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Interview with South London NF Organiser Tony Martin

Tony Martin has been involved in Nationalism since 2007 when he joined the BNP. He has stood for local Council and also for the Parliamentary elections of 2010. He is now a local Organiser for the National Front.

Tony did 20 laps around Stratford during the Olympics of 2012. The Britain vs Argentina Hockey match was taking place. His flag is the Falkland Islands flag

Subjects to be discussed include;

• Public meetings and Freedom of Information requests

Emma West – despite the crown prosecution service sighting ‘death threats’ against her as the only reason to deny her bail, they failed to report any of the threats to the police

Racist Negress on London bus. Who was she and what was her punishment?

• Tony questions the Bumbling Buffoon Boris Johnson (Mayor of London)

• Croydon and Tony’s future political plans

South London National Front Meeting 5/4/2013. (Tony Martin speaks 2nd)

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John Tyndall pt 9

Charlie Sargent, one time leader of Combat 18 now serving life for murdering a fellow C18 member Chris Castle in 1998.

The Eleventh Hour

Chapter 11 Freedom: the illusion and the reality

• Education of the young

• Manhood and Womanhood

• Physical education and its importance for the youth

• Ethics of Social Services in a Nationalist State

• Birth rates

• The repeal of Abortion and (pro) Homosexuality legislation

The destructive role of C18 and it’s allies. Spearhead – September 1995

SF Combat 18 thread

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