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Introducing Age of Treason Radio

Age of Treason Radio begins as a pre-recorded 30 minute monologue, with a new installment broadcast and available for download every Tuesday at 9PM ET. Please bear with me as I come up to speed in this new medium. I invite your feedback via comments.

This first installment focuses on who I am, what I’ve been doing, what I hope to do here, and why. Much of it is a recitation of things I’ve written or spoken about previously.

The pseudonym Tanstaafl is taken from Robert Heinlein’s science fiction novel The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, the context of which is political and financial self-determination and separatism versus tyranny.

I refer to A Personal Disclosure and describe other aspects of my background, interests, methods and motives I have not discussed before.

Finally, I describe my political and racial views and how they have evolved over time.

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25 Responses

  1. Mary

    Good luck Tan! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say 🙂

  2. Hilmar

    Thank you for your work in the service of Aryan awakening.

  3. Cameron

    You’ve got the length right, unlike Yeager’s ponderous efforts.

  4. I enjoyed it very much! Like a fireside chat. Love the intro music you chose. The only thing you’ll need to do is to expand it to one hour. LOL. Congratulations on a provocative beginning.

  5. katana

    Thank you Tan for that interesting overview of yourself.

    I’d like to hear more about why you decided to move to the Appalachians. At the time were you aware of the NorthWest Front ideas?

    Time wise, I’d prefer something longer, at least an hour or so. That said, I don’t see any reason why your broadcasts can’t be variable in length to suit the topic and your energy. So a 30 minute broadcast one week and an 70 minute the next.

    Anyway, a good start and I look forward to more.

  6. katana

    OT, but mentioning the Appalachians reminded me of a fascinating film, ‘Deliverance’. Stunning film that keeps close to the also stunning book. If you haven’t seen it or read it I highly recommend both.

  7. Steve F

    What are your religious views, Tanstaafl?
    Who was Jesus?…..was he a Jew?
    What is your opinion of Adolf Hitler?
    Who did 911?…..was it Muslims or Jews?

    When White people gain control of America and Europe…..will you go with your Jewish wife and children to the new Jewish Homeland, or will you stay here while they are deported?

    What do you think of the Protocols of Zion?

    Would you rather live in a country with 10% Jews, or 10% Blacks?

    These are all important questions.

    Thank you in advance for your answers.

  8. What are your religious views, Tanstaafl?

    Agnostic. God, to me, is everything beyond my comprehension. I distrust those who claim to know what seems to me cannot be known. This applies to the questions below just as well.

    Who was Jesus?…..was he a Jew?

    I don’t know, and frankly I don’t care one way or the other.

    What is your opinion of Adolf Hitler?

    I’ve read only a small portion of Mein Kampf. I don’t accept the jewish narrative about him or his NSDAP. Thus I can’t really speak knowlegably or intelligently about him.

    Who did 911?…..was it Muslims or Jews?

    I have no firsthand knowledge, but it seems plausible to me that muslim fundamentalists hijacked the planes. I would not be surprised to discover that some people in USG or GOI knew about the attack ahead of time, or even aided it.

    When White people gain control of America and Europe…..will you go with your Jewish wife and children to the new Jewish Homeland, or will you stay here while they are deported?

    I will stay with my family in any circumstance. I don’t believe jews can abide Whites-only homelands, thus the future you imagine seems unlikely to me.

    What do you think of the Protocols of Zion?

    I have read only bits, which struck me as tedious and obscure. The portions of Henry Ford’s International Jew that I’ve read seem more comprehensible and relevant.

    Would you rather live in a country with 10% Jews, or 10% Blacks?

    Neither. The ideal for Whites, and where I would rather live, would be 0% non-White. The understanding that my family (and myself) would be excluded doesn’t change this.

  9. Steve F

    Thank you, for your honest reply, Tanstaafl.

    I asked you about your religious views because I wanted to know if you were a “Judeo-Christian”
    For what it’s worth, I am a Deist, and that’s probably not very far from an Agnostic.

    So, you don’t seem to be interesed in Hitler; I find that kind of strange for a White Nationalist.

    And you’ve only read “bits” of the Protocols, which you found “tedious and obscure”; that’s funny…..I found them frightening, evil, and demonic!
    One man who translated them said he could only translate small portions at a time because of the overpowering presence of evil.

