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Rodney Martin on Nadja, Greg and Mark


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  1. Etienne

    What an outcry there still is about the exclusion from the German olympic team in 1936 of a Jewish athlete, supposedly because she was Jewish, but when whites are removed from teams for their beliefs or attitudes or even just for having a patriotic friend, it’s held to be praiseworthy or even obligatory in the MSM. I suppose they might say that she couldn’t help being Jewish whilst they can change their opinions at will, but it still seems like discrimination on something irrelevant to sporting achievement.

  2. A very good example. Think of this: The removal of the Jewish athlete from the German team was a response to the German nationalistic beliefs of the time (1936). The team representing Germany should be German; Jews were no longer considered German.

    Now, a German athlete is suspect for having nationalistic beliefs, which are considered punishable. The target is nationalism. Nationalism is the enemy #1 of the global world power structure since 1945.

    The irony comes in because the Olympics are based on nationalism while at the same time the participating young athletes had better not show any sign of it in their personal speech or demeanor. The usual Orwellian situation.

  3. Robert Lloyd

    I certainly enjoyed Rodney Martin. I first heard him on the Voice of Reason radio with Carolyn when he talked extensively on the culture of the Third Reich. These discussions are some of the most important things that I, or anyone else, could hear and learn from. Absolutely important.

    Then towards the end of the podcast, we again turn to destroying ourselves and use the same ole Mark Weber and the IHR “isn’t doing enough” and “Weber spends too much time raising funds.” Well heck, let’s just shoot ourselves in the foot before we even start trying to run the race ahead of us.

    But hold on: Then we decide to tell everyone “when I called his office I only got an answering machine.” Now if there ever was a double standard this is it. Someone could call me and get my voice mail and I hope I am not demonized. If I don’t do enough (in someone’s opinion) I hope I am not trashed for it endlessly.

    Then we hear again that Weber doesn’t do enough of his own research. So he hasn’t gone to the gas chambers and taken samples to show the amounts of cyanide, and instead may quote the findings of a scientist/engineer like Gemar Rudolf that has impeccable credentials. As a historian, shouldn’t Mark Weber talk of Rudolf’s findings and incorporate them into his lectures? I think it is proper and responsible of him to do so.

    Notwithstanding, David Irving’s masterful first hand research, everyone cannot duplicate first hand research, and most the time (when the source is responsible and reputable), should use the findings. I quote from Gemar’s research to people when discussing things with friends, but should I not unless I actually went to the chambers myself?

    There are important ‘lecturers’ too. And Weber and many others are talking the unutterable and have been demonized, and will be, to the end of their days on earth. Do we have to join in and help the ADL?

    This is the most important movement in the world. Our nonexistence here on earth is at hand, and we hear that the IHR has voice mail!!!

    We are dead.

  4. Mr. Lloyd:

    Thank you for your comments, I am happy to hear you enjoyed the programs we did on the Third Reich. Perhaps we can do some more. Allow me to provide some clarification as to the discussion Re: the IHR. Your example of the “answering machine” is a tad bit of an oversimplification. If you recall, I said that I stated that I called on several occasions during business hours and an answer machine picked up OR when a person picked up it was Mr. Weber and he answered “Publisher”. This needs to be put in proper constructive context, 1- at one time the IHR was very healthy and a Receptionist answered the phone at all times during business hours, emphasis on Receptionist and 2) why would a “Institute” answer the phone “Publisher”. Certainly it is far more credible if a new caller, when calling heard “Good morning/afternoon, thank you for calling the Institute for Historic Review”. By the way, the IHR has not published anything in many years. By comparasion, UCLA also publishes, but when you call the main number at UCLA, they do not hear “Publisher”.

    The point was not an emphasis but an example of the IHR’s continued decline. I do not agree by Carolyn calling for more effectiveness, vision, and accountability that equals collaboration with the ADL; neither Carolyn nor I wish to see an end to the IHR, which we both stated. The ADL does want to see it gone.

    I might further comment on Mr. Irving, I agree that he has done some good work initially, his Dresden book specifically, BUT as you know I have been traveling the Nation meeting with Germans who lived in the Third Reich. Not too long ago a German told me that Irving had misquoted one of Hitler’s Secretaries and the misquote resulted in a patently false statement by Irving. I might add that the German who told me this had first hand knowledge of this, it was not a story that had been passed around. Also Irving told me and others in Sherman Oaks, Ca that he considered his testimony on behalf of Ernst Zundel a mistake. I thought that rather revealing.

