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Defining the “Holocaust” and Denying German Guilt


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  1. Franklin Ryckaert

    Good program! I will praise the day the “Holocaust” can indeed be debated openly on all media without being persecuted by the Holocaust Inquisition.

    The term “Holocaust” has a strong propagandistic power that is difficult to neutralize. Another term is desirable, but which one? Perhaps INTERNMENT OF THE JEWS ( or JEWISH INTERNMENT )is a better term. That term would automatically take away the “uniqueness” of the Jewish story, since it simply would make it a part of the general internment policy of the Nazis and make it comparable to similar events in other countries, such as the internment of the Japanese in the US during WW II. What happened during that internment, especially at the end of the war – intentionally or not – should be open to debate.

    Your programs are of high quality and I listen to all of them.
    The introduction music to two of your programs is very beautiful. It is Bruce Molsky : Breakin’Up Christmas and a piece of Hungarian pan flute. The music in the other two programs less so. If I may make a suggestion, there is a piece of beautiful banjo music on YouTube : “Three Styles of Old Time Banjo Demonstrated” ( from 0,05 to 0,55 ), that I would like to recommend.
    Best Wishes.

  2. Robert Lloyd

    This is a super conversation here with Jett Rucker and you, Carolyn. I do disagree with Mr Rucker when he talks about not demonizing or persecuting a group. The National Socialists merely fought back which is what we all will have to do eventually. Demonize or persecute? No way… it is reporting the truth that we want and then we need to PROSECUTE the devils. REMOVE THEM from our country and send them to Madagascar.

    The Jews are destroying our people… so when do we fight back? After we are all gone it will obviously be too late. Mr Rucker needs to understand that “when good people do nothing, evil wins.” The Jews are winning and winning big time, because the population at large has swallowed their lies… hook, line and sinker. So we do nothing.

    I do admire Mr Rucker when he admitted to how he transformed from a mainstream defender of the ‘holocaust’ to an awakening to the truth just a few years ago. Of course we have all had this happen to us at some point. Mine was probably 10 years ago or something like that, though I have been coming around since about 1990.

    But I have become adamantly a White nationalist probably in the past several years. We are all on a journey and I think Mr Rucker, even at age 68, is still moving in the direction of a White nationalist eventually. I sure hope so.

  3. amateur holocaustologist

    I would simply define the Holocaust as the world’s longest running atrocity propaganda campaign. This sums up the revisionist argument in one sentence. Since atrocity propaganda is so widespread today, and as many have grown cynical about it, this is an argument that is not easily ignored. A small h holocaust should be acknowledged, of course, as a subset of the wider holocaust that was WWII.

  4. Britannia

    I think this programme really underlined the honesty of Carolyn’s more ‘wholeistic’ if I can invent that term, and honest, common-sense position on this whole issue.

    If you try to use, howsoever well-meaning yardsticks like human and civil rights, due process, and terms like ‘persecution’ to evaluate the National Socialists dealing with a situation like post-Weimar Germany, one only to mind confuses the whole issue.

    Today no awake and aware person can deny that the white race is being deliberatly and systematically genocided using the tools of mass third-world immigration and cultural Marxism by the Jews. If I was to say that “it is only a few Jews” that are doing this I have to then ignore the many thousands of synagogues, Jewish associations and their members who are in one way or another either by funding of supporting or co-operating or at the very least remaining silent on this project, expressed in it’s most popular form by Holocaustism.

    We heard a lot of opposition from white Germans and whites everywhere criticizing the Third Reich for her policies on the Jews but I personally have never heard any Jews speaking out against white genocide apart from Michael Savage and even then he does not finger the Jews for it, blaming the socialists who to my mind are either Jews, crypto-Jews or their Marxist puppets.

    After 9/11 there was a loud chorus from Jews around the Western world saying that if Muslims are not all terrorists then why dont they take to the streets to condemn Islamist terrorism? I would turn this back on them and ask if ‘ordinary Jews’ oppose white genocide then why dont they take to the streets to protest at the ‘few Jews’ who it is claimed are behind it?

    If the National Socialists were to have considered every Jew on a case by case basis with due process then it would have taken forever and Germany had an enormous task on her hands already rescuing her nation from largely Jewish induced poverty and decline.