    Revilo P. Oliver, the certified, card carrying, militant fundamentalist Anti-Christian Atheist said they frightened him; he also said, after reading the Protocols, that it seems like the Jews have tapped into some Evil force in the Universe.
    A lot of people are unable to read them, and it’s not because they are “tedious and obscure”!

    Israel did 911!…..it’s as obvious as the nose on your face to everyone who has escaped from Plato’s Cave of illusions.

    You avoided my last question; “neither” was not one of the options.
    The question was designed to test your intelligence; so I’ll rephrase it(and remember, “neither” is not an option):

    “Would you rather live in Country A with 200 million Whites and 20 million Blacks; or Country B with 200 million Whites and 20 million Jews?”, and WHY?

  10. Israel did 911!…..it’s as obvious as the nose on your face to everyone who has escaped from Plato’s Cave of illusions.

    I’ve heard this “argument” before. I don’t consider it a very good one.

    You avoided my last question; “neither” was not one of the options.

    You don’t determine my options. If you don’t like my answers to your questions you can go cry about it somewhere else.

  11. Sounding great, Tan

  12. Pat


    Steve F asked you a set of “easy to understand” and “easy to answer” questions.

    You chose to side step most of them just as a “politician” most likely would.

    I think you suck.

  13. your Jewish wife and children

    I want to be clear on this point, because I am in a position to know, and do know for sure.

    My wife’s father was a jew. Her mother is not. My wife is genetically half jewish. She was never indoctrinated as a jew and does not identify as one. Likewise for our children.

  14. To Steve F – You are not God and you have no business passing judgment on people’s positions on issues they have never seriously delved into or written about. Read our Comment Policy. Comments should be about the program content – that’s number one. Most of what you asked was never brought up in Tanstaafl’s program. Also, your tone is pushy in the extreme (Jewish?). I would never have posted or answered your deliberate provocation if you had directed such a comment to me. I am not required to undergo anyone’s interrogation here. I have a record. So does Tan. Go take a look at it, lazy boy.

    BTW, you are not welcome to post comments to any of my programs. Your behavior and style is boorish.

  15. Luke

    Tanstaaf said: “I will stay with my family in any circumstance. I don’t believe jews can abide Whites-only homelands, thus the future you imagine seems unlikely to me.”

    First of all, I would like to commend Tanstaafl on his loyalty to his family. The second part of his comment, though, troubles me a great deal.

    The wishes, desires and phobias of jews are of no concern to a White Nationalist. Our racial survival and our desire to secure a future for our race and for the children of our race has zero need to either seek the approval of our mortal enemies or to accommodate their preferences. The White man has to stop groveling and asking the jews for their permission for us to take the necessary steps to ensure our survival. We will NEVER get that permission slip signed, Tanstaafl. The jews want us dead, rendered extinct. They have not devoted the time, money, and energy for the last hundred or more years to engineer the physical, racial genocide of all White European people to suddenly decide one day to listen to our cowardly pleas for mercy and then grant us a reprieve.

    This battle is a battle for our survival. Either we win, or the jews win. And, there will not be any consolation prizes for finishing up as the loser. This means that White men are going to have to grow back a certain part of their anatomy, and become just as ruthless and determined as our ancestors were when they met and defeated the Indian tribes on the frontier. This means we drive the enemy from our lands, and we do NOT negotiate with them.

  16. Generally my attitude is live and let live. But I agree with what you’ve written Luke. I don’t believe jews can abide Whites-only homelands. And I don’t believe Whites should abide that.

  17. Carolyn, I considered Steve F’s initial tone civil enough and recognized his collection of litmus tests. Others have asked and will continue to ask these questions. So I’ve answered them. I began AoTR with an introduction of myself exactly so that anyone who cares will know who I am and what I think right up front.

  18. I know Tan. I want the readers to know I did not think I had to defend you. I just wanted to tell Steve F. what I thought of his pushy interrogating technique. I’m more combative than you, LOL, and was really irritated at Steve’s tone. Pat’s too. There’s no reason for it.

  19. Luke

    I appreciate your reply to my post, Tanstaafl. I also would like to commend you on your forthrightness, with regards to your wife and children being part jewish. That reflects the sort of old-fashioned honesty and integrity that I think once set the White man apart from all other races, and I find it very refreshing.

    I look forward to listening to your podcasts and hearing more of your ideas regarding White European survival.

  20. Hilmar

    Tanstaafl’s observations on racial and societal matters seem to be both accurate and profound, from what I’ve heard so far.