  5. Robert Lloyd

    Thanks Rod (and Carolyn) for not taking offense to my comments previously stated. I understand your stance and I hope what I said has a little bit of reasoning in it that may help our plight.

    Maybe in a nutshell I can say it this way… your work is super important and I would hope our heroic deeds from people like you, Carolyn and many others in this movement continue feeding us the truth in history. If someone is going at a slower pace (maybe the IHR?) let them go at their pace.

    The White Network is now up and running and perhaps is the future of the movement, and the IHR could use the White Network eventually. I do love Weber’s work and he would be better here than at VOR, no matter whether or not he is a White nationalist. He is, even if he doesn’t say it.

  6. Robert – You are being defensive toward Mark Weber and talking as if he somehow represents our whole movement. Some questions for you.

    First: What race is Mark Weber running in? Does he have a goal? The IHR changed it’s mission statement under Weber to say it stands for “peace and justice.” Is that vague enough?

    Second: Does Mark Weber and ‘his’ IHR represent “ourselves?”

    Third: If we got Weber out of the IHR and someone with a track record of accomplishment in, would that be shooting ourselves in the foot?

    Fourth: Is Weber really talking about the unutterable? Give an example, if you can. Is simply being demonized in the Jewish media enough to mark one as a worthy opponent? The ADL has not gone after the IHR for a long time. Weber has made sure of that.

    Fifth: If “Our nonexistence here on earth is at hand,” what is Weber doing about it? Does he function in a way that in any sense reflects such a fear?

    I believe that Weber has been in the alleged gas chambers, although he didn’t himself take any samples. But even so, he can say today that gassing of Jews and others did take place. Why can he say this? Because David Irving says it. The only big name that will come to the IHR now is David Irving — for him it’s just another stop on his book-selling tour, but for Weber it’s something that he hopes will keep him ‘relevant’ and bring some people to his meetings.

    Things that were not said on the program: Weber has been cross marketing the IHR list and promoting Counter-Currents. Weber has been advising Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents on how to apply for the 501c3 tax status in a way that will meet approval of the IRS. The IHR got its 501c3 under Willis Carto … something else Weber ‘inherited’; did not do himself. Weber is probably spending more time helping Johnson than he is helping our race, and I know you don’t approve of Johnson based on your previous comment. Weber has a history of misusing the mailing list, that is treating it as his personal asset.

    Wake up. We are not dead, but Weber is a person who helps to lead us into death.

    P.S. Robert, reading your latest comment, which just showed up after I posted this one, thanks for your kindly, understanding nature. But if the IHR is the leader, is in the forefront of the battle, as Mark Weber likes to say – how can it go at a slower pace and be credible?

  7. So these so-called “leaders” claim that we must concede and “step over” the holohoax and Mr. Lloyd wants us to just curtsey and go along with it?

    Also, after decades there comes a point where it is legitimate to ask what they have accomplished as leaders of our “movement.” From what I can see, not much. We are as demonized as ever and our numbers are not growing sufficiently due to their calls for moderation rather than stepping it up.

    The young flock to Ron Paul because of their failures and then to put a cherry on top, these same leaders rather than push our cause tell us to support the hyper-libertarian Ron Paul!

  8. I can assure you that I am NOT prepared to just “step over” what the Jewish Narrative calls the “Holocaust”, not will I call them survivors, if anything they are former inmates or former internees. We cannot allow our foes to define our history, our language, or redifine our Culture, Social Norms or educate our young.

    In short what Johnson and Weber propose is concession that equates to surrender so that they may sell books and have their once a month meetings that are so lacking in substance they have the intellectual nourishment of a potato.

  9. I highly recommend that everyone concerned about unfairness to Mark Weber listen to the second half of the interview by Peter Schaenk from Feb. 2009. http://reasonradionetwork.com/20090204/schaenk-interviews-mark-weber-wed-feb-4-2008

    Mark defends the Jew and uses that familiar ploy “Some Whites hate the Jew more than they love Whites” and decries “conspiratorial” Whites who see a Jew behind every event. [Listen to The Heretics’ Hour Monday night to hear more about that.] Mark is ‘above all that’ because he wants to be seen as eminently reasonable. But is that the real or only reason?

