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Enoch Powell – Rivers of Blood/The Great Betrayal

Published on March 5, 2014 by in Blog

This month’s special program is a reading of the momentous speech delivered by Enoch Powell at the Midland Hotel in Birmingham on 20 April 1968. It will be broadcast each Wednesday and Friday starting at 9PM ET, streaming continuously until the next scheduled program.

Though is has been described as “the most controversial speech in modern British history”, there is apparently no complete recording available on the internet. A BBC documentary (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), produced circa 2008, starts with a reporter, Reg Harcourt, describing how he was there with a camera team. The BBC documentary intersperses snippets of the black and white film of the speech with “anti-racist” spin attempting to explain that Powell was wrong.

Powell’s speech serves as a reminder and lesson to Whites: However bad you may believe the situation is, or may yet become, you are likely underestimating. Looking back, we find many sober expressions of fear and foreboding such as Powell’s. Always they are countered with the same fraud and trickery. What our enemies initially deride and dismiss as a stupid, crazy, or evil vision invariably metastasizes into an even more disgustingly degenerate reality, which they then celebrate.

Our program was transcoded from “Rivers of Blood” The Great Betrayal. Full speech., read and posted by Martin Willett. The description attached to the video reads:

Published on Oct 14, 2011

The 1968 speech given by Enoch Powell known as The Rivers of Blood speech. In full. No editing, cuts, omissions, spin, commentary, propaganda or tricky sound effects. Just the speech.

These are words written in 1968, and not by me. Don’t shoot the messenger, just listen to the message and judge for yourself.

The FULL TEXT of this speech can be found here:


If you want to debate this matter in depth join my debate forum:


Total runtime: 20:09

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John Tyndall pt 13

John Tyndall's Spearhead magazine #301 March 1994

Chapter 15 – The Racial Controversy

• The Truth is no Defence

• We have taken in refugees to Britain from Poland, Hungary and the Baltic States. None of these have needed Positive Discrimination or have caused riots.

• Enoch Powell’s career advancement came to an end in 1968 when he spoke out against the immigrant invasion. He ended his career on the back benches.

• Nationalist ‘witch hunts’ see people losing their jobs for being associated with the party

A conspiracy is at work when there is an organised and deliberate attempt to conceal even part of the truth. John Tyndall

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