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Killing the Holocaust Myth, Part 5 plus “Revisionist Remembrance Day”


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  1. ulf

    A little off topic: On Sunday evening there was an Interview with a german female historian, I got the impression that there will be an effort in the future to persecute the “Trawniki” ( like Demjanjuk ) for assisting the germans in their genocidal activities. It was aired on “Deutschlandfunk”

  2. Markus

    Halloween is really the celebration of the death of the White race and Christian civilization. Almost all horror costumes represent White zombies etc and costumes of slutty or crazy nuns or murderous monks are also for sale. Hardly ever have I seen any stereotypical African cannibal costume or vampire-Rabbi costume or anything non-White cynical parody of their race or culture.

    Do Roma and Sinti also get any Holocaust reparation whatsoever? They are always thrown into the script, but they haven’t got a homeland or anything, have they?

    Thanks for reading the UN declaration of human rights. I had no idea that Nazis explicitly were mentioned. Some Christian scholars say that human rights are evil because they substitute for God’s laws and are arbitrary. (Walter Veith for example). This is definitely the case here.

  3. Markus – Roma and Sinti are copying the Jews in every way and Jewish media support them in this. They make the outrageous claim that “up to 2 million” died directly from “the Holocaust”, when the real figure is about 20,000 during those years from All Causes — a multiple of 100! The smarter of them become their “leaders” and spokesmen, but they are impossible to lead. Well, they are a mixed race of misfits and trash who, like Jews, don’t belong in Europe or in White countries. They are able to charm people though; they are practiced liars. Wikipedia says: “West Germany formally recognised the genocide of the Roma in 1982.” But they never agreed to pay them reparations. They have now gotten monuments in Berlin, making their overblown number of “victims” more official. So perhaps it’s just a matter of time.

    I didn’t read the UN Declaration of Human Rights (which is from 1948). I read the UN Declaration TO DESIGNATE 27 JANUARY AS ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL DAY OF COMMEMORATION TO HONOUR HOLOCAUST VICTIMS (from 2005). But they used the former to help justify the latter. It starts out:

    Reaffirming the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which proclaims that everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth therein, without distinction of any kind, such as race, religion or other status,

    Recalling article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person,

    Recalling also article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and article 18 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which state that everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion …

  4. Steven

    If there is no credible physical evidence then all that is left is hearsay and if there is no consistant testimony by two or more witnesses who do not lie then there is no real case. Just a conspiracy theory or a holocaust theory. Just like the Hitler died in the Fuhrer bunker theory.
    Are there any photos documentaries or movies made of the holocaust that could not have been made after WW2 to support a holocaust theory like the movies Shindlers list or Escape from Sobibor. Skillfully made but made after WW2. If the Germans actually did run death camps why would they permit any records to be kept or any films or photos to be made? Allowing any such evidence to be made or recorded would be insane and a major security breach. Given that the alleged events are said to have occurred during a war it would be even more of a security breach due to the possibility of losing the war and having all things revealed. No serious genocidal regime would allow any credible evidence of genocide to be recorded or to remain to be used against the alleged offenders. So if there is evidence of any fake evidence concerning the holocaust then that pretty well discredits the whole holocaust theory.

  5. ulf

    Gypsies have some similar attitudes and try to adopt some successful elements, they:
    – call non-gypsies “Gadsche” (in german)
    – have their own holocaust: porajmos
    – demand also a “Gedenkkultur” – culture of remembrance and monuments.
    But they don´t own a single newspaper, and their true behavior can be observed too easy.

  6. Steven

    If Auschwitz- Birchenau was a death camp as some claim why would the inmates have access to a sauna? Most would consider a sauna a luxury for the well to do and not something for condemned prisoners facing extermination. Also I noticed sewage treatment facilities not to mention brick barracks at the local camps especially the camps in town. Rather luxurious for people who might be liquidated on the whim of a government official.


  7. Markus

    Thanks Carolyn,

    Even if the holocaust was true, we can again see the Jewish double standard. Jews get billions of $ and a country, everyone has to bow down and worship their victimhood. Gypsies get memorial, that’s it.

    Pointing that out to exterminationists is a homerun by itself.

  8. Steven – There was no sauna … for anybody. You are making a common mistake. The “Zentral Sauna” building was called that because it contained steam and hot air chambers for disinfecting clothing. For people, there was a large shower room but no one ever said inmates were murdered there because it was really a “gas chamber.” Crematorium #3, close to the Central Sauna building, also had a shower room for inmates and it was said that it was used for gassing.

    What do you mean by “especially the camps in town”? You should familiarize yourself with revisionist literature if you’re going to comment on it. The goal of the camps was basically to keep the inmates clean and healthy (able to work) and cooperative by offering them some decencies of ordinary life, but not luxuries. Those who were sick or elderly, appropriate care was given. It was a huge responsibility to look after all those thousands of people. I don’t envy those camp commandants, and then they were vilified as savage sadists by the “survivors.”

