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Günter Deckert on the German Elections, Asylum Seekers, the EU and Energy


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  1. Butterkeks

    I was very disappointed with Mr Deckert’s “election” analysis.
    He seems to recognize the US colony “FRG”. I don’t, and I would have given you a much more critical account on FRG and so called “elections”.

    He didn’t mention that the FRG does not have any valid electoral law, apart from obvious fraud, and FRG “math” to calculate the “winner”. It’s fraud, fraud, fraud. There is nothing to vote in an occupied country, which is still enemy state to UN, Mr Deckert. The country is Germany, and the “FRG” is not legally Germany. Germany does not exist until a peace treaty.

    Greetings from the US vassal firm colony “FRG”.

  2. Butterkeks

    I need to add, that the “Basic Law” is not for the German people. Mr Deckert, being himself from FRG got that wrong, like many FRG inmates.
    A Basic law is a law enacted to maintain public order in a militarily occupied area! That is the legal definition of a “Basic Law”.
    Myself, being born in former GDR, does not recognize the FRG as being the legitimate Germany, nor do I recognize their “Basic Law”.
    I view the FRG the same way as the GDR, it is an occupation and temporary construct.
    Btw, the Basic Law implies its termination in the last article, when our counstitution has been (re)enacted. Mr Carlo Schmid explicitly stated it also 8. September 1948 in the US hand picked “Parliamentary Council”.
    I hate to lecture FRG inmates all the time. I really hate it, but US brainwashing was much more effective than Soviet one, and they don’t know their own freaking post war history. Quite sad actually.
    The rest is not for public discussion, it is a inner German issue, and a wound that still has not healed.

  3. What is really great about these conversations with Günter is that between you we get a very informed picture of the situation across Europe.
    The banks whose whole rationale in creating the financial mindset of the people are run if not in all cases like Germany or Switzerland directly, but otherwise indirectly by the Jews. They set out to weaken the people, strip them of their conservative financial values and make them spendthrift and indebted with credit. It has made the whole European population into defencless potential future victims of Jewish finance.
    The conference is a great idea. Hail to Günter the true German and pray that there are younger Günters coming up and the German character ideal is not to be lost.

  4. Hi Butterkeks,
    I don’t think it is a matter of Günter’s recognition of the validity of the FRG, as it is he recognizes it as a fact of life and deals with it. Günter, as a former leader of the NPD, is more a politician than a revolutionary, imo. When you form a party, you are participating in the political process.

    I will tell him there is a comment here directed to him, but from my own point of view, I would say it is not only Germany that is an occupied country, but all of Europe! It is not the USA that would stop Germany from becoming sovereign again, but the JewSA.

  5. Butterkeks

    Hi Carolyn,

    yes, indeed, entire Europe has been occupied since 1945.
    This occupation structure of US military is nowadays called “SHAPE”, and they reside in Lisbon… “Lisbon Treaty”…
    SHAPE is officially the successor of SHAEF, while SHAEF laws still apply for Germany.

    I have no bad feelings towards Mr Deckert, but as you mentioned, he is more a Politician. I am not a politician, and I do speak my mind.
    That being said, I don’t trust the NPD, they are full of “Staatsschutz” moles. I don’t trust any political party in FRG for that matter. Change cannot come from within this system.

    I was in 1989 on the streets, and we got rid of the god damn Soviets and communist scum. Now, it is time to finishe what has not been completed in 1989 due to treason(again), the real reunification and sovereignty.

    The “Potsdam agreement” is quite clear, and it still applies.

    ” 16. In the imposition and maintenance of economic controls established by the Control Council, German administrative machinery shall be created and the German authorities shall be required to the fullest extent practicable to proclaim and assume administration of such controls. Thus it should be brought home to the German people that the responsibility for the administration of such controls and any break-down in these controls will rest with themselves. Any German controls which may run counter to the objectives of occupation will be prohibited. ”


  6. fnn

    Well, the fraudulent election system in the BRD isn’t completely foolproof since the NPD has seats in two state legislatures in the former Soviet Zone. Does the fact that NPD has a few elected official help it to maintain its community work? People generally have a strange respect for politicians even though they simultaneously despise them. It may be that some of the awe of the power of the state rubs off on them even if they are members of a powerless minority. It also may help morale to have some of your members be part of a parliament for a state you despise-I think there are precedents.

  7. Well, Butterkeks, Günter has replied to you:

    Liebe Carolyn,
    With persons who are NOT willing to give their full names I do not correspond.
    Beste Grüße

  8. Alexander (from Flanders)

    I was glad to hear Herr Deckert talk about the rotten situation of the German workers. Here in Flanders it is just as bad. Poverty among WORKING class families is rising all over the Europe.

  9. Because you have to compete with non-Europeans. It’s an immigration problem, not an economic problem.

  10. Alexander


    Today that is the main problem, but we have had some serious worker exploitation before we even had a single non white immigrant. Not to mention the money lenders who have turned all peoples of Europe, at one point or another, into debt slaves.

    Socialism became huge in Europe because at one stage they were fighting for the common man (like the famous Flemish priest Deans).

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