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Notice of Christmas-New Year Season Programming Changes

Published on November 24, 2012 by in Blog


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5 Responses

  1. Marin

    Was Robert Lloyd’s program cancelled? If so, why? Because of his promotion of John Lennon?

  2. Marin – Yes to your first question; no, absolutely not to your second.

    Robert’s show was not cancelled because of his last program even though there was a disagreement concerning the non-musical content: his airing of his personal views about a man’s right and obligation to “pop” his wife. When reminded that his program was to be about music, and not so much about his personal views on other subjects, and that “popping your wife” was out of line for The White Network — Robert replied that he would talk about whatever he wanted “on his show” and no one would control what he said. The only recourse to that attitude was a parting of the ways. So that is what transpired.

    We had no objection to any kind of music Robert wanted to talk about or play.

  3. Carl

    Sticking to principle: a sign of greatness! Most administrators would grovel for content.

  4. Joshua

    It is good to see insistence on high standards of morality. We are in a spiritual war, and a battle to retain our culture. “Popping” your wife is caveman stuff, and a symptom of an unhealthy relationship.

  5. Carl

    In anticipation of the next ‘progress report’ show, I sometimes ponder the requirements for a good program on The White Network. I think they are: Deep knowledge, Radio-readiness, and Being unafraid. I think it’s very hard to find someone with all three traits and degrees of preparation.

    Deep knowledge means that a person is fluent in many directions leading away from their subject. They know people, places, dates. They are familiar with issues that may seem tangential but which happen, during conversation, to be relevant. The opposite of deep knowledge is “I just read wikipedia last week”. In such a case, a person makes poor connections, overgeneralizes to maintain a flow, and really doesn’t know the material.

    Radio-readiness means that a person isn’t limited to writing out a script like a college term paper, but instead can just work from an outline, maybe has twenty or so points to make in a show, and is able to just roll along, as if they were sitting in your living room. Radio-readiness can be cultivated easily enough. Just sit there and practice it. Deep knowledge is required, though.

    Being fearless means that someone doesn’t mind the possibility of being exposed as a hateful fascist monster, which of course we aren’t, but that’s what they’ll say. I’m probably not fearless, and I do lack deep knowledge about our subject. For now. Some people have deep knowledge and are fearless but get caught up in having to write a script and end up broadcasting something too dense to follow comfortably. Radio-readiness is the least important, and most easily cultivated, characteristic of the three.

    A fourth requirement is simply to be on message.

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