden, repressed part of themselves enticed. There’s the Northwest Front head up by Harold Covington. He pulls no punches and I admire anyone getting the word out there about our mass brainwashing and subjugation.

  17. The people on here sound real and sincere.

    You don’t, Weston. You sound like a troll. Or you could be Harold Covington himself. This is your last comment on my pages. So long.

  18. Alexander (from Flanders)

    Carolyn and Tanstaafl had a good chemistry going on this show. The topic is also extremely important to us as a people.

    I believe that pretending there is no jewish problem is criminal, but White people are not completely innocent either. No matter how much brainwashing there is out there, it is just crazy to support the destruction of your own kind. It goes against nature. Every living species wants to survive and thrive. Except certain White scumbags…

    Here is some positive activism from my country. Euro-Rus had a demonstration with the title: “Europe-Russia-syria: Solidarity”. You will find some nice pictures with the article (notice the “US go home” sign).


  19. Lars Larson

    Making a strong connection with RP Oliver and Christianity isn’t fair, as it became rather strongly against it later in life. There are many of his writings on this and here’s a sample: http://www.heretical.com/oliver/js12.html

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to try to underhandedly appeal to Christians, like many in the White Community does… as it simply promotes ignorance and stagnation. Half handed promoters will throw in “Christian” as a buzz word here and there to try to have a mass appeal but the negatives outweigh the positives.
    Even the arguments that Christianity is Anti-Semetic is a hard pill to swallow. In the myth, that everyone loves to claim is proof, is that Jesus was mad at the Pharasees for being “sons of the devil” for expressing belief in free will… as they were the least “Talmudic” of the 3 major Jewish priest classes.
    There are many other times where Jesus is extremely philosemetic, such as when he left a gentile girl to die and wouldn’t heal her because she wasn’t a Jew, is just one example of many.
    We need to appeal to the types of men and women that made the Aryan race great… the brilliant minds and free thinkers, artists and poets, et cetera.
    These Christians just want to sit around and discuss theology like you’ll see “Kirk vs Picard” at a Star Trek convention.

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