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The Homosexual Menace


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  1. kirsten

    Sometimes gays and lesbians marry people of the opposite sex because they want to have children and normal lifestyles. This is wrong. Homosexuals were not meant to have intimate relationships with straight people.

  2. Hilmar

    Listening now. Explosive stuff.

    Good job Carolyn.
    In my experience, you’re the only radiohost in the WN community, besides Tom Metzger, who turns a critical and suspicious eye “inward” on the movement itself, to try cleaning out the subversive and degenerate elements hiding among us.

    I now understand so much better why you left VOR. I had no idea it was that bad.

    Your efforts to build a 100% un-compromised network have my deepest respect, sympathy, admiration and support.

    Can I assist your endeavor in any way? Do you need money to run the show?

    Anything you need. Send me a mail anytime, and I’ll see what I can do.

  3. Cameron

    Great show!

  4. Hilmar

    “I consider myself a hardliner”

    -Carolyn Yeager, 2012.

    I concur. –Wholeheartedly so.

  5. Yayyyyy, I’m glad you put Facebook linkers on the stories, too. I have a browser button to that post whatever page I’m on, but it will come in handy for people who don’t.

  6. Mary

    High fives to Hilmar’s comments: he said it all and I absolutely agree.

    Pure Gold is what you are Carolyn 🙂

    Viva ‘The White Network’!

  7. Thanks Hilmar. As to do we need money … yes. We will be addressing that eventually and get up a Donate page. But I will write to you.

    We also want creative talent, hosts who can produce a quality program every week, or at least twice a month. These people can write to either Tanstaafl or myself, outlining their ideas.

  8. Very good programme. You are absolutely right about the need to be critical about would-be allies with questionable motives, compromised beliefs and a lack of personal transparency when accusations are levelled against them.

    Counter-Currents has a lot of good pieces, but this quotation from Greg Johnson is so egregious:

    “The only thing that matters is whether or not there are white people on this planet 200 years from now. Compared to that, personal feelings just don’t matter.”

    Alex Linder’s accusations against him are not a matter of “personal feelings” – just as Linder’s criticisms of people like Jared Taylor and Pat Buchanan are not about “personal feelings”. These are all about real ideological conflicts. If Johnson is prepared to use his website to promote homosexuality to his WN audience, the question of his own personal involvement with homosexuality is relevant. If one person is putting forward an agenda which is at odds with the majority of people in the movement, and networking with others who share his stance, it would be extremely naive not to ask whether he has questionable motives.

    “We agree about this, so let’s put our differences aside”. That is the sort of compromise that creates failure.

    As for people like Taylor and Buchanan, their refusal to openly criticise Jews makes them part of the problem. They are distractions: controlled opposition and cowards. It’s that simple, and Linder is right to attack them as opponents (especially Taylor, whose website actively promotes Jews as allies). If these people are “White Nationalists”, they are doomed to fail. You cannot win without identifying the actual problem!

  9. Pat

    Roger’s comment above wherein he discusses Linder vs. Taylor and Buchanan is valid.

    I would like to caution you, however, on Mr. Linder. Linder’s strategy revolves around demeaning “Christians”.

    Linder fails to understand the vast historic role played by religion in world – and even local politics. Any astute “leader” would recognize the absolute folly of attempting to erase thousands of years of religious precedent. Even the “jews” don’t do this. Most “jews” are atheists – but you don’t see them going around demeaning their fellow “jews” for their “jewish” belief system……do you?


    The “jewish” leadership recognizes that alienating their own racial kinfolk isn’t a winning strategy.

    (This comment was truncated at this point by Carolyn, for the reason of going too far off the topic of the program.)

  10. kirsten

    The white movement needs more people like you.
    Admiration doesn’t count for much unless there’s cash behind it.
    I’m sure that Carolyn will be addressing this very soon.

  11. kirsten

    Carolyn says that she “fell into” the idea of not raising a family.
    Gays and lesbians don’t “fall into” a lack of desire to form heterosexual relationships (it comes to them naturally), and there’s no reason for them to later regret their choice of lifestyle (they were not intended, by nature, to make babies).

  12. Pat

    So why is a comic strip portraying homo’s? Why would anyone want to teach sex and homosexuality to children?

    What was the Frankfurt School?

    In the aftermath of the jewish Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, it was hoped that workers’ revolution would sweep into Europe and, eventually, into the United States.

