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Who is a Jew? – and other racial questions


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  1. Hello,

    My comments:

    I removed your comments because you were rude.

    I don’t reveal my identity because we have hate speech laws where I live (Sweden). As I write this, I know of two persons who are being prosecuted because they run politically incorrect alternative media websites. I will let you know however that I am of fully European ancestry.

    My English-language site was indeed created only five months or so ago, but I ran a Swedish-language site before that and have also engaged in other forms of internet activism. And I might note that it was under investigation by the police because several Jews reported it for hate speech. Thankfully, I was anonymous, so the investigation lead nowhere.

    I do not have anything against John Friend or Tanstaafl, but I believe one must be very careful when listening to persons with non-White relatives, for reasons I have explained.

    If Tanstaafl requests that I correct the part of my post where I apparently misunderstood his position regarding deportation, then I will do so.

    “Crush Zion” or “JewishProblem” is Turkish, but Muslim. He is pro-White, but not White. This is odd, I know. I do not know him except that I have talked to him over the internet.

    “k0nsl” is hosting my site. That’s all there is to his involvement with it.

  2. I have to apologize to Crush Zion.org for mis-hearing the video by the Black Nationalist regarding Adolf Eichmann and Woody Allen. He did NOT say that Eichmann was a Jew like Allen. Amazingly, he got it right, said Eichmann was a White European (Gentile). But he said Allen was a White Jewish European and they were both of the same race. I, of course, disagree with that. But that’s not as bad as saying Eichmann was a Jew.

    It was probably not wasted time in the show because so many believe that Eichmann was a Jew, and working for the Jews, which he was not. But I apologize for my sloppy hearing. I’m doing a lot of apologizing lately! 🙂

    I also notice that this site is very pro-Hitler.

  3. Mary

    @ Destroy Zionism:
    I hope that you will not have to wait to be asked in order to revise your post on Tanstafl in order to reflect the true nature of the situation. It would definitely raise my estimation of you and the kind of man you are, as this has been my first introduction to your work .

    @ Carolyn:
    Excellent show, thank you. You have the best ‘fighting spirit’ around–I love it!


  4. Destroy Zionism,

    Thanks for commenting on the program. You’re welcome to comment here any time. I do just wonder about your different treatment of John Friend and Tanstaafl, since you have put them together as having “non-White relatives.” That’s the only thing I still don’t understand.

  5. Thanks Mary!! Much appreciated.

  6. Markus

    The Nuremberg Race Laws allowed Mischlings to remain German citizens if they could proof loyalty to Germany (by joining the Wehrmacht for example). Only elite positions in the government and SS were barred for the Mischlings. It was said that Mischlings would be absorbed into the German genepool, after the Jews and Germans would be segregated and seperated for a few generations. The Nuremberg Race Laws also allowed exeptions. A full-Jew could remain a German citizens in rare instances if the German government approved of it.

  7. That’s right. And in the case of Jewish or part Jewish women married to German men, and whose marriage had produced offspring (as comparable to Tan’s situation), there was absolutely no breaking up of the family. I don’t know of any case where treason, or even a lesser problem occurred because of this. Although there might have been a few scandals?

  8. There were anti-Communist Serbs (Chetniks) that sided with the Germans against the Communists.

    I think that the Croats should realize that by naming a street after somebody that the Jews can’t stand, they are keeping the Jews occupied and thereby consuming energy that Jews would otherwise devote to more serious troublemaking.

    In general, it should be understood that giving in to Jewish demands just clears the way for more extreme demands. It might be prudent for every government to make sure that there is always something trivial but provocative going on that monopolizes Jewish attention.

  9. “Karl Radl” says that I attacked him personally. I don’t remember doing that.

    I believe that I have expressed the view that his level of skepticism toward testimonies about Jewish involvement in Bolshevism is too high. For example: a Russian says that he saw Jews, and because he did not explain how he knew that they were Jews, “Karl Radl” dismisses it. I think that’s a little extreme.

    That’s criticism of his methodology, not a personal attack.

  10. Anthony Lynch

    I agree with Destroy Zionism. If a white person knowingly intermarries with a half jewess Id treat him with caution as I consider such actions to be immoral and or lacking in judgement.

  11. And who are you, Anthony Lynch? That is probably not your name, so what do we know about you that we should care what you think? You are a registered poster on VNN. What are your other qualifications? It would also be helpful to know your age. I don’t mind what you say, but I do mind all the secrecy and the sniping from the bushes.
    P.S. Your spelling of judgment as judgement tells me you may be English. Your name is also English so maybe it is your real name.