    Mark Weber has always been friendly with some Jews and does not want to be an antisemite. It’s possible that everything about Mark Weber is a pose. Why did he wait to change his mind about Holohoax revisionism until after he was in firm control at the IHR? I don’t believe in making wild charges, but I believe people should think about it. When you really think about certain people, you start to see things you didn’t see before.

  10. Franklin Ryckaert

    I have raised this question here before and then was referred by Hadding Scott to an article by Faurisson about Weber, where Weber is described as a cowardly opportunist only after a cushy job for himself but too lazy to produce anything. I was then half convinced.

    Still I think we should ask ourselves this question : could it be that Weber is an agent especially send by the Jews to infiltrate and sabotage the IHR? (this is a typical Jewish tactic). Is Weber himself a Jew? “Weber” could be a German-Jewish name, but there is more. Look at the YouTube video : “Michael Shermer vs Mark Weber Holocaust Debate 1 of 8”, from 1995. Weber is much younger there and I can only say he definitely looks Jewish : nose, eyes and ears are typically Jewish.

    Perhaps a similar question should be asked about Greg Johnson with his Jew-friendly “New Right”. Why is Johnson ( his real name?) hiding his identity? Refusing to study the holocaust and yet passing a judgement on it doesn’t seem to be an honest attitude either. I must say for the rest his website is of high quality, though it is more literary than historically oriented.

  11. “…could it be that Weber is an agent especially send by the Jews to infiltrate and sabotage the IHR? (this is a typical Jewish tactic). Is Weber himself a Jew? “Weber” could be a German-Jewish name, but there is more. Look at the YouTube video : “Michael Shermer vs Mark Weber Holocaust Debate 1 of 8″, from 1995. Weber is much younger there and I can only say he definitely looks Jewish : nose, eyes and ears are typically Jewish.”

    Of course he could be. But I think you can find Germans who look like him — even with that sort of sallow or darkish cast to the skin. Rodney Martin has spent many hours in the company of Weber but hasn’t said he senses any Jewishness in him. I take it he doesn’t.

    The revisionists who spent a lot of time with him in the 1980’s and ’90’s also have not said they ‘suspect’ such a thing, so I guess there’s no reason for us, who have never met him, to suspect it.

    However, he doesn’t have to be Jewish to help out the Jews, which is Michael Piper’s thesis. Andrew Allen, a Jew, helped Weber out a lot.

    I think Greg Johnson is hiding his past because of his homosexuality. He may have been out in the open about it then. There are no pictures of GJ on the web, or in his books, and he won’t say where he went to school and got his PhD. That is just not acceptable for someone doing what he is doing.

  12. Britannia

    For any of us hurt by not having an answer to emails we now understand you have been held up taking fire from the eternal ememies of truth. Weiterkämpfen!

  13. Rodney Martin

    I do not have sufficient information as to the background of the IHR matter, i.e.the Weber Faction vs. the Carto Faction to make a public statement as to motivation. With that said, I will comment on the theory of Mark Weber being a possible Jewish plant. I see no merit in this at all. I believe the issue is indeed one of vision and leadership. Mark would be an outstanding lecturer. A Director of an “Institute”, and it must operate as an Institute, however, must be able to have a broad vision, be able to multi-task, and speak to a broad audience so as to broaden the appeal without retreat from core values, which the IHR has done. This damages credibility. I might also add having a Board that are essentially zombies doesn’t help either.

  14. Robert Lloyd

    >>Fourth: Is Weber really talking about the unutterable? Give an example, if you can.<<

    Carolyn (and others here)… Weber does not say the unutterable? My gosh, am I the only one that has listened to his podcasts on Voice of Reason. Anyone reading my post here, please just peruse the list of his topics… Mark Weber will NEVER be accepted in this neo-con society we live in.

    It is like everyone here is piling on and no one is thinking what this is doing to new people that are reading this distrust.

    Then we now have Franklin (and I enjoy many of Franklin's posts) making a wildly unsupported accusation that Weber is a Jew. And at least Carolyn came back to answer that with some common sense defense.

    We are not immune to the "Hogs Don't Know Hogs Stink" syndrome when we are demonizing Weber for not writing the unutterable. Look at his topic list at VOR. We deal as a group in the unutterable and see it so much we are immune to Weber's contributions. Wouldn't we would love to see someone writing things he does in the New York Times and would consider that person a saint? Of course we would.