    But it didn’t.

    Towards the end of 1922 Lenin’s initiated a meeting was organized at the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow to determine “what went wrong”.

    in 1923 in Germany, a bunch of jews founded the Institute of Social Research at Frankfurt University. The Institute, modeled after the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow, became known as the Frankfurt School.

    This is where ‘Cultural Marxism’ and ‘critical theory’ concepts were developed.

    One of the jewish contributors was Georg Lukacs… [who] developed the idea of ‘Revolution and Eros’ – sexual instinct used as an instrument of destruction)…. ‘It was’, said Ralph de Toledano (1916-2007) the conservative author and co-founder of the ‘National Review’, a meeting ‘perhaps more harmful to Western civilization than the Bolshevik Revolution itself.’…

    “Basically, the Frankfurt School believed that as long as an individual had the belief — or even the hope of belief — that his divine gift of reason could solve the problems facing society, then that society would never reach the state of hopelessness and alienation that they considered necessary to provoke socialist revolution. Their task, therefore, was as swiftly as possible to undermine the Judaeo-Christian legacy…..

    “To further the advance of their ‘quiet’ cultural revolution – but giving us no ideas about their plans for the future – the School recommended (among other things):

    Continual change to create confusion

    The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children

    Huge immigration to destroy identity

    Emptying of churches

    An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime

    Dependency on the state or state benefits

    Control and dumbing down of media

    Encouraging the breakdown of the family

    “One of the main ideas of the Frankfurt School was to exploit Freud’s idea of ‘pansexualism’ – the search for pleasure, the exploitation of the differences between the sexes, the overthrowing of traditional relationships between men and women.”

    So now you know……..

  13. Pat

    It is a fact that the jewish Frankfurt School adherents want to destroy Western Civilization.

    One of their methods is Georg Lukacs’ idea of ‘Revolution and Eros’ – sexual instinct used as an instrument of destruction.

    My instincts tell me that the homo’s in the White Nationalist movement are probably planted there by jews to attempt to associate White Nationalist beliefs with very odd and disgusting behaviors – so that “normal” fed-up White people will shy away from “White Nationalism”.

    Most White people who are cognizant of the jewish problem we all face – also understand the basic value system that has been the underpinning of Western culture and advances.

    Homosexuality does not fit in a healthy progressive White society. Homosexuality and other perversions are corrosive to the overall health, well being and advancement of White society.

    My only question is: does the ADL pay those guys with cash, or are they on direct deposit?

  14. Cameron

    Everyone’s a jewish plant in your deluded mind Pat.

  15. Pat

    Witty commentary there cameron.

    I especially liked how your rapier wit effortlessly shredded my “delusion” that there is even such a thing called “The Frankfurt School”…or that that it was founded and run by jews.

    I’m so “deluded” that “jews” don’t even exist at all – do they cameron?

    OK, so maybe those homo “White Nationalists” just don’t like dark meat 🙂


  16. I’m glad you are addressing this topic Carolyn. Gore Vidal said, “there are no homosexual, just homosexual acts”. This implies choice to me. I’ve worked with gays and seen the go after young men especially when the young men said they were straight. I’m not saying all gays are like this but it would be naive to say that this behavior isn’t present.

    The reverting to in-group behavior rings true. I had a run in at Occidental Observer with James O’Meara over Brandon McInerny case. O’Mear had no sympathy for Brandon what so ever. He viciously attached the fourteen year old with all the biting sarcasm of a drag queen, so I let him have it:
    September 3, 2011 – 12:21 pm | Permalink

    @ Jimmy the queer. “I still don’t understand why you’re so hot to defend this scumbag whose lack of self-control brings shame to any Aryan.”
    It’s obvious to me you put your sexual orientation before your race, a homosexual-white. You sound every bit as committed to Whites as Jewish-Americans are to America. Brandon was a fourteen year old who was repeatedly humiliated and in my view sexually bullied in front of his peers. He received NO help from the queer councilor, why? I thought gays and Jews understood bullying as unjust. But instead, what do you do to your own kind but pile on…scumbag. Maybe you big queers ought to teach your little queers that bullying is bullying and sometimes your victims over react. Larry was a bully but because he was gay and a cross dresser, his bullying was encouraged as a sign of self expression by school authorities.
    I consider manslaughter justice. Killing Larry was wrong; Brandon should have just beaten the shit out of him that would have been justice and both boys would still be alive. Epstein should not be allowed to work around children, she like James is incapable of empathy for any but her own kind.