    I dont know how many of you saw the ‘typical modern British family’ at the opening of the 2012 Olympics; an entirly Jewish arranged event where the typical family comprised a white woman, a black man and their mixed-race offspring. This is not a typical family yet in Britain but it is what the Jews are constantly advertising through movies, ads, billboards, schoolbooks, social media, newspapers and so on. And only for whites; not for Jews or Asians.

    The Jews control our politics, education, legal system, media, entertainment and sport and it comes down to a question of who will survive, us or them, because they are using these instruments to deliberatly destroy our families, cultures, religions and nations and to corrupt our children and youth.

    As a racial realist I would be really pleased if a regime such as the NSDAP would take all these Jews out of circulation for all our protection and the protection of our future survival as a race and civilization. This can be done by barring them from professions, deporting as many as we can and sterilizing the rest.

    Many American Nationalists may find that a shocking view but bear in mind that in many parts of the United Kingdom up to 90% of the babies being born are non-white and whole towns and cities are now majority subcontinental Asian or black and the Jews are behind all of this. Unless we reverse this genocide the British will be a minority in their own nation in just a few decades.

    As to how we should continue to target the ‘Holocaust’ I believe we should concentrate on exposing the main alllegations and the main defamations even if that means dropping the more esoteric aspects.

    How Jews Corrupted Europes Leagal system:


  5. Properly speaking the Holocaust means an alleged attempt by the government of Germany to kill all the Jews with gas. The Holocaust is essentially a rumor about why Jews were being rounded up and sent to camps during the war.

    The immediate motive for putting Jews into camps was exactly the same as the motive for interning Japanese in the USA. Heinrich Himmler states in his second Posen speech that the purpose was to avoid many of the problems with sabotage and political agitation that had occurred during the First World War. There was also a longterm goal of deporting Jews from the center of Europe, but the danger of sabotage and insurrection was also more pressing. The fact that the Eastern Front was approaching central Europe is probably why many Jews were rounded
    up only relatively late in the war: the fact that the war-zone was approaching heightened the danger of Jewish subversion.

    Japanese internees in US camps also had a rumor that they were being mass-murdered secretly. This is mentioned in Leon Festinger’s A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance. Festinger explains this rumor with the fact that the Japanese internees, many of whom really were loyal to Japan, were treated better than they expected,

    If one applies Festinger’s theory to the Jewish gas-chamber rumor, one sees that the urge to concede that there was some mistreatment of Jews, in order to explain why Jews had this rumor, is completely
    wrongheaded. The Jews had the gas-chamber rumor not because they were treated badly, but because they were treated better than they expected. The rumor allowed them to resolve their cognitive dissonance.

    On the other side, the impulse to concede some kind of partial validation to the Holocaust story is an expression of a tendency that, as Hitler explains in Mein Kampf, allows the Big Lie in general to succeed.

  6. katana

    Carolyn and Jett, that was one interview! Both of you are well matched in terms of extensive knowledge, commonsense and a passion for the truth.

    Jett’s ‘confession’ that he was a student of and believer in the ‘dark’ side all his 68 years of life until just a couple of years ago was a wow moment for me. It reflects a person who values the truth above and beyond one’s old mental habits. Old dogs can be taught new tricks! I’d love to hear more from Jett on the ‘switch over’ event. I think he should write and talk about this more. The turmoil of moving from a Holocaust World to a HoloHoax World.

    I, like Jett, have also rapidly, in the last year or so, undergone a total 180 degree turn on the ‘Holocaust’. This gives me hope that we can eventually achieve fundamental change among the thinking members of the population.

    Some thoughts on issues brought up in the interview:

    * Carolyn suggests we need a branch of Revisionism that is more radical. A sort of no holds barred approach that doesn’t mince words. I agree. In a way The White Network is performing that role.

    * Carolyn brought up the recent Greg Johnson article in The Occidental Observer.


    I found that article quite objectionable because it argues that we (Whites) should forget about defending ourselves against the charge of committing the worst crime ‘ever’ in the history of mankind, as the jews like to describe it, and simply ‘step over it’, walk away from it.
    So Greg Johnson is saying we should, in effect, admit the lie by remaining silent on it.
    This is complete nonsense advice.

    The Holohoax is the jews’ queen, bishop, rook and what have you, or rolled up in one ‘historic’ event. They are using it to crush Whites through a gigantic guilt trip (see Tan’s podcasts on this technique). Exposing this jewish super lie is more important than ever as they crank up their Orwellian media machine.

