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John Tyndall pt 13

John Tyndall's Spearhead magazine #301 March 1994

Chapter 15 – The Racial Controversy

• The Truth is no Defence

• We have taken in refugees to Britain from Poland, Hungary and the Baltic States. None of these have needed Positive Discrimination or have caused riots.

• Enoch Powell’s career advancement came to an end in 1968 when he spoke out against the immigrant invasion. He ended his career on the back benches.

• Nationalist ‘witch hunts’ see people losing their jobs for being associated with the party

A conspiracy is at work when there is an organised and deliberate attempt to conceal even part of the truth. John Tyndall

Rhea page case

Christopher Phillips case

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4 Responses

  1. JBW


    A great and inexpensive educational prescription for those who cannot or will not digress into the hogtrough of rotting partial truths, 1/2 truths, obfuscations and down-right lies “portrayed through” the MSN and their highly paid presenters; if de-programing oneself from corporatization of long-term indoctrination and excretable government; or is seeking to fortify oneself in our alienated context in the day-to-day, or if one just feels plain riled-up generally, good reading and great hair of the dog.

    Also valuable for bringing oneself up-to-speed on past efforts in the Cultural Center of the Thinking Right. My puff piece for Spearhead (oi vie).

    Also see: http://instaurationonline.com/

    Thanks for the stiff upper lip….Fourteen Words.

  2. JoshuaF


    1. check out this video……
    What motive could there be for filming a black man with tomato sauce on his hands ? Also, what really was the fate of L. Rigby ? Should there not be an investigation ?

    2. Maybe Nick Griffin is playing a tactical game. How about saying the BNP is open to Jews but having a policy which could be unacceptable to Jews ? It might reduce the options the PTB has against the BNP.

  3. JoshuaF

    1. I’ve watched those videos about Lee Rigby before. Obviously if it was a hoax they are not going to investigate it.

    2. What would be the tactical benefits from such game? The BNP already had one Jewish Councillor before. If it was to make most of the racial Nationaists walk away from the party, then it worked a treat.

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