    There is a place for women and men in our movement who do not wish to follow the traditional path. Their energies should be put toward the creation of culture not toward justifying the cult of the body and their practice of that cult. As far as sex between different races as an experience goes, well why not just have sex with cats and dogs, that would be an experience too. Look either you believe in race or you don’t. Believing in race is like being pregnant, there is no such thing as just a little bit.

    Greg Johnson is an ambitious young man (who I’ve also had run-ins with), which is his Achilles’s heel.

    Is it possible to get a pdf of the Waffen pamphlet or a copy of the paper you read Carolyn?

  17. I would just like to add that having sex outside your own race just to experiment seems to me to show a profound lack of respect for the other person which in turn shows a lack of honor in the experimenter.

  18. Yes. Thanks for prompting me, Helvena. Here is the Porter translation of what was published in Das Schwarze Korps: http://www.cwporter.com/enemies.htm

  19. Hilmar

    Thank you Kirsten. I appreciate your kind words.

    However, just to make it clear. I have not forwarded any money or supported TWN in any material way yet. All I have done, really, is to proclaim my intention to do so in the future.

    But in general: channeling surplus funds back into Aryan loyalist hands is by far the most felicitous and joyous way to spend money, however modest one’s contribution.

    I’m not a rich man, but I shed only dry tears over departing from expendable cash when such a departure means facilitating support for the endeavors of genuine white loyalist activists, potentially reaching hundreds of thousands of somnambulant kinfolk with intelligent messages of defiance and loyalty, while at the same time, depriving ZOG of those very assets.

  20. Hilmar

    Agree with Pat on the Frankfurter boys.
    There is no argument, really.

    Adorno’s; Horkheimer’s; Fromm’s; Marcuse’s; and Pollock’s works are probably still in print somewhere and available to read for everyone with either the required masochistic disposition, or enough sparetime on their hands to be willing to actually devote seconds, perhaps even minutes, of their lives leafing through the venomous outpourings of such subversive and deceptive jew-think.

    I wouldn’t recommend, however, taking the unnecessary risk of contaminating ones’s soul by actually opening one of those books.

    Scanning the selected quotes in KMAC’s “Culture of Critique” was more than enough for me personally.
    Even with the exegetic intermediate of Professor MacDonald, I still felt the judeo-Frankfurter corrosion dripping off the pages.

    If I were a betting man, I would wager 88 Reichsmark that the literary poison-slime of those kvetching Frankfurters is still ubiquitously corrupting the public libraries and universities of every single western country on the planet.

  21. Pat Hannagan

    @ Pat June 6, 2012 at 12:42 pm. Cameron seems to have confused you with me, simply because we share the name Pat. But, in any case, well said in your prior comments. Which makes both us both deluded Pats 🙂

    Excellent show Carolyn. I’m looking forward to the weekend show where this can be fleshed out further.

  22. Pat Hannagan

    Speaking of deluded fools doing the Jews’ bidding comes this news: http://www.smh.com.au/world/vatican-throws-the-book-at-nuns-understanding-views-on-sexuality-20120605-1zub1.html

    Greg Johnson, Donovan, James O’Meara and co would be most gratified to know that American nun “Sister Margaret Farley, a professor emeritus of Christian ethics at Yale University,” is totally in support of their cause in her work “Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics”.

    In this “work” she extolls the virtues of female masturbation, approval of gay sex, support for homosexual marriage, and “openness to divorce and remarriage”.

    Shockingly, “When Just Love was first published in 2006, it was adopted by Catholic educators in the US.” (that explains my perplexity at what I hear emanating out of the American Catholic Churches)

    I wonder if Greg Johnson has read it and will write a favourable book review? I guess the only thing missing to make Sister Farley’s tome fully in concert with Johnson’s faith is a section devoted to worshiping pagan gods.

    The Vatican has denounced the work, and “accused them [American nuns] of preaching ”radical feminist” ideas.”

    But, a non-deluded Pat weighs in: “Sister Pat McDermott, the president of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, of which Sister Farley is a member, described ”the profound regret” of all members at the Vatican’s report.” Sister Pat, like Greg Johnson, just can’t stand that old Old Testament morality.

