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John Tyndall pt 8

John Tyndall with Savitri Devi 1960's

The Cotswold Camp 1962. George Lincoln Rockwell and Savitri Devi visit England

The Eleventh Hour.

Chapter 10 Roots of the British Sickness – The Political System

• Media rigged elections

• Athenian Democracy – supposedly the basis for the British system

• Oligarchic Government serves big business and Moneyed minorities

• New parties artificially boosted by the media at times of domestic dissension

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7 Responses

  1. Before I heard of John Tindall’s work through your programme I thought that I was the only British nationaliast who had such views though I have heard some of them from Richard Edmonds’ speeches. Listening to Tindall I hear Britain’s Adolf Hitler; Tindall had a truly great mind which makes my own brain seem tiny and inadequate by comparison. Tindall was Britain’s greatest nationalist leaving Mosely far behind.

    Tess Cullinane is a great British heroine, a beautiful mind, a pure soul and like Richard Edmonds an example of the best of the English character. How very, very sad the fate of a nation destroyed by the Jews and their hirelings.

    NF really needs to get to grips with appointing Richard Edmonds as political leader so that the British people can then have the opportunity they will otherwise never have to hear him on the media. As political leader the media would be obliged at election time to give him airtime by law especially if he stands for the Commons.

    Albert Mariner’s statue should replace Churchill’s statue and Emma West Mandela’s statue.

  2. Paul Hickman


    According to West Mids NF Richard Edmonds doesn’t want to be leader.

    I agree with you about Tyndall.

  3. That is sad Paul and leaves me still feeling little hope for the NF remaining any more than a practically unknown (to most modern white youth)talking club. The only hope now that Richard and others have obviously realised there is no hope at the ballot box is to activly discuss Murrovian revolution, how it can be adapted to Britain and what we must do to psychologically and physically prepare for it when the time comes.

    British nationalism, unable to win over the overwhelming might of the criminal, Marxist democracy con must now start to look to new avenues of thinking and begin to see how it can evolve in such a way as to be relevant to today and to saving our race and homelands.

    The NF should vote on and adopt the policy resolution that “Britain is an entirely Jewish owned and run state in which the indigenous people are mere customers and guests until that Jewish state has finally succeeded in genociding them out of existance with mass third-world and eastern-European immigration, promoted miscegenation and deliberate state moral corruption.”

    If the NF cannot be tough in any other way then it should at least tell the real truth about the Jew and not hide behind cowardly terms like international-Jewry or Zionism. The problem is Jews and the NF must make a clear policy statement repeated in all it’s election leaflets that it’s programme is to expel ALL jews as well as other non-whites from Britain. Only by the NF being open and hardline on these issue will anyone support it or will it appeal to youth or have any future.

  4. endzog

    Kevin Bryan spoke about the 1290 law and reactivating it. Kai Murros supports electioneering until the time he speaks of comes.

  5. Paul,

    A political party without a political leader is like carriage without a horse. If Richard does not want to do it and probably he is not so young now and the nationalists have wasted his years by not seeing his talent a long time ago then someone else, someone as brave and as hardline as JT needs to stand, if possible someone young with years to dedicate to building a movement, someone young enough and brave enough if necessary to even spend time in prison for telling the truth as the Fuhrer did.

    Kai meant to use voting generally as a means of publicising our views. In his younger days when he wrote his thesis on revolution he thought the NSDAP’s example could be followed, but now his view has changed after he has seen what happens if you do make it; they absorb you into the mainstream and get you corrupted and addicted to the gravy train like the Real Finns or else they take you down like they did Golden Dawn.

    Without a political leader the nation will not get the message because the media will just ignore the NF’s existance and leafletting in a few wards in a nation of tens of millions is whistling in the wind, as is having probably the most boring, least interactive website in British politics.

    NF is just an old boys club, hugging their pints, remembering their heroes and so harmless to the system that the UAF does not even bother to get out of bed to protest against their odd appearances in public. With no white nationalist leadership in Britain and no radical party rocking the system and with our people being rapidly genocided it is time for the NF to stand up and take the reins from the BNP in such a way that the media will notice and be forced to report on and British nationalism will climb out of the grave.

  6. Paul,
    This was a superb installment. I enjoyed every minute of it. Wonderful to hear a woman of that speaker’s caliber.

    These VoA programs are something really different. I know it is time-consuming to do them as well as you do, so I appreciate the sacrifice in time that you are making. I see you as one of the best activists around. As people like to say, Keep up the good work.

  7. Carolyn

    Thanks for saying so – glad you enjoyed it. I haven’t met Tess Culnane but I hope to soon. Very inspiring lady.

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