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John Tyndall pt 14

The Eleventh Hour Chapter 16 – What’s at stake in Ulster?

Young National Front activists

• Irish Nationalists accept integration into Europe

• The battlefields of four Continents have been moistened by the blood of many tens of thousands of men from Ulster regiments

• The E.U and the U.S.A pressure Britain to abandon Ulster

• In Ulster, ‘Liberalism’ does not dominate her political institutions, nor her education system, nor her church, nor her people

• London refuses to guarantee the permanent existence of Ulster

“The good Friday Agreement (1998) Just a stage towards the final goal of a United Ireland”

Gerry Adams – Former IRA Commander and Leader of Sinn Féin

Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF)

Anglo Irish Treaty 1921

Loyalist Mayfield Protest 1985

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17 Responses

  1. Great show Voice of Albion !

  2. Thomas Gaffney

    Ireland will only be free when the last Scottish Protestant has been shipped back to Scotland or shot in the head or blown to pieces…

  3. Paul Hickman

    John Beattie

    Cheers John. The last audio piece in the intro was quiet for some reason when I played it back. Hope it didn’t spoil it.

  4. Paddy the Fenian.

    You can wave the butchers apron(union jack) as much as you want but the fact is ye(Orangemen) are land grabbers with no real culture. whose identity is basically”we’re not them”(catholics).You said a few weeks ago that you were glad Ireland is being overrun with third worlders. The funny thing is that most decent Englishmen get much less hassle when in Ireland than they do in Scotland or Wales as we know the difference between the ruling class and the common man.You are a Jew tool.Most of us did not support the Provos but gobshites like you and the NF made their job easier with your anti Irish bullshit.Between Jew backed Cromwell and Jew backed Churchill you have made a complete balls of things for the larger family of white people. Knobend.

  5. Paul Hickman

    Paddy the Fenian

    “You said a few weeks ago that you were glad Ireland is being overrun with third worlders”. Who said that?

    No white Nationalists are glad you’ve been overrun by third worlder’s. It is ironic how you hate the Brits but don’t complain about Paki’s and Africans swarming into your ‘Republic’.

    You can say you don’t support the provo’s all day, but you lie (obviously)!

    Yes Cromwell and Churchill were Jew backed – the Jews control both sides.

    Contrary to what you say, the Ulster people have retained their culture and they display it every year. It is Sinn Fein who is selling out your culture by being pro multicultural and supporting anti white, Marxist terrorists, like Mandela.

  6. Paddy the Fenian.

    I can’t be arsed going through all your broadcasts but you did say as much, as the other listeners will agree. I am sickened by the presence of turd worlders in Ireland or for that matter Britain or any other white country. As for what you consider Ulster which is actually the six counties Antrim, Armagh,Down,Derry,Fermanagh and Tyrone when in fact Donegal ,Cavan and Monaghan make up the other part of the historical province of Ulster(nine counties) along with the six counties, the reason for this is that it was the most amount of(rich) land that the protestant supremacists could have a majority in,the prod slogan at the time was “a protestant country for a protestant people”. Whereas in the south we tried our best and still do to make our protestant brothers feel at home(the first president of Ireland was a protestant Douglas Hyde). And who supported the flank of the Ulster division on the Somme? It was the Irish division, the youngest soldier to die in the first world war came from a street near me here in Waterford,John Condon, only 14,check it out. The provos were not supported by the vast majority in the South,despite the horrendous record of British cruelty in Ireland.

  7. Paddy the Fenian

    Thank you for a straightforward reply. Ulster is Britain and obviously that is my position, but not yours. Until it’s understood and agreed by everyone who lives in Ulster, that it will always be British, there cannot be peace.

    This is why the Royal Family/Masons/Corrupt politicians refuse to guarantee the existence of Ulster.

  8. Paddy the Fenian.

    Fair enough, I take back the insult at the end of my first comment.Both of our governments are traitors to their peoples and deserve no loyalty of any kind.If a pro white government came to power in Britain, no one would be happier than me.

  9. A question for Paddy:

    Are there counties or significant areas of Ireland (Eire) which have not fallen prey to race mixing and cultural destruction encouraged by the Marxism which has apparently insinuated itself there?

  10. Paddy the Fenian.

    The turd worlders are mostly in the urban areas with a sprinkling in the smaller towns.Most people are cowed by the media which is infested with cultural marxists and homos.they point towards the US and Britain as a success story of diversity.Our big problem is that we have had the same Tv as you guys, portraying a false impression of reality in the Anglo sphere.Most of the race mixing is conducted by the idiot class here and is not that common,but enough.This has been going on since the peace agreement 15 years ago which coincided with our fake economic boom and the scandals within the Catholic church.If you wanted to it is easy to avoid seeing the groid here.The Queen of England(whom the media now call”the Queen”) and Obama were here two years ago and the media hype went into overdrive,it was sickening.A lot of our best people fled the country or were killed in the past and I think this explains some of what is going on.In saying that the invaders seem to behave themselves better than they do elsewhere We have a generous welfare system so they probably don’t want to rock the boat. Things will change though especially if they get violent as everyone knows we have bent over backwards to accommodate them,but it’s basically going to have to get worse before it gets better.My opinion is that Hope and Change,lol, will come from your side of the water as you guys are under more pressure.

  11. Paddy the Fenian.

    Paul Hickman, a neighbor of mine who lived in Birmingham around the time the devil paid a visit there said that some of those convicted of the bombing actually did it and this guy knew everyone cops as well as everyone in the Irish community..Nothing surprises me anymore.

  12. Paul Hickman

    Paddy the Fenian

    I wouldn’t be surprised if your friend is right. The Police connection points to Free Masonry. It’s common knowledge you can only get so high in ‘Her Majesty’s Police’ without becoming a ‘brother’.

    This picture of the Queen giving MC Guinness a Masonic handshake shows that such statements aren’t paranoia.


    And the Queens nurse with her Masonic belt buckle


    I haven’t looked into the Birmingham Six case in detail if I’m honest. I will have a look at this documentary, and so others know what we’re talking about.

    The Birmingham Six


  13. Lurker

    Paddy – Ive tried to comment at the Independent more than once. They have a full spectrum, pre-moderation lock down on Disqus comments. Stories there that I know would have our guys piling in – immigration, immigrant crime etc – instead get a dribble of liberal, PC boilerplate comments: “enrichment”, “they only want a better life”, “take away food”, “hard working” etc etc I’m enraged, write a comment and . . . nothing. It will always be put into moderation and never appear. The resulting, manufactured PC consensus has to be a lie. That sort of crap would never go totally unchallenged at any other MSM outlet with Disqus that Im aware of.

  14. Paddy the Fenian.

    Hello White network, will you give my e mail address to Lurker as I wish to have a word with him, thank you. Paddy.

  15. maverick

    “Paddy the fenian”,I remember distinctly a headline in the “irish post”for expatriates in mainland Britain it descibed a new “race” being introduced into ENGLAND with Afro-carribean fathers and Irish mothers.
    This is the exactly the ethnic background of the riots of a few years back Duggan ,whose death caused the riots was of exactly this background .
    Thanks for confirming that the “Birmingham 6 “were largely guilty ,i always knew they were.If the mighty Irish republic is such a great success why are thier such large communities in ENGLAND ,it ia a failed state.
    It’s always amazed me that they can condemn the Unionists of Northern Ireland for wanting British identity yet flood across the Irish sea to live under thier “enemies” Diktat.

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