    Reacting to the report, Sister Farley said: ”I have tried to show that they nonetheless reflect a deep coherence with the central aims and insights of these theological and moral traditions.”

    See? Gay sex has been a longstanding theological and moral tradition since the time of Genesis.

  23. RE: the “Männerbund” and James O’Meara’s claim that homosexuals are the vanguardists of Indo-European culture.

    Why should we take this statement at face value? Look at the iconic figures of European Culture: Luther, Bismarck, Tacitus, Aeschylus, Bach, Aristotle, Shakespeare, Dickens, Wagner, Boccaccio, Tolstoy, Milton, Euripides, Molière, Goethe, Byron, Hegel, Dante, Julius Caesar – none of these men were homosexual. All of them were married and had children. The list could go on endlessly. Even subversive Jewish radicals like Marx, Trotsky, Kun, Lenin and Marcuse had time to maintain their monogamous marriages while promoting the revolution!

    And what of the great heroes and gods of pre-Christian European literature so adored by the neo-pagans of the New Right: Odysseus, Apollo, Telemachus, Ódinn, Thor, Sigurd, Zeus and Völundr? All of them had children. Other beloved figures in New Right circles, including Strasser, Degrelle, Mosley, Guénon (a race-mixer!) and Codreanu, were married men. I doubt any of them would approve of the New Right’s liberal position on homosexuality, and I think most New Rightists know that.

    The idea that a separate antisocial vanguard of homosexuals must exist to create our culture is nonsense. Heterosexuals are and always have been more than capable of marrying, reproducing and serving as the standard bearers of European Culture. To suggest that one must preclude the other is a false dichotomy, and is completely ahistorical. Most of the famous childless/unmarried men from our history either remained that way for religious and philosophical reasons (e.g. Aquinas, Tesla, Kant), or for reasons of circumstance (e.g. Beethoven).

    I will admit that there have been influential and talented homosexuals, but how many of them are positive role models? Oscar Wilde is a particular favourite of homosexuals – how can anyone defend a man who brought about his own downfall by instigating a libel case that he was bound to lose, at the expense of his wife and children? To call him dishonourable would be far too polite.

  24. vixdawg

    A thoughtful and thought-provoking show. What’s best for Whites? There will always be gays and therefore, inevitably, there will be gays in the White nationalist movement. The question for those gays is whether being gay is more important than being White. Are you a gay White nationalist? Or are you a White nationalist? Do you have the integrity to put aside gay interests in favor of White interests? Whether you do or not will be evident in your actions. Why? Because the question for those of us who are not gay is whether or not your acting and re-acting first and foremost as a White in favor of Whites. This is the same question White nationalists should and hopefully do ask themselves in all interactions, when getting information, entertainment, counsel, from anyone—jews, blacks, or any other nonWhite or White. Is this person acting and re-acting in the best interests of Whites? Thank you Carolyn for another great show.

  25. Peter

    I find it obvious that the crucial question is if gaydom is congenital or not. There were references in the program indicating that it´s not innate. That´s certainly an interesting dissident view. I find it courageous to touch tabooed issues, like gaydom being “cureable”. And if it was, great thing. Just that I wonder if t´s true. Show me the hetero male who performs gay sex. That´s what the question boils down to: can you DECIDE to be gay? Show me the hetero male who decides to be gay. Why would so many men go through so much hardship, like telling their parents, like having no family: only to perform things that a hetero male would rather kill himself than doing it? It does not make a lot of sense to me.

    My view was that gaydom is congenital. If so, there is hardly anything to discuss.
    I would find it very beneficial if the WN movement could just get over with that question. I think it cannot be that hard to decide the question of innate or decision. The question sucks up a lot of energy that could be used for constructive things.

    Carolyn, I very much appreciate all your work and wish to thank you for your work for the White Cause. I´m looking forward to the programs at this new station whitenetwork.

  26. Fag shenanigans are growing quite tiresome. What is the Männerbund? A male order forming high-culture. Male-bonding forming the core of our
    civilization and so forth…I get it. But a small group of fags hides behind this healthy practice and pushes an agenda that White Nationalism needs homosexuals.

    I’m actually fairly tolerant of homos. Flamboyant screeches of “accept me” only serve to further alienate the rest of us. Who/what is doing the pushing (no pun intended)? A site dedicated to right-wing dandies, a rainbow warrior, and a former priest of Satan. These guys aren’t Band Of Thebes material, ya dig?