    I am only saying, if the IHR is lacking in some areas, as in all business, eventually, a business creates it own competition. If the IHR is now lacking, someone else is going to surpass the IHR and become the new leader. That will be great, and so why live in the negative? We have so much in front of us.

    My word… I have always been the radical, But here I am trying to cool the fire. I'm not comfortable to being in this position. BUT I BELIEVE I'M RIGHT!

  15. Thanks Brittania. My website, and connected email account, has been moved a few times already in the past 2 weeks. Some things have been lost, I’m afraid. So if anyone thinks I didn’t respond to something important, they can resend.

  16. Britannia

    The real point here which is the point that Carolyn makes over and over again is that we white people are facing extinction if we do not target all our resources wisely and efficiently and do so with a sense of urgency. I hate to sound like Alex Jones but there IS a war going on, a war our enemy is fighting with ferocity in many dimensions and which we as a people are not united in understanding is even taking place let alone responding adequatly to.

    Reform of the IHR is not a luxury, it is a pressing necessity, the IHR is the leading battalion of our forces, it should be in an all-out hand to hand campaign to destroy the Holocaust lie, and fighting ferociously to capture the enemy forts one after another. For example I mentioned before to Carolyn that these forts include Himmler’s Posen speech which the IHR must demand be sent for independent analysis to check on the claim that they are not the original tapes, that something has been cut out and something inserted. We must go and check on all documents relating to Dr Josef Mengele, about whom Mark Weber somewhat conceded the Jewish position in an article without taking the trouble to go and check the facts in the archives before writing.

    It’s really not about he said-she said folks, it’s about stopping the genocide of our race particularly now in England where it really is on the cards as the nightmare of the Olympics Opening ceremony demonstrated.

    The sheer irrelevance and inconsequential output of most of IHR and VOR’s output in the face of ongoing white genocide only shows how disconnected the intellectuls can get from the reality.

    Of course, Carolyn took the trouble to make her points in a previous programme and nothing happened. So now she has done it again in this programme. How about just concentrating on that central message and get on and get the job done rather than having a shouting match about inessential trivia and then going home and forgetting the whole thing?



  17. Mark Weber is a lazy, indolent do nothing scam artist. Revisionist publishing titan Germar Rudolf called Weber a “parasite”. Willis Carto was about to fire Weber from the Journal of Historical Review (JHR) and the IHR, because he just could not get the JHR published on time and regularly.

    Weber is a sponger, who waits like a leech for the next death bequest to fund his salary and to pay his child support. Weber spends his day reading news articles, watching You Tube video’s and giving his employees two hour lectures. He accomplishes nothing during the day.

    Mark Weber must resign from the Institute for Historical Review

    He is very proud of the amount of donors money he has sent to pay the IHR lawyers bills. Leon Degrelle’s book “Campaign in Russia” reprint sits on Weber’s desk because he is too lazy to proof read the new edition.

    Interesting thread on the Vanguard News Network Forum on the Weber/Johnson situation.

    The IHR is a DBA for the Legion for the Survival of Freedom (LSF), which was bought by Willis Carto in the seventies just before he started the IHR. The LSF has a 501c(3) status which the IHR uses.

    Mark Weber has NEVER written a single book. Weber uses the IHR and it’s donors to supply him his $49,000 per year salary. He uses the IHR as a sinecure, an employment that offers a salary but has little work. The Board of Directors are stooges and yes men. They have been told time and time again about Weber’s indolence, nothing was done. Weber is on the IHR Board himself – conflict of interest?


    LSF/IHR 2010 Tax REturns

  18. Robert Lloyd

    It is amazing to read all the hateful verbiage that a difference of opinion has created in this movement (and in other sites too). Holy cow! Because some have said they aren’t going to argue the holohoax anymore, that doesn’t mean we lose.

    It means they are going to focus on other things, and yes, they could be wrong in doing so. But a lot of the research has been done and the Jews are guilty. Nothing has changed. And I am telling everyone I can about the holohoax and will continue doing so… even if Mr Weber is not or Mr Johnson is not. They are not my bosses, last I checked.

    But to start beating up everyone we disagree with is childish. On Christianity, the Christians that make up a substantial portion of the WN movement is not the enemy of the WN atheist, and vice versa. Pick your enemies wisely, and don’t shoot the guy who most likely will be in the fox hole next to you when the time comes, and it will.

