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John Tyndall pt 6

The Eleventh Hour

Chapter 8 – Conservatism in Surrender

• Conservative politicians do nothing to stop ‘witch hunts’ by the far left, against academics who speak truthfully on matters of race and immigration.

• Conservatives cunningly shifted the argument on Rhodesia from what it was really about – the question of white rule or black rule – to entirely subsidiary and, in reality, scarcely relevant arguments.

• Conservative University debating groups invite National Front leaders to speak, then give in to the first sign of intimidation from Marxist mobs.

• Conservative government orders ‘soft approach’ against black rioters in 1980, 1981 and 1985 and again during the 1990’s.

National Front General Election results 1970 – 2010

Rochdale’s pedophile Shame (NF, CXF, NWI, AZL demo)

Recent National Action activism


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