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John Tyndall pt 6

The Eleventh Hour

Chapter 8 – Conservatism in Surrender

• Conservative politicians do nothing to stop ‘witch hunts’ by the far left, against academics who speak truthfully on matters of race and immigration.

• Conservatives cunningly shifted the argument on Rhodesia from what it was really about – the question of white rule or black rule – to entirely subsidiary and, in reality, scarcely relevant arguments.

• Conservative University debating groups invite National Front leaders to speak, then give in to the first sign of intimidation from Marxist mobs.

• Conservative government orders ‘soft approach’ against black rioters in 1980, 1981 and 1985 and again during the 1990’s.

National Front General Election results 1970 – 2010

Rochdale’s pedophile Shame (NF, CXF, NWI, AZL demo)

Recent National Action activism


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2 Responses

  1. The National Front should put all the extracts you have read on these programmes into a very small booklet to be distributed by canvassers to interested white voters and handed out free to white youth at street stalls. It is as a British Mein Kampf.

    The weakness of the US Consitution was in it’s ignorance of the threat from the Jews and democracy and lack of taking written steps to deal with these dangers. imo The inclusion of the anti-nature Freemasonary principle that “all Men are created equal” was as good as a suicide note for the future of the States.

    Monday club was infiltrated by MI5 to include paedophiles and homosexuals like Harvey Proctor who could later be used by the Jewsmedia to discredit the association.

    Now all main British parties are united through the Rothschild funded Marxist ‘Common Purpose’ org and UKIP is simply MI5’s posh version of the BNP to deal with the middle-class anti-EU voters as BNP was used to lead the anti-immigration working-class voters nowhere. Hope the NF will grow to be a force which shakes the state which it has failed to do since 2010 when the BNP collapsed but it must start naming the Jew.

    Shame these programmes cannot be re-broadcast in the UK on one of the UK brodcasting internet sites it should be heard more.

    Rhodesia: Remembering Ian Smith:

  2. Paul Hickman


    The National Front election literature isn’t too bad that I’ve saw. I am asking the designer of National Action to do me a leaflet for the NF to consider. Here is their own recruitment leaflet


    The NF got 10% of the vote recently in a small Northern ward with a very low turnout. Canvassing for postal votes could possibly snatch a shock victory in May 2014 (would be the first in 47 years).

    Northern town of Todmorden Election result:

    LibDem – 203 votes
    Labour – 123 votes
    Independent – 71 votes
    Chris Jackson, National Front – 59 votes [10.3%]
    Independent – 53 votes

    Turnout 19%

    Kevin Bryan’s speeches are very good from what I’ve heard. There is a ongoing effort to attack him which might be along the lines of the ‘common purpose’ you mention?

    He will be speaking in the afternoon on 14th December in Birmingham. If you can make it to Birmingham for midday I could meet you and take you along if you liked – inbox me at Birmingham Nationalist if you’d like to come.

    I feel the WN scene is in complete limbo until the elections of 2014 is over. After that I think we have ten years to make political headway. Failing that it will be time for Powell’s predictions to come true.

    I’m not aware of any WN radio network in the U.K. When myself and John Hardon tried to set one up via Blogtalk we were both plagued with constant audio problems.

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