    We have a problem within the Christian church with the Jewish financed Scofield KJV study bible. It has created the ‘Judeo-Christian’ which is an oxymoron in and of itself. But hey, I too was once a Judeo-Christian. Now I have been rescued and am a Christian. I’m also a White Nationalist, a Southern Nationalist, an amateur landscaper (my yard is one of the best:-)… so don’t throw out the baby because you have weeds in your yard. We are both White Nationalists, and I accept your weeds. (Well, as long as you aren’t my neighbor of course).

    There aren’t too many in this movement any stronger in their beliefs than I am. I am a radical, and in no way a pacifist. I am not on the Jewish right and certainly not on the Jewish left. I am the enemy, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Don’t think that because I see no gain in trashing someone, that I am sitting on the fence.

    And I have suffered for my beliefs as much as anyone in here… probably more. I have lost a million dollars plus in net worth over my beliefs. Would I take it all back to get my money? Nope.

    With all that said, I believe John McGhee (post above) could have said the same thing and in a more constructive manner, but chose not to do so. So we take two steps back.

  19. Robert please tell me in my post or links about Mark Weber which I was wrong? I would be glad to correct any information you feel was wrong or a lie.

  20. Robert Lloyd

    >>With all that said, I believe John McGhee (post above) could have said the same thing and in a more constructive manner, but chose not to do so.<<

    John I repeat myself above… this is all I am saying.

  21. >>With all that said, I believe John McGhee (post above) could have said the same thing and in a more constructive manner, but chose not to do so.< < John I repeat myself above… this is all I am saying.

    Robert – With all due respect for your feelings and your right to your perspective, you are not able to defend Mark Weber in the particulars, only in the general, i.e. he is doing some good and is “one of us” so we shouldn’t criticize him.

    This is not good enough when we consider the task at hand. In his fund-raising appeals (now sent out once a week!) Weber claims to be “At the Vanguard.” Vanguard of what? He says: ” …the need for a vital and effective IHR has never been more urgent.” Followed by “…we’re struggling to pay the bills. That’s why I’m writing to ask for your help.” Weber’s telephone bills? And Weber’s salary, which no one would begrudge him IF he were a “vital and effective” leader. I noticed in his last VOR program that he was trying to sound more vital and energetic. He knows what his critics are saying, but it’s not in him to change his stripes.

    To explain why he needs your help, the best he can come up with is:

    “Week after week, we reach activists, students, educators and opinion-makers across the country and around the world, providing solid information and sound perspective on the Jewish-Zionist hold on our educational and political life, distortions of American history, World War II lies, myths about the Israel-Palestine conflict, the corrosive impact of Holocaust propaganda, and much more.”

    Any website can claim the same, that they reach people. Notice he deals in “Holocaust propaganda” but does not question the Holocaust itself — this from what was once the premier, world-class Holocaust Revisionist organization. Pathetic. He continues:

    Through meetings, broadcasts, lectures, interviews, online outreach, mailings, books, booklets, leaflets and audio and video discs, we supply “intellectual ammunition” that’s crucial for victory in the global battle for freedom and historical truth.

    All old, and he actually does very little and to a dwindling number of local people. The only new information he brings is that which David Irving comes up with when Irving comes to the IHR office to promote his new book (which he can’t seem to get written). Pathetic!!

    By donating to the IHR you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are raising public awareness and thereby helping to build a future that is more sane, socially healthy, and just.

    More of that vague-ary – nothing specific ever. It’s telling you that your money is going nowhere – you won’t see any results from it.

    You can’t be constructive with someone like Weber. You have to put someone over him, to make him produce. The Board of Directors that Weber has put together will not do that. Weber should not be on his own Board of Directors. He should be replaced on the Board with a reform-minded, independent, business-saavy individual. The IHR is Weber’s own personal meal-ticket — exactly the charge that was made against Willis Carto when he headed it. Sending money into such a situation is a total waste.

    Weber attends the major meetings and conferences of all the White Nationalist organizations (which aren’t free), such as AmRen and Greg Johnson’s ‘retreats’ in California. Who pays his entrance fee and transportation to these events when he isn’t a speaker? And who pays his hotel bill for two or more nights? This is the kind of outreach Mark Weber does. Does he ever talk to newspaper editors? Does he regularly send out statements in the form of press releases to the media? Does he try to have the IHR play any part at all on the larger stage? No, that would be “real work” and real commitment. MW is a coward.

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