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“The International Jew” Study Hour – Episode 9


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  1. Allan Hampton

    Shame on you for not exposing the correct purpose of the Vote in Constitutional America. In Constitutional America citizen’s vote only applies to electing the “people/Officials” that will have the power to “legislate”. The citizenry’s vote cannot legislate (make law); Article I, Section 1. The citizenry’s vote cannot amend (change) the Constitution; Article V.

  2. This appears to be spam, Allan. Please don’t try to pass this off as a legitimate comment. Where/how does it apply?

  3. Allan Hampton

    Carolyn, my comment applied to a comment in one of your broadcasts mentioning the “vote”. I think the comment stating the purpose of the vote was made in episode 9 of International Jew. The statement was something to the effect that voters vote for their personal benefit. That statement may be correct as to why voters vote but “personal enhancement” is not “constitutionally” the purpose of the federal vote.

    My first message explained the “constitutional” purpose of the federal vote.

  4. Nemeth

    Really enjoying this series. Just wanted to say thanks.

  5. Nemeth – Your thanks is much appreciated. As I say to Hadding after every show, I am enjoying it also. It’s interesting and fun for me to do. 🙂

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