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John Tyndall pt 17/17

The Eleventh Hour – Scenario For War and The Way Ahead

• The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO),  was always under the command of America, irrespective of whether he was the most qualified man for the job

• Although Britain has retained her capacity to produce nuclear weapons – the means to deliver the weapons are largely controlled by the United States

The Falklands War of 1982 was a National war, not a NATO war

• John Tyndall advocates a two year National Service period for young British people

• The Cancer of Liberalism

• What is ‘Fascism’?

• Oswold Spengler’s Decline of the West

• We can prove Spengler wrong in his assertion that the West is finished

Hardtalk – Nick Griffin (August 2001)

Spearhead article  – One Change Too Far (October 2001)

Heritage and Destiny Article – Death of Valerie Tyndall


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