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Destroy Zionism on “Tanstaafl,” with comments

Published on June 1, 2013 by in Blog


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7 Responses

  1. katana

    Tan’s self-declared marriage to a half jewish woman is being used against him with no reason what-so-ever. If Tan was pushing a jewish agenda then that type of attack would have validity in explaining why.

    But, the fact is, Tan has been relentlessly anti-jewish in his words and deeds. Much more so than most that I have come across.

    He’s had to struggle with all these issues and has come out and stated his position with utmost honesty in great detail. He was an inspiration, and continues to remain so, in my own awareness of the jewish problem that plagues us.

    Tan’s position is in fact of great benefit as he is a kind of peripheral insider/stakeholder that can bring realism to the table tempered by his remote association to the jews.

    Our problem is with Organised Jewry, Big Jewry, not really with those everyday jews, and especially those much further removed.

    Tan’s wife and children should be quite proud of what has done and is doing for the White race.

  2. Her Jewish father died when she was 3 years old

    Ten, actually.

    I understand why I am condemned and see no need for critics to trump up the charges. I’m nonplussed by those who do.

  3. I know you are. But for those who don’t listen to the show live today, I want to make clear that Tan did not know I was posting this blog as a record for the Sat. Aft. show I’m doing today. There was no collaboration. And I’m not doing it to “defend” him, as will be understood from the program.

  4. Douglas

    Tan does a great job! He became aware of the jewish problem afterwards. Carolyn did well to point out these two and what they’ve done and said. Their actions speak loudly.

  5. kilroy

    It has recently come out clearly in mainstream academic history that the NS government was quite accomodating to “mischlinge” and even full blooded Jews who had proven their loyalty in the army. (Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers by Brian Mark Rigg in particular). Field Marshall Erhard Milch is the most famous example. Reducing everything purely to race really misses a lot of the point.

  6. Don

    I don’t have much to say about this issue except that I’m a great fan and admirer of Tan.

  7. Gil Martin

    Tan has been honest about his family. I take his situation into consideration when weighing his opinions. That said, I have found Tan to be an exceptionally articulate analyst of the white nightmare and advocate for a better future.

    Are these attackers possibly Jewish trolls?

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