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How the translator affects meanings in the Protocols of Zion


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  1. Carl

    I think that with a show like this one, it’s important to get input from people who have done more study of the population compositions and movements in question. Whenever you get into the questions like, who really are the Jews, where did they live and when, and so one, a great deal has to be disambiguated. Without addressing the studies within Christian Identity, a lot of imprecision becomes inevitable in these areas.

  2. Oh, give it up, Carl. That was not what this show was about – it just came up.

  3. Golden Dawn Party

    “Das Vaterland des Juden sind die übrigen Juden.”

    -The Fatherland of the Jew are the other Jews-

    Schopenhauer, German Philosopher

  4. Nemeth

    Really enjoyed this show, particularly having gone down a similar path to the one your guest describes in the first half hour. Very much appreciate his research and hope to hear more from him soon. The Oded Yinon plan he refers to, to balkanise the Middle East which we have seen writ large over the last decade can be found here. http://members.tripod.com/alabasters_archive/zionist_plan.html

  5. I really enjoyed this guest and the conversation that ensued.
    This is obviously (hint hint) part 1 in a series.

  6. Carl

    Okay– except to say that it would be an interesting program, to bring on Mr Finck or one of his best guests, to ask them, ‘What’s your opinion of the importance of getting correct the details about population history prior to say 1500?’ I think for practical reasons, it’s not important, because there is so much to discuss anyway. The “Jews” create so much damage by their involvement, that the damage can be discussed, and previous attempts to address it can be discussed. I don’t know enough about population pre-history to say how important it might be, but such a show might be quite stimulating. My sense is that Mr Finck and his best two or three people have done the most study and research, across various fields of literature. A related question to pose to them is, ‘What is the consequence of reading modern genetic science without studying the history as depicted in various bodies of literature?’

  7. To Carl – You can call in tomorrow night and ask Mr. Finck yourself. However, tomorrow’s Heretics Hour is not going to be specifically about that subject and I’m having a 2nd guest – Will Williams. So please don’t ruin my program or I will have to cut off your phone call. You know how rude and abusive I can be. 🙂 No joke really. I don’t do all this work just to please you; I actually please myself. What you want to know you can better pick up on on Bill Finck’s Friday and Saturday radio shows … and you can call into those. Or you used to could.

  8. Carl

    I would never ruin your program! 🙂

  9. Carl

    I think it’s fascinating that toward the end, your guest was positing the potential usefulness of metaphysical aspects to our problem. I believe this idea will gain currency. As long as it is grounded in the available facts, it can avoid being pie-in-the-sky escapism.

  10. Carl – Metaphysical aspects to problems is old, not new. Believe it or not, I was a student of metaphysics, then a teacher … in a real School of Metaphysics. But I have moved away from that long ago, taking what I learned along with me. I am quite happy dealing mostly in cold, hard facts now. So I don’t think I will be going in this direction to any great degree.

  11. I find it sad that the forum here is not very hospitable and shows how fragmented our resistance is (perish the thought I say Movement). I’m with you Carl, some things have to be addressed via sources that can actually DEAL WITH THEM, like CI.

  12. David, you have been attempting to introduce CI to TWN from the beginning. Because it is not where we want to be, you call that inhospitable. Your insistence that we embrace CI, a religious focus, is hard to fathom. We are not at all unfriendly to Christianity, but we’re not taking sides. Our main focus is on White culture, without Jews. Why don’t you bother Tanstaafl about this, instead of just me.

  13. Carl

    I do apologize if I gave the impression of trying to swing TWN one way or another. I just have, I think, a good idea for one show, at some future point. It would plug a gap that I perceive, that’s all. Your work is first-rate!! Keep it up!!! (I’m not trying to make David feel bad either.)

  14. To Nemeth and Joseph Northpal – I will certainly have Harlan Schulke on again.

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