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Anti-Yom haShoah – One HoloHoax Memorial Day is enough in the U.S.!


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  1. Franklin Ryckaert

    This cult of Holocaust rememberance has to be seen for what it really is : psychological conditioning of the goyim to accept Jewish supremacy. As a small minority the Jews cannot rule us by force, so they have to do it by psychological means. By instilling in us the idea that Jews are the ultimate victims (and by implication : we the ultimate perpetrators), they want to prevent us from criticizing them (that would be “anti-semitic” and could lead to “another Holocaust”) and they want to prevent us from having any ethno-nationalist thoughts of our own (that would be “hate”, again leading to “another Holocaust”). So they can both protect their own power and their project of White Genocide.

    The realization that the whole thing is based on a gigantic fraud would of course cause the whole structure to collapse. But Holocaust revisionism is too esoteric for the general public, besides being punishable in many countries. What we could do is to attack it by drawing attention to the massacre of Russians during the communist terror regime, this time perpetrated mainly by Jews themselves. I propose to call this the Russo-caust, the part “-caust” indicating “massacre” taken from the term Holo-caust (just like the part “-gate” in many new terms, indicating “scandal”, taken from the name Watergate).
    Russo-caust remembering days should be observed and Russo-caust museums be build. Since the number of victims in the Russo-caust is 11 times greater than the aleged 6 million of the Holocaust, in the competition of victimology that could be a winning strategy.

  2. Franklin – What about the unhappy fact that Putin is not interested in talking about what the Jews did to the Russians, but only what the “Nazis” did. What do you make of that?

    But … someone [Stuart] sent me this during yesterday’s program:

    Leaflet: “The Holocaust You Never Hear About”: 7-11 million Ukrainian and Russian peasants starved to death and murdered by Jewish commissars, Kaganovich and Krushchev (aka, Pearlmutter) in early 30s Communist collectivization of agriculture.

  3. Franklin Ryckaert

    Yes, Putin is more and more disappointing.He wants to be “nationalistic” and needs both heroes and villains for his new mythology, but he choses from a wrong part of his nation’s history : the communist period. The communists who murdered his own people and attacked other nations (such as Finland) are “heroes”, while the Nazis who fought the communists are “villains”. But remembering the Russo-caust and the Ukrainian Holodomor can be a weapon for us, no matter what Putin does.

  4. kilroy

    I am also disappointed in Putin because I do see Russia as the best hope we have in any government at the moment. I think the problem here is the classic situation in which the victim of fraud is too proud to admit that he has been had. This is made worse by the fact that despite the fact that communism was foisted on them, millions of ordinary russians are implicated in communist crimes. There is a terrible tendency in human nature that seeks to rationalize weakness and moral failure and try to make it appear as virtue.

  5. Putin is a stooge. And not only that, but why should I or any of us care what is happening in Syria or Iran if both of those governments have signed on to the UN anti-Nazi proclamation? It seems to me that they are onboard with the whole Judeo agenda too and are basically aligned to kill off their OWN nationalists. What do I care if the most extreme Muslims in the world are trying to overthrow their governments who are aspiring to modernism, which in itself embraces universalism. They HAVE to kill off their most ardent conservative Muslims, just as Mao had to kill off 65 million of his own to join the modern age, etc. That is what “Creative Destruction” is all about. And THAT is what the Jews and their Liberalism is all about, changing the world to accommodate their vision of one decadent, commercial Babylonian Empire.

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