    Passing judgement impetuously on his personal life is somewhat inappropriate, considering his distinguished efforts for a very noble cause.

    However, since Tanstaafl himself lays the matter of his jewish father-in-law out in the open, and indeed, invites to debate on the subject, I will comment briefly.

    Given the grave demographic circumstances we find ourselves in as a race, we simply cannot afford losing more ground on this crucial “battlefield of the bedrooms”.

    This realization translates readily into three very basic prohibitions for the racially awakened white loyalist:

    1. No inter-racial marriages
    2. No inter-racial childbirths
    3. No adoption of racially foreign children

    Now, as I understand Tanstaafl’s elucidation, his racial awareness only fully matured after having had children who are, strictly speaking, genetically 25% ashkenazi jewish.
    If this is so, I can surely understand his dilemma, and even sympathize with his devotion to his core family-unit as a father and husband.

    Let me explicate my reasons for granting dispensation from the zero-tolerance stance in this particular case:

    A white man of healthy genetic quality is a valuable asset in our continuous struggle for demographic survival.
    A white woman of similar quality, however, is even more so.
    This has to do with the biological limits to her reproductive fecundity, as compared to the man’s almost lifelong fertility.

    Therefore, it is less of a burden, demographically, to have a white man begetting mestizos, than a white woman investing costly pregnancies before giving birth to the half-breeds.
    The white male race-traitor could, with relative biological ease, recompense for his genetic betrayal, by utilizing his still intact ability to engender white children in the future, whereas the white female race-traitor, under all circumstances, would have lost a much larger, relative share of her reproductive potential, with a considerable likelihood, even, of having lost it entirely.

    Furthermore, I have noticed a subtle difference in mulattoes, contingent upon whether the father or the mother is white.
    If the father is white, the mulatto child/adolescent often looks and acts conspicuously less negroid than when the reverse is the case.
    This real-life observation confirms, or at least strengthens, the theory that dominant genes and male parenthood are correlated, whereas recessive genes and female parenthood are correlated.

    Please note that I am not encouraging or advocating for white men to beget mulattoes, or any other type of mestizos, by alluding to this peculiar phenomenon.
    I am merely suggesting, perhaps indirectly, how immensely valuable racially awakened young white women are, especially in terms of reproduction.

    Finally, I would like to manifest my trust in Tanstaafl.
    A confidence that his strong example as a white father, will result in his children wishing to grow up to be assets rather than liabilities for the cause of Aryan awakening.

  21. Luke: Honesty is indeed the most basic of virtues. What bothered me about Fjordman is that for years he hid the fact that he is part Jewish. Svigor is of course right when he states that Takuan Seiyo “is all hot air” when discussing the JQ. Nonetheless, I prefer a hundred percent someone like Seiyo, who since the beginning confessed he’s part Jewish, that hiding the same fact until Breivik’s actions resulted in the outing of Fjordman.

  22. Douglas Pearson


    I appreciate the new network, best of luck. Your work is always enjoyable, interesting and enlightening.

    [Tan here: Thank you Douglas. Please direct the second part of your comment to Carolyn’s program post.]

  23. Lilly

    Looking forward to listening regularly.

  24. Robert Lloyd

    I certainly appreciate Tanstaafl your dilemma with your wife having a Jewish father and your children having a percentage of Jewish blood. I have a 23 yr old daughter that is half Korean. I am of German ancestry with some English/Scot. I have talked to my daughter about the issues of race and that had I known of the problems in this world 23 yrs ago she would either have been 100% White or 100% Korean. My ex-wife and I had little in common and I regret that I didn’t understand cultural/racial differences at the time. I have remarried and have a wonderful White woman as a wife. She too has German blood and I am blessed.

    My daughter knows I love her absolutely. Should this world eventually accept apartheid (which will be necessary for White survival), I will have to live in an area of mixed races to be with her… though I would always desire to be in the White areas. But I am her father for better or for worse. I brought her into this world and she didn’t have a choice for her racial makeup. The sin is mine.

    All that said, I am a White nationalist and am as anti-Semitic as one can possibly be. The Jewish issue is THE problem of the world. Everything else is a side issue. I believe the Germanic people are the cream of the crop and the world is a better place because of their accomplishments.

  25. VIc FUry

    Great shows, good to see all the talent and effort. As someone who can not listen live and who depends on having shows load to itunes I would like to point out itunes and other aggregators require the MP3 link to be ON the RSS page. there are two MP3 links on your RSS page which load to itunes…

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