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Killing the Holocaust Myth, Conclusion and Summing Up


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  1. Markus

    I really liked how you opened the show by welcoming the truth movement. Many people who know about JFK, the Fed, 9/11, Sandy Hook etc would automatically feel invited.

    The truth about the holocaust will instantaneously connect the dots who is behind these events. These Alex Jonesites are the prime target for holocaust-truth. They are already open to media fakery, full spectrum dominance etc.

    The nail in the coffin is that Hollywood, CNN, Fox, the education system and the government in general demonizes Hitler and the Nazis. Jonesites know the media and government lie about everything, why would the media and government tell the truth about WW2?

    Alex Jones might be a shill, but most of his listeners are not. They simply don’t know about the Banana Show Trials at Nuremberg.

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