  27. I’ve also praised the show (and clarified an issue about myself raised by Ms Yeager) at my blog here and here.

    Incidentally Franklin Ryckaert has recently responded to James O’Meara at TOO.

  28. Armor

    In his latest show at Voice of Reason, Robert Stark aired Ramzpaul’s clip about “zoosexuals“. It isn’t exactly supportive of gay rights!

  29. Armor

    I think many articles at counter-currents are interesting. I wish Greg Johnson wouldn’t give too much time to the subject of homosexuality, but I think the priority is to resist race-replacement, and I agree with his point that the pro-white point of view should be represented in every field of politics.

    On the one hand, I think it’s a wrong idea to promote homosexuality in society. On the other hand I think it may be a good thing to have a gay movement that is openly pro-white and racially separatist.

  30. Like Jews, Queers take over wherever they perch and begin to poison the atmosphere with their degeneracy. Whole towns, governments, orgs, Churches. White movements are no different. This is why Whites need to have a total no-tolerance policy for open homosexuality and crush it wherever it pops up.

    I will have nothing to do with any organization that gives a wink or a nod to queers.

  31. Armor — Stark’s policy, whether it’s thought out or not, is to air all views that can be interpreted to have anything at all to do with White advocacy. Do you think this is a good idea? I don’t. This position is defended at Voice of Reason.

  32. Hilmar

    Agree with Hawke. Zero tolerance.

    I haven’t heard one single show from VOR since I learned the truth about them. Don’t plan to, either.

    I’ll support Carolyn and Taanstafl vehemently because they represent a cogent and consistently intolerant stance on the crucial matters.

    There may be neo-nazi factions who espouse similar degrees of intolerance, but the high risk, inevitability really, of zog-fed infiltration with those groups disqualifies them entirely in my view.

    So far the balance seems just right here at TWN.
    Solid no-apologies pro-white stance and zero tolerance of degeneracy, combined, importantly, with a sensible absence of suspicious appeals to violence, terrorism, e.t.c.

    The apparent high TWN-appraisal of Christianity at the expense of eternal blood-and-soil paganism, however, does not suit my tastes excactly, but so long as we can agree on the basics of zero-tolerance racism and zero-tolerance heterosexuality, I can certainly live with an occasional religious schism.

    Blood first, then religion.

    This doesn’t mean I’ll ever accept the validity of a religion based on semitic national legends; semitic sources and scribes as a proper spiritual foundation for a sustainable Aryan weltanschauung.

    Blood-and-soil paganism holds the proven accolades of a documented cultural and genetic history stretching gloriously back in time, tens upon tens of thousands of years.

    To choose a jewish religion over that profound inheritance is clearly mistaken and groundless.

    From what I have heard so far, however, I trust the sanity and high intelligence of Miss Yeager enough to respectfully expect her to eventually realize this misunderstanding and to correct her stance accordingly. Until she does so, I patiently tolerate her unfortunate delusion in this regard.

    I’m not certain of Taanstafl’s position on Christianity, but I surmise from his name that it might be leaning more in a natural pagan direction.

    I hope I have not insulted Miss Yeager here, but I need to speak my mind honestly on this matter since I heard her state in an earlier broadcast that (paraphrasing) “Christianity is the only suitable religion for the White Man”.


  33. “On the other hand I think it may be a good thing to have a gay movement that is openly pro-white and racially separatist.”

    Are James O’Meara and Jack Donovan “openly pro-white and racially separatist”? If so, please provide a link to their articles that proves it. I may be wrong, but as far as I know these guys promote sheer masculinity (Jack) and overt gayness (James), not forming traditional families.

    I see no “good thing” in having a “gay movement” in white nationalism, which by definition tries to found a normal white society free from the aberrations brought by runaway liberalism (see for example what the latest article in my blog says about homosexuality, “The fate of the white race—in the hands of the empty-headed sex”).

  34. Hilmar,
    No insult at all.

  35. Good program, Carolyn. You hit on important topics.

    I’m in agreement with Hilmar on the vital subject of Christianity, however — that being Semitic in origin it is an entirely unsuitable belief system for the wide-eyed, Jew-conscious White Man in the 21st Century. Dr. William Pierce’s sober, reality-based views on Christianity are featured on Greg Johnson’s Counter-Currents site http://www.counter-currents.com/2010/10/on-christianity/ while his views on accepting homosexuals and disruptive hobbyist liars in our midst are conveniently sidestepped or brushed aside.

