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The Jewish Footprint through History


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  1. What´s the german title of the book? Couldn´t find it anywhere – help appreciated.

  2. Die Spur des Juden im Wandel der Zeiten — published in Munich in 1920 by Deutscher Volksverlag. In 1937 by the Zentralverlag der NSDAP, Franz Eher Publishers, Munich.

  3. Thank you very much, both. I tried to find it, but my google search didn´t bring it up, and in german wikipedia, it wasn´t in the list of his books (so I missed it), and in engl. wikipedia, it´s not even mentioned

    (I´m particularly happy for the german version, Carl… being german, I would find it just a tad too absurd to have to read it in english).

    It certainly seems very instructive, from what I gather from the program, thanks Carolyn (I would like to read it but the number of worthwhile books is a bit enormous… but browse through I will).

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