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“Why We Are Antisemites” – Text of Adolf Hitler’s 1920 speech at the Hofbräuhaus

Published on January 29, 2013 by in Blog


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  1. Anglogermanic

    Thank you for posting this. I haven’t read it before but I can tell you that on the day that our ruling so-called “Conservative” party in Britain passed laws legalising “gay marriage”, the astonishing prescience of this speech has helped to restore some of my sanity.

    It really was a speech not merely for his time, but for all times. Everything that he (A.H.) said about them and their devastatingly destructive social, cultural, financial and productive effect on their hosts is so accurately applicable to modern Britain, it is astonishing.
    They have sucked us dry, in every respect. We have become a worthless, empty shell. We no longer have even values or morals, let alone money or industrial capacity. There is literally nothing left, except maybe those (very) few enlightened people, pariahs all, who understand the cause.

    How could it have been known with such clarity almost a hundred years ago, yet here we are now in 21st century Britain (or we could abstract to the West in general) yet they are still at it – absolutely nothing has changed except perhaps the ignorance of the people is probably greater than it ever was and the task we face of recovering our countries for our people is perhaps even harder than it ever was.

    Yet Adolf came so close to toppling them … we need to take encouragement from these very wise words of his and continue the fight until the war is won. When you see the ignorance, actions and attitudes of modern Brits it would be easy to give up – I often feel they are no longer worth saving (indeed many are not) but this speech has really given me new heart, almost a century on. Therein lies the greatness of the man. I want to win for him as much as myself and our people. He truly deserves vindication and if that does not happen at some point down the line, then “they” will have won and our people will be long gone.

  2. Anglogermmanic – Thank you for this great comment; reading it gave me the shivers. It expresses my own thoughts and feelings exactly. If more people could catch on to this kind of thinking and feeling, we would have more hope. It only takes a few thoroughly inspired and similar-thinking men (and women can’t hurt either). I’m going to send this to a few people. Thanks again.

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