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John Tyndall pt 9

Charlie Sargent, one time leader of Combat 18 now serving life for murdering a fellow C18 member Chris Castle in 1998.

The Eleventh Hour

Chapter 11 Freedom: the illusion and the reality

• Education of the young

• Manhood and Womanhood

• Physical education and its importance for the youth

• Ethics of Social Services in a Nationalist State

• Birth rates

• The repeal of Abortion and (pro) Homosexuality legislation

The destructive role of C18 and it’s allies. Spearhead – September 1995

SF Combat 18 thread

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7 Responses

  1. Thomas Gaffney

    Merry Christmas Paul. I’m a Dudley man myself living in Bootle. A long way from my true home…

  2. Paul

    Thomas Gaffney

    Merry Christmas to you. We haven’t given up on Dudley!

  3. Florian Geyer

    Great Podcast Paul, the best UK one I’ve listened to. I downloaded it soon after the article appeared on the British Resistance site and must have listened to each episode three times now whilst dog walking. Being old NF, starting in the early Eighties as a teenager it brought back quite a few memories. Some of the audio clips you have used from documentaries and the news are really poignant, especially Thatcher’s pre election game changer which duped the nation, it made my blood run cold to hear it. Looking forward to future episodes, keep up the good work.

    Florian Geyer

  4. Florian Geyer

    Thank you very much for your kind words. Thatcher’s ‘pre election game changer’ certainly was a deathblow to the National Front.

    Best wishes


  5. I agree that this was another exceptional one, with the critique of Harold Covington by John Tyndall. What you are presenting, Paul, is some of the most inspiring and instructive radio that is out there. Thank you for it.

  6. Covington’s operation of a maildrop for C18 fits his longtime pattern of trying to associate himself — at a safe distance — with others more daring and reckless than himself.


    The American correspondent who advised Tyndall about Covington was almost certainly Dr. William Pierce.


  7. Hadding

    I would think you are correct. Thanks for warning me about him a year ago.

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