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“The International Jew” Study Hour – Episode 19


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  1. I slightly misstated what I had read about Kerensky. This is from Revilo Oliver’s “Those Awful Protocols”:

    “… a Jew, whose real name may have been Adler (depending on whether or not his mother had been legally married to his father) but who disguised himself by taking the name of the stupid Russian who had married his mother, Kerensky (5), wormed his way into the position of Prime Minister in 1917 to prepare the way for the Bolsheviks under Lenin. He immediately used the powers of the Russian government to silence opponents of his predatory race and suppress whatever documentation they possessed.”


    Oliver’s article on the Protocols is interesting but very deficient insofar as he doesn’t even mention the fact of plagiarism. He only knows that some of it (I assume the parts lifted from Joly) had been originally composed in French.

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