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“The International Jew” Study Hour – Episode 17


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  1. For the proper stance on the Protocols and the history surrounding this whole Jewish revolutionary movement the best single source is The Controversy Of Zion by Douglas Reed. It covers all of the history from Cromwell on in depth. It is not perfect but has been mostly corroborated.

  2. On Peter Meyers’ pages what Douglas Reed has written about the Protocols is covered also. I read it, but Reed doesn’t “prove” anything either. DR is also guilty of doing some damage to real history in his book about Otto Strasser in Canada, so I don’t take him as a pillar of honesty and reliability anymore. As to being the “best single source” and “mostly corroborated,” you need to give more details as to why that is so for your comment to be helpful. The question that has come up is not just “the proper stance” but the question of authenticity, which comes down to who is responsible for the content of the version of TPOTLEOZ that Nilus introduced in 1905 — Jews or antisemites?

    Nilus circulated several editions of the Protocols in Russia during the first decade of the twentieth century. Though the early prints were in Russian, the Protocols were quickly spread to the rest of Europe by Russian expatriates after the 1917 revolution. Some of them claimed that they provided proof that the Jews were behind the Russian Revolution. By the time Nilus died (in 1929), Europe had been saturated by millions of copies of the Protocols. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sergei_Nilus

  3. Another excellent show Carolyn.I would like it if you gave Hadding more of a chance to argue his points.It would make discussion and debate between you two even more informative and enjoyable.

  4. Well, yes. Hadding had made his points before so I tend to think people remember them. It was not Hadding who wanted to discuss the Peter Meyers arguments, I did, and he went along with it. He has not read them, by choice. I know I did cut him off too much, but we did have a chapter we wanted to read too and I did know how much of the Myers stuff I wanted to fit in. We can always come back to this and I would actually like to before we complete the Protocols section in TIJ. Why don’t you write to Hadding and ask him what more he might want to say about it? I’m sure we can fit it in next week. Hadding and I get along very well off-air as well as on, and don’t really differ about much.

    BTW, I was really impressed with Hadding’s reading of Chapter 14 – going back and forth between different voices so much and keeping it straight. I know I would have gotten mixed up somewhere. Hadding is really quite the showman!

  5. I am sorry that the audio on my voice is distorted in places. It might be necessary for me to hold the microphone even farther away (than about 9″ as I have been doing), or not talk so loud.

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