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Should we accept the truth of the Protocols of Zion?


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  1. How about this, David? “Masonic” is always used instead of “Jewish”:

    “To perpetuate the decline of Napoleon III, Joly was chosen in 1860 to take up the cause, which culminated in the Dialogues of Geneva in 1865. How could Joly, a Rosicrucian Freemason, know of the Communist goings-on in Geneva, which caused the London Times to call his book the Dialogues of Geneva? Joly was neither a member of the Templar Scottish Rite of Grand Orient Freemasonry, nor its left-wing Communist Party. He hated Communism and would not have attended their meetings if invited. [Joly was a Socialist.]

    “Here is where Cremieux comes in. As Supreme Commander of the Scottish Rite of Grand Orient Freemasonry, Cremieux was well aware of the agenda of the communist meetings at the Masonic lodge at Geneva and may have attended himself. He is known to have induced Joly to write the Dialogues. [How known?] Whether Cremieux actually handed Joly minutes of those Machiavellian meetings or verbally informed him of their contents is not known. In any case, Cremieux, a fellow Rosicrucian and intimate of Joly, most certainly guided him in the contents of his writings.

    “This is a Masonic modus operandi — as we have seen previously in the relationship between Frederick Engels and Karl Marx. Marx followed Engels’s suggestions, putting them in revolutionary form. Likewise, two decades later Cremieux suggested what Joly should write. Joly, a government lawyer prior to the Emperor’s rise to power, would be credible. Joly’s articles implied that the Machiavellian decisions of the several Geneva Communist congresses were the Emperor’s plans for the destruction of France.

    “Joly wrote only under the guarantee of anonymity; hence the pseudonym, Mr. X. Yet, in order to arouse public opinion, the author had to be revealed as someone with authority – someone acquainted with the political climate of the day. Joly, therefore, was betrayed two months after publication. As a result of this unusual and swift exposure, he was tried, convicted, and sentenced to two years in prison.

    “Who were the winners? First, Rosicrucian English Freemasonry, now rid of the man (Napoleon III) who ousted the oligarchy’s occupation forces from Italy. Second, French Templar Grand Orient Freemasonry, which deposed an Emperor for refusing to take orders from his Masonic hierarchy. Third, Cremieux, whose vengeance was the deposing of Napoleon III for denying him (a particular) high political office. Cremieux’s revenge, however, had far-reaching consequences. For example, Joly’s book contributed to the release of documents called The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion.

    “… it is plausible to suggest that the Protocols were not a plagiarism of Joly’s book at all, but were the actual minutes to the Marxist revolutionary meetings held in the Masonic lodge at Geneva. As earlier suggested, these notes may have been given to Joly by Cremieux. This author’s hypothesis is that Joly plagiarized the Geneva minutes, which he reshaped into the Dialogues of Geneva.”

  2. Beth

    Carolyn, I wonder if that JDL email you mentioned at the top resembled the one received by Mark Glenn, and later by John Friend?




    if so you should respond as they did: ferociously. Dedicated blog entry. Inform the FBI. Spend podcast time discussing. Be guest on other podcasts to discuss. etc! JDL has already been designated a terrorist org by the FBI.

  3. Sorry about some of the bad links in the post text; they are fixed now. All the links work.

  4. Congratulations on coming to the attention of the forces of darkness. This JDL threat proves beyond doubt that your work of exposing the Holocaust Lie and the Jews destructive influence on our race and civilization is having a real effect.

    We all know Carolyn Yeager is a tough lady, but you are still a woman, and this must have been very upsetting for you. I really do admire you for carrying on with your WN shows despite the cowardly Jewish attempts to scare you of the air.

    I agree with Beth that you should use this to your advantage. Publish an essay on your website or perhaps a WN show focusing on Jewish terror tactics?

    Please keep us updated on this email incident.

  5. It was just one email that was copied to several people. One can’t even be sure that it is coming from JDL, or someone playing games. I don’t want to encourage more game-playing.

  6. I agree with Beth that you should use this to your advantage. Publish an essay on your website or perhaps a WN show focusing on Jewish terror tactics?

    Please keep us updated on this email incident.

    Here is the second email from The Jewish Defense League, received this morning, with the subject heading “Greetings from the JDL”:

    Jewish Defense League (judgmentday@jdl.org) sent a message using the contact form at http://carolynyeager.net/contact.

    In the middle of the last century, Jews had no right or means of response when they were demonised, persecuted and attacked by your ideological soulmates. Today, the world is a very different place. When we are attacked by hate-filled, nazi filth like you, we respond with all the resources at our disposal, and with extreme prejudice. You have been waging a campaign of anti-semitic terror for a long time, but the time has come for you to pay for your crimes against the Jewish people.

    There are three things that you should remember: the code that we live by is ‘never again’; our hatred of nazi scum like you is stronger than your hatred of us; we didn’t choose you as an enemy, you chose us.

    The Jewish Defense League

  7. Rick1

    The jdl-types are likely just lashing out at everyone because of what is happening to Israel. I’m sure they are frustrated that Israel didn’t massacre everyone in Gaza, and are horrified that Israel’s enemies in the region are now working together. The celebrating in the streets of Gaza due to the strike in Tel Aviv and the back-down by Israel must really make the jdl-types cringe. Expect more hysterical outbursts as the realization that Israel’s situation is not sustainable becomes more clear.

    I think the Anonymous types are more troublesome than the jdl, which may not even exist in any coherent form. Wikipedia says the jdl.org site has been offline since last month and they have had schisms or something prior to that.

    In general though, be careful about opening any e-mail attachments. It appears that James Kelso opened an attachment that installed a keyboard logger on his computer and that is how Anonymous was able to obtain his passwords, credit card info, A3O details, etc.

  8. Carl

    What gets me laughing is, the idea that we chose them as enemies! Hilarious! They are forever targeting us, as is clear from their private religious documents and the Protocols.

    By the way I will look forward to the Thanksgiving Day edition of the Protocols. While most people will be watching some rot on the telly, we on the White network can be edified!

  9. Carl

    Incidentally I happened across a television yesterday, and I couldn’t believe my ears. They were actually debating, on fox news, whether or not the media are biased against Israel.

    I leave you to your gales of laughter. Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. Thanks Carl. We’ll try to make it an especially good show just for you! 🙂

  11. Carl

    See, kids, how it is for donors! Join the club! They’ll make shows especially good just for you! 🙂

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