    * Jett is obviously skilled at parlaying many an argument to his advantage and I detected that the ghost of his former self re-asserting itself towards that end.

    * I hope that Jett will look into being open to another shoe dropping and take a good look at White Nationalism, or just plain being a White supporter.

    A great interview, so I thank you both. Everyone should download it and pass it along.

  7. Thank you Katana. I recall that Jett Rucker did write something about his turn-around as it affected his family in one of Bradley Smith’s “Smith’s Report” newsletters. I’ll try to find it for you.
    I really enjoyed the interview and want to have Mr. Rucker on again. One thing I want to do is talk with him about Elie Wiesel, as he is one who follows and has written about the Weasel als and has kept up with my blog at http://eliewieseltattoo.com

    I have an article coming up on Johnson simply copying Weber at my site, carolynyeager.com, maybe later today. If not, tomorrow. Look for it.
    Added: I can’t update my site today, Aug. 2, as it is being moved to a different server. The reason: ADL interference and browbeating of Internet Service Providers, i.e. threatening to close them down. Please see this: http://cockroachalley.com/adl-teams-with-internet-industry-leaders-love-the-jew-big-brother. Doesn’t this clarify just who is persecuting whom?

  8. Rucker mentions that he was a Finkelstein-believer before he adopted the revisionist view. If he still thinks that Finkelstein was honest, that could be part of his problem. Finkelstein exaggerates his own family’s history of suffering. He claims that every member on both sides of his family was “exterminated,” which he probably couldn’t know even if it were true, and he says that his father was in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising then in Auschwitz, which seems unlikely since no Jews were deported from Warsaw to Auschwitz. http://national-socialist-worldview.blogspot.com/2011/03/does-norman-finkelstein-embellish-his.html

  9. Hadding – The cognitive dissonance theory should be developed in more detail. This is the kind of theorizing the Jews do against the Germans; it should be turned against them and their crazy narrative. If the Jews’ world view demanded that they be punished harshly by the Nazi’s for their disloyalty, they then “felt right” when they claimed they were so treated. It probably doesn’t feel like a lie to them. Think of Elie Wiesel as a perfect example. He hated Christians (crossed the street when he came to a church)and projected that fear and hatred onto them. They were “the enemy” and unpredictable.

    Several people commenting here agree that the nature and extent of Jewish suffering and persecution should be questioned. This, to me, is a way to change the static nature of where Revisionism has been for so long. As you say, let’s not give even partial validation to their Holocaust story. Let’s shake things up!

  10. I really enjoyed the interview and learned some new things. I didn’t know that the Poles had camps for Jews that the Germans were returning or that conscripted French-Jewish men took their families with them to the camps or that the Germans brought Jews back into German for man power towards the end of the war. All very interesting.

    Two items of possible interest; in her book Berlin Diaries, 1940-1945 Marie Vassiltchikov (no friend of the NS) wrote that her friend Peter told her that you had to know a Jew to get a job. So at least that was the impression people had. Also this video (which I find disturbing) speaks to some of the conditions people faced in Berlin during the Weimar. One third of the German population was out of work and starving, they did what they had to too eat and yet there was this massive Polish-Jewish inflow. Is it any wonder hatred arose?


  11. Etienne

    A shame you didn’t bring up Codoh’s intrusive moderation policy that gives rise to suspicions that the debate is being rigged.

  12. Etienne – For one thing, Jett Rucker has nothing to do with the Forum nor it’s moderation policies.

    For another, it’s true I have complained about it and been the victim (LOL) of it (in my opinion), but I don’t believe the debate is being rigged. I see it as an over-controlling moderater who wants to avoid any trouble or work for himself by stopping a potential argument before it starts. This keeps the forum tame and boring; it benefits the moderates who dislike any “extremist” views. So it works as “rigging” even though that is not the intention.

    The mod is part-time. Or you could say, as Luke said of me, that he does this in his spare time. Thus his solution is to simply delete posts wholesale, and if anyone gives him any lip, they are banned. I have been permanently banned twice! This way he’s left with mild-mannered posters, many beginners, who even anticipate what the mod may not like and censor themselves!

    Like everything to do with HR, CODOH is undermanned, underfinanced, and under attack.