  36. Will – a big problem we have is that of those who prefer paganism insisting that Christianity has always been a Jewish influence on Western man. I do not share that view, but I don’t have a bottom line position on religion. I am quite fond of our old Aryan religions and I think we have to be tolerant of one another when it comes to religious beliefs, but strict in degenerate sexual practices and other false views of what is “normal” white society. I will say more about this in tonight’s Heretics’ Hour program.

    I’m glad to see your comment here and hope you will continue.

  37. fnn

    I’m pretty sure that Hunter Thompson was not a homosexual.

    Homosexuality is a really trivial problem compared to feminism:
    “Because educating women is strongly correlated with reducing their disposition and ability to reproduce themselves. Educating them tends to make them evolutionary dead ends. “Germany now has the highest number of childless women in the world. This trend has been going on since at least the 90s. What we also know is that the higher the level of education, the more likely a woman is to remain childless.” -Professor Norbert Schneider, Mainz University. 40% of German women with college degrees are childless.”

  38. Thanks, Carolyn. Why must we be so tolerant of those in our midst who worship the Jew’s tribal god, Yahweh? The burden is on they who believe in such escapist claptrap to show how this belief system is good for our race, not on we heathen “hardliners” to forever prove the negative. Our bottom line, as you put it, is that Christianity is a defining issue as much as are the Jewish Question or the race problem. That’s the uncompromising hard line that set Dr. Pierce and his followers apart from the rest of the Big Tent “Movement.” Many of us, as a group, took/still take the intellectually honest position that otherworldly Christianity is an ideology opposed to our own strictly race-centered world view.

    From a higher perch we see that European Man was White for thousands of years before the Jew-spawned Middle-Eastern creed was imposed on him and eventually corrupted him into the “Judeo-Christian Western Man” that predominates among our kin today.

    It’s good that you don’t really hold hard to that soft, sentimental Christian bottom line on religion like someone quoted you as saying. You would probably appreciate Dr. Pierce’s approach to dealing with the Christians (From the original National Alliance Membership Handbook:

    “[W]e want to avoid conflict with Christians to the extent that we can. We don’t want to give unnecessary offense, even when we speak out against the doctrines of these churches. We don’t want to ridicule their beliefs, which in some cases are sincerely held. Some of these people later will reject Christianity’s racial doctrines. Some will reject Christianity altogether. We want to help them in their quest for truth when we can, and we want to keep the door open to them.

    “Members who want to study the subject of Christianity and its relationship to our task in depth should read Which Way Western Man? by our late member William Simpson. The book’s initial chapters describe the spiritual odyssey of a man of exceptional spiritual sensitivity, who was far more intensely a Christian than nearly any Christian living today and who eventually understood the racially destructive nature of Christianity and rejected it.

    “A more concise study of the difference between the Christian world view and ours is given in Wulf Sörensen’s The Voice of Our Ancestors…”

    “To the extent that we can” is the operative phrase. Dr. Pierce also wrote (in his editorial linked in my first comment):

    “No honest, conscientious Alliance member can maintain his membership in the Alliance and also in an organization which is fundamentally opposed to the goals and principles of the Alliance… Any Alliance member who is also a member of a church or other Christian organization which supports racial mixing or Zionism should decide now where he stands, and he should then resign either from his church or from the Alliance.”

    The unvarnished honesty and moral courage that’s necessary to take that unpopular position and risk losing supporters is precisely what attracted me and other like-thinkers to Dr. Pierce’s teachings. He was careful not to disappoint his hardline supporters with confusing of contradictory messages; he was consistent. I like to call it culling the herd, It’s a vital part of radicalizing support, and of building a vanguard that reads from the same page. You simply can not build around your world view with those who don’t agree with it, especially those opposed to it. It fits your criticism of Stark’s and VOR’s apparent Big Tent approach of trying to please everyone…except the hardliners.