  9. Pointing that out to exterminationists is a homerun by itself.

    I don’t think so, Markus. Gypsies deserve even less than the Jews! They were not harmed – they were simply removed into Family Camps where the NS government had to take care of them. Many of the men could be put to work, I suppose. And not all of them were placed in camps either, just those who came to the attention of the authorities for whatever reason. The gypsies, as well as the homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc, were never in the same category as the Jews in the eyes of the National Socialists. They were more of a nuisance. The JW’s, of course, were only guilty of refusing to serve in the Wehrmacht. At that time, it was law in Germany that every citizen had to serve so they were lawbreakers. The JW’s willingly went into camps rather than compromise their religious beliefs.

  10. Markus

    What I mean by homerun is that the official narrative is 6 mio Jews and 5 mio others were gassed or whatever. Among them 2 million Gypsies. I understand that they weren’t really harmed.

    It’s a good point though to demonstrate Jewish Supremacy and priviledge to a holocaust believer. It’s just so obvious that they control everything and care only for themselves and only throw in some other minorities to make them appear stronger. Just what they do in America with the Black Civil Rights.

    You make a good point about Yehova’s Witnesses.

  11. I know exactly what you meant, and I say it is not a good point at all. Why are people so dense about this? It’s the same thing as thinking pointing out Israel’s racism can ever be good for any Nationalist who wants to keep “others” out of his country. Yes, I know Jews moved into Palestine, not the other way around, but it doesn’t matter. It’s okay to want your own country for your own people. Why should you care about Jewish Supremacy, unless you’re a United Nations one-worlder? The truth about the holohoax stands on it’s own without props like this.

    EVER saying (even for argument’s sake) that 2 million Gypsies/Roma perished in the holohoax, or even remaining silent when someone else says it, is an abominable thing to do. Ditto 1 million, or even 200,000. It just didn’t happen. They have zero evidence for it.

  12. ulf

    “Gypsies get memorial, that’s it.”
    strictly speaking: they don´t demand for 1 memorial, but for an exhaustive memorial-“culture” (“flächendeckende Erinnerungskultur”,as longed for by their chief Romani Rose) able to shape the appearance of the greater cities of the country. Then the filthy beasts can beg more efficiently mooching in front of some kind of gipsy-monument which they think we owe them….

  13. Markus

    I agree, that point that the Gypsies have no evidence as well, must be added to pointing out that they don’t get a penny.

    It’s just a good start to point out that things about the holocaust aren’t right. Then break it all down, and not outright “deny” it.

    I’m just putting myself into the shoes of someone who believes the whole thing and invested his identity as a “righteous” individual.

  14. Steven

    Carolyn I was doing some google earth tourism today and there are areas in the town east of the river from the main camp of Auschwitz Birkenau that appear to be surounded by electric fences and watchtowers and have multi story brick buildings. Have a look for yourself. As for the issue of gas chambers and crematoriums it would be easier to prove they existed if the structures were intact instead of reduced to rubble or foundations. As things stand now anyone could make up any story they like. Another thing you will notice is the sewage treatment facilities. As for the sauna facility that is what the building is identified as in google earth.

    If anything the whole set up looks more like a labor camp or a POW camp. When the next ice age sets in Jews and death camps if any will be the least of our concerns. The world as we have known it in the northern hemisphere will become a myth and little or nothing will remain.

  15. Okay Steven. I’ll be looking for the next ice age to take care of the Jewish Problem. A question for you: What is the “main camp of Auschwitz Birkenau?” Auschwitz and Birkenau are two different camps; Monowitz was a third. All separated from one another by a few kilometers.

  16. Steven

    Auschwitz Birkenau number 2. You know the place where they demolished most of the barracks and all of the alleged gas chambers and crematoriums.
    If they wanted to prove that Auschwitz Birkenau number 2 was a death camp they would have done better to leave all the structures standing and remove all doubt. As it is now they could call a ware house or a work shop a gas chamber or a crematorium. Frankly the whole site looks like a POW camp or a labor camp and if there are human ashes near by then may be they did have to cremate the dead. Malnutrition and disease will tend to cause deaths over time. Another thing if Auschwitz Birkenau number 2 was a death camp why bother housing the prisoners in all those barracks? It would be more efficient and cheaper to shoot the prisoners immediately and dump them into mass graves and have no survivors to tell tales.

  17. Really Steven, so you are saying that AB #2 (Birkenau) is what you call the “main camp.” And east of that is Auschwitz 1 (the actual “main camp”) still intact with barbed wire fencing and multi-story brick buildings. This is what you are telling us is “in the town across the river?” You are doing nothing but confusing any readers you might have. It’s obvious you don’t bother to read revisionist literature, but just look around on the Internet.

    I’m not going to publish anymore of your silly comments.

  18. Steven

    “It’s obvious you don’t bother to read revisionist literature, but just look around on the Internet.”

    I am going by what I see on the screen when I look at an area using Google earth.

  19. To Steven: But the point is, you’re WRONG in what you think you see and how you describe it. I looked at it on Google Maps too, very carefully, and did not see anything that looked like a camp with barbed wire fencing and guard towers “in the town across the river.” You’re looking at Auschwitz 1 (main camp), apparently, and calling it “a(nother) camp in the town across the river,” therefore coming up with outrageous theories based on your mistakes and ignorance. It’s really tiresome.

    The Auschwitz camp is on the same side of the river Sola as Birkenau is. It IS across the present highway though.

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