    EDIT: Several hours later. I should add that as soon as people moderate a forum or comments board themselves, they quickly learn of all the troublesome folk that show up, and how time-consuming it can become. It’s easier to criticize than to do it yourself, that is for sure. Friedrich Paul Berg and Eric Hunt started a revisionist forum of their own on which they allowed everyone and everything and it quickly became a big bore with the same few people doing all the posting … and saying not much. Berg is back on Codoh forum.

  13. I think Rucker may easily be wrong in the view that the Second World War was contingent on Germany’s anti-Jewish policy. The First World War happened without any provocation of an anti-Jewish policy.

    There were other motives at work in creating the Second World War as well. There was the motive of profiteering from the war, and of expanding U.S. and Soviet hegemony. The most likely beneficiaries of another great European war from the perspective of 1939 would be the USSR, moving in to pick up the pieces after France and Germany were weakened, Jewish international finance, and US industry that produced war-materiel. Franklin Roosevelt of course would personally benefit from the upswing in the economy. There was also the motive of getting Jews to emigrate from Europe to Palestine, which was served in a great way by the destruction of European cities.

    While it is true that Germany’s image in the world was badly damaged by Kristallnacht (in which the confirmed death-toll was only 35) and the aftermath, Roosevelt, if he had been so inclined, could have chosen to overlook it the way he chose to overlook events in the USSR. There was a certain willfulness involved in making an issue of Kristallnacht.

  14. katana

    August 1, 2012 at 10:36 am
    Thank you Katana. I recall that Jett Rucker did write something about his turn-around as it affected his family in one of Bradley Smith’s “Smith’s Report” newsletters. I’ll try to find it for you.

    Thanks for that tip. I’ve now located it in Smith’s Report, no. 171 (Holocaust History—a Family Matter – Apr 2010). You can download that report here:


    It’s an interesting account.

  15. Marc C. Daniele

    Hello Carolyn,

    Good show, but I do want to point out a few things you did not talk about, or that I think are relevent!

    First, I agree that we should stop using the “holocaust” term (I prefer holohoax), but at the same time I think we should also stop using the term “Nazi” since it is meant in a derogatory way, and is a “jewish” term used for the NSDAP, even-though in Hebrew “Nazi” means “Prince”! In my opinion this term gives creedence to the whole BS “jewish” narrative of this time period!

    Second, one of the big things people seem to forget about, or don’t even know about, is the fact that “jews” in Germany itself, not just outside Germany, betrayed Germany in WW1 with the “Balfour Declaration” (hear Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 speech)! I think we all can see from this betrayal and what is going on in the US now, that “jews” have no problem betraying their “host” nation for “jewish” interests! La KOSHER Nostra anyone?

    Third, I believe it ALWAYS needs to be pointed out that Bolshevism/Communism was a “jewish” creation, and that the overwhelming majority of it’s leaders were “jewish”! How many murders (many Christians) resulted from that, 40 to 60 million, if not more! Way more than the holohoax! You and I know, we’re not allowed to talk about that though, are we?

    Forth, from what I have learned, the “6 million” figure is actually part of “judaism” (CULT) as the only justification for the return to the holy land, ie; modern “israel”! The “6 million” figure had also been tried, or talked about before WW2, and even during. If you recall it was tried after WW1, but dismissed! It was even brought up in 1943 in Readers Digest. I forget exactly where, but it was also brought up back in the 1800’s! This “6 million” BS is not something new to WW2!

    Fifth, this whole anti-Semite BS has to stop! 90% or more of the worlds “jews” ARE NOT even real semites like the Palestinians, etc.! As I’m sure you know, they are Khazar/Ashkenazi’s from southern Russia that converted to “judaism” (CULT) in 741 ad.
    When someone calls me this BS term I either say THANK YOU, or I say I have no problem with the Palestinians, etc. that are real semites, so how can I be an anti-…… BS, depending on the situation!

    Sixth, people keep saying Germany committed genocide, etc. of “jews” in WW2 even-though science, etc. proves otherwise, yet nobody talks about the verifiable genocide, ethinic cleansing that has been going on in Palestine for half a century by “jews”!

    “Victims” my A$$!

    Keep up the good work,

    US Army Veteran
    Marc C. Daniele
    Hercy, Mo.

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