  39. “A more concise study of the difference between the Christian world view and ours is given in Wulf Sörensen’s The Voice of Our Ancestors…” -WLP

  40. Will, the program was about Homosexuality, not Christianity. Guess we’ll get to that soon enough.

  41. Sorry for getting off-track. I look forward to you leading a discussion of the taboo subject of a suitable religion for the White Man. Your comment above, assuming that non-Christian race-thinkers are all somehow lumped in with “paganism,” is an issue I’d like to address. I’m not comfortable with that label.

    As for allowing queers in our councils, it’s a settled issue as far as I’m concerned. Homosexuals and bisexuals were simply ineligible for membership in Dr. Pierce’s Alliance. As far as I know, there was never one complaint from our membership about that hardline, discriminating policy against the third sex. That’s where we drew the line on that matter. Those who would want to justify their perversions would have to look elsewhere for aid and comfort.

  42. donothingWN

    I really enjoyed the broadcast Carolyn! I’m actually going to listen to it again a bit more intently to better understand everything. It sounds like they’ve gayed it up over at VOR and I don’t want to hear anybody’s queer agenda.

    I don’t want to hear what a queer thinks are best for whites.

    I don’t want to hear what a jew thinks are best for whites(unamusementpark).

    We don’t need their ‘help’.

    It frustrates me when people are so indoctrinated they can’t realize we need to think for ourselves.

    Thanks for your hard work, you and tanstafl!

  43. Mike

    Wake up Aryans and learn to spot the nasty Jew deceptions in how they claim that “Homosexuality” or “Alcoholism” is a genetic trait. The sick little kikes are again turning the world upside down by claiming behaviors are genetic but race is a socio/environment construct.

    The TRUTH is the following:

    SOCIO/ENVIRONMENTAL (learned behavior/conditioning)

    1. Sex (Hetero, Homo, Bestiality, Obese fetish, Foot fetish etc..)
    2. Drugs (Alcohol, Cocaine, Marijuana, Meth, Acid etc..)
    3. Sports (Football, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey etc..)
    4. Crime (Lying, Stealing, Raping, Murder etc..)

    GENETICS (physical/biology)

    1. Skeleton (CroMagnon/Aryan, Neanderthal/Jew, Heidelbergensis/Ergaster/Negroid, Erectus/Asian)
    2. Eyes (color, cones/rods)
    3. Hair (color, texture, balding)
    4. Skin (color, texture, oils)
    5. Height (tall, medium, short)
    6. Muscle/Fat/Brain Cells (can have more or fewer cells but you can increase or decrease the size of each cell)

    The nasty Jew Propagandist is reversing the above TRUTHS by claiming that behaviors are genetic while biology is socio/environmental.

  44. Pat

    This from fnn’s post above:

    “Because educating women is strongly correlated with reducing their disposition and ability to reproduce themselves. Educating them tends to make them evolutionary dead ends. “Germany now has the highest number of childless women in the world. This trend has been going on since at least the 90s. What we also know is that the higher the level of education, the more likely a woman is to remain childless.” -Professor Norbert Schneider, Mainz University. 40% of German women with college degrees are childless.”

    I don’t think the problem is “educating” women. Education is a good thing – but “indoctrination” towards jewthink is literally death.

    You will notice that White women (in this jewish dominated society) are intentionally disadvantaged when it comes to reproduction.

    In a healthy society, the role that women play would be encouraged.

    Functioning families with children would be encouraged.

    Part of the education process would include teaching women about their absolutely vital role in the continuance of our people.

    As it is now, our women are not exposed to the kinds of positive messages and support that they need to help us to continue.

    The current jewish system specifically subsidizes the reproduction of the racial underclass – while at the same time penalizing the more intelligent White woman away from having children.

    The “work environment” forces women to compete directly with men. This is not an “accident”. It is intentionally designed to do what it is doing.

    We need to change this.

  45. Mike: you really hit the nail. Thank you!

  46. To Pat – Such a good answer. It just so happens that National Socialist Germany did all the things that you are recommending. They did not force, but they encouraged females to see themselves as mothers, and they made it clear why: they were responsible for the continuance of the German nation. The men defended it; the women brought new German life into the world and nurtured it in it’s early years. Women were not told “you should not be educated – all you are good for is childbearing,” as fnn seems to be saying. How revolting. In NS Germany, with the Jews out of power, men and women willingly played their part for the greater good of THEIR nation.

    Anyway, I guess German men know that they cannot force German women to kowtow. They know they have to ‘persuade’ them and always treat them respectfully. 🙂

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