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Enoch Powell – Rivers of Blood/The Great Betrayal

Published on March 5, 2014 by in Blog

This month’s special program is a reading of the momentous speech delivered by Enoch Powell at the Midland Hotel in Birmingham on 20 April 1968. It will be broadcast each Wednesday and Friday starting at 9PM ET, streaming continuously until the next scheduled program.

Though is has been described as “the most controversial speech in modern British history”, there is apparently no complete recording available on the internet. A BBC documentary (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), produced circa 2008, starts with a reporter, Reg Harcourt, describing how he was there with a camera team. The BBC documentary intersperses snippets of the black and white film of the speech with “anti-racist” spin attempting to explain that Powell was wrong.

Powell’s speech serves as a reminder and lesson to Whites: However bad you may believe the situation is, or may yet become, you are likely underestimating. Looking back, we find many sober expressions of fear and foreboding such as Powell’s. Always they are countered with the same fraud and trickery. What our enemies initially deride and dismiss as a stupid, crazy, or evil vision invariably metastasizes into an even more disgustingly degenerate reality, which they then celebrate.

Our program was transcoded from “Rivers of Blood” The Great Betrayal. Full speech., read and posted by Martin Willett. The description attached to the video reads:

Published on Oct 14, 2011

The 1968 speech given by Enoch Powell known as The Rivers of Blood speech. In full. No editing, cuts, omissions, spin, commentary, propaganda or tricky sound effects. Just the speech.

These are words written in 1968, and not by me. Don’t shoot the messenger, just listen to the message and judge for yourself.

The FULL TEXT of this speech can be found here:


If you want to debate this matter in depth join my debate forum:


Total runtime: 20:09

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7 Responses

  1. Nick

    Thanks for posting. Having Paul Hickman on my show the other night plus this post has caused me to listen/watch a few Enoch Powell’s interviews and speeches.



  2. Found an original audio by Enoch Powell on a back-up drive. It is from a Derrick MacThomas “Australia Calling” show from years ago. Good stuff!

    Check your email.

  3. Thanks Bob. I’ve made the two audio files you’ve sent available for download at:


    The first is the speech alone, and the second sounds like that same speech prefaced by a brief introduction by Derrick MacThomas.

    The question is, who voiced the recording? MacT is ambiguous on that point, describing it as a “voice from the grave”.

    I listened and compared the same brief snippet in the two files you sent (at 2:16 and 4:59) with the one that accompanies some video (at 0:49) in Part 1 of the BBC documentary (http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=93d_1349342510). It is difficult to say for sure, but I think the inflection and timing of Powell’s voice in the BBC video is different from the voice in the MacT audio.

    The link to the audio file at Colonel Buckshot: Australia Calling (http://www.nsm88radio.com/Aussie%20calling/AC081808.mp3) is dead, but indicates that MacT’s recording was broadcast in August 2008.

  4. I believe Derrick MacThomas was just stating that Enoch Powell was dead at the time he aired that show (18 August 2008?). It may be a recording made subsequent or prior to the event documented. (I lost contact with Derrick a few years ago.)

    Unfortunately, even http://trutube.tv/ (search audio: “Australia”) does not include that time period, though many other “Australia Calling” shows are available there. In any case, my copy is original from when Derrick produced it years ago.

    What we have here is probably the only complete version in Powell’s own voice!


  5. If it is indeed Powell’s voice then perhaps it was, as you say, recorded at another time, but I’m skeptical. I think it’s more likely that MacT attempted to fill the gap left by the missing original, as Martin Willett has.

    There are potentially two complete recordings of the speech, made at the time it was delivered: The video captured by the camera team that was there (portions of which were used in the BBC documentary), and the audio captured (if it was) by the BBC radio team that was there. Even if these recordings exist, their owner apparently does not wish to make them available.

  6. WWWM

    Did Powell give this speech on Adolf Hitler’s 80th birthday? I am sure it could be just a coincidence. Enoch Powell, as it turns out, was right.

  7. weichseler

    Powell was a couple of decades late and a Quid short. Hitler, of course, also tried to forewarn the English speaking White world about the dark racial tsunami that was coming, but they were, and still are, too willfully ignorant to listen to sweet reason.

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