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Angles of Jewish Influence in American Life – Episode 70


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  1. Steven

    •Jewish ideas have also invaded the Christian church with the idea that they are the “Chosen People” of the Christian God, and also with Soviet-style socialist ideas of “brotherhood”;

    Considering that almost all the jewish rabbis are anti christian and are opposed to the God of the patriarchs who is the lord Jesus Christ it would seem reasonable that the church reject the Jews and their ungodly cult of Jew worship and criminality. God is not property of the Jews and Jews are not God. If indeed there is a God he exists independently of the Jews and if Jews disappeared altogether it would not be a serious problem for god as he could easily communicate with humanity through the church or any one willing to listen to and obey God. Jews have overstated their importance and as usual over stepped the mark.

  2. laura

    agree, it alientates others to say you are “chosen”

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