  12. Hadding – “Karl Radl” is not in the habit of worrying over whether or not what he says is true. Ditto for so many of the people he associates with.

    Here are some of the VNN posts that are applicable to my June 1st program from this person of questionable origin (KR) who talks out of his ass: http://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=145475&page=3 (Please note Cora McGuire’s posts throughout), http://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=145475&page=4, http://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=145475&page=5, http://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=145475&page=7.

  13. http://anonymizer.mastrcoder.com/index.php?q=http%3A%2F%2Fk0nsl.org%2Fblog%2Fk0nsl-on-twn%2F

    kOnsl posted this on June 2nd on his “kOnsl’s Blog.” He says he tried to post comments at TWN but they weren’t accepted. I don’t see how that can be. NO comments from kOnsl have passed before my eyes. NO comments that were even remotely like what he says he wrote have been received at TWN. kOnsl is going by what others have said to him; he says he has not listened to all of the show, but heard nothing objectionable in the part he has listened to. Why would he post a blog about the show without listening to all of it? Anyway, an excerpt from his post:

    I tried to comment on their site — the White network — to explain this and some other issues I had, but my comments were not published. I tried to explain to her a little bit more about who I am and what I do, as she wondered about that, too. But as I say, the comments I made weren’t published, but she must have read them and thus hopefully she understands more about me now.

    I’m sorry, but this is simply not true. Tan sees every comment that arrives because it’s either posted or in the Trash or in Spam, so he will be able to confirm this. I even checked through the June 2nd and 3rd Spam and nothing from him was received.

    Thanks to Vincent Nunes for alerting me to kOnsl’s blog post. He says he is not White so I’m not approving his comment, nothing personal, but his website is http://r8ny.com/blog/1020, you can look it up for yourself.

    [This comment was edited by Carolyn at 12:45 central time, with one paragraph being removed.]

  14. I have reviewed our folders (approved, pending, deleted, spam) and can verify we received no comments from kOnsl in the past few days.

    Where did kOnsl admit he is not White?

  15. Oh excuse me. Thanks for catching this! I at first thought the comment I received from Vincent Nunes (that was posted at kOnsl’s site) was what kOnsl had written. By the time I got that straightened out, I had it in my head that kOnsl said he was not White. Guess he didn’t, and I do heartily apologize.
    I just removed that sentence from my prior comment, it being too difficult to explain by leaving it there.
    It’s been a very busy morning – my only excuse.

  16. Anthony Lynch

    Well since you asked, I’m aged 33. ‘Anthony Lynch’ was the name of my great great grand daddy (although my given name is similar, it’s not the same).

    I have followed your work off-and-on since roughly 2007 or 8. I am a fully awakened white man, and have to agree with the expressed sentiment of Destroy Zionism, namely, that those with non white relatives should be dealt with caution.

    The mixng of white blood, with jews and other non whites, shouldnt be condoned nor be taken light heartedly. This would seem axiomatic to me regardless of anonymity

    PS I don’t reside in England, I just spell that way lol 🙂

  17. Thanks Anthony, that is much better. It is nice to meet you. Glad you don’t harbor any hard feelings.


    I’d like to add this thread from VNN in which, in my humble opinion, Banjo Billy takes Karl Radl to the woodshed. Though the subject matter is of a serious nature, many of Banjo Billy’s comments aimed at Karl Radl’s alleged expertise concerning the Talmud, are cutting, accurate, and totally hilarious.


  19. Thanks, DICARLO.

    My feeling is that “Karl Radl” is Jewish. Who but a Jew would want to delve into Judaism in all the detail that he does? It’s either too disgusting or too boring for a non-Jew. Then there is the fact that he lives in NYC. Who but a Jew would want to live in NYC (after they’re 30 years old) with all the Jews and the “international flavor” of the place?

    Then there’s his avatar at VNN. I can’t believe that this man is a National Socialist as he claims. First, he doesn’t talk or act like one; second no National Socialist would use that sleezy cartoon blonde tramp for his avatar, but a Jew would. Also, no National Socialist would write such interminably long accounts that say nothing that one can really remember. The way he puts together words leaves his reader or listener in a fog. And, as someone else has said, if he’s a real scholar of Talmudic thought and advanced Judaism, what is he doing debating people on VNN Forum?!

    This guy seems to me a total fake, and he always has.


    Carolyn — just a small tidbit, if I may …

    The incomparable Banjo Billy at Karl Radl

    You are the one who doesn’t see. To make it easy for you, since you are obviously mind-boggled with Talmudic fog, look at the Talmud like an arithmetic book. Take everything in it and add it up, you know like 1+1=2, etc.

    Now draw a line under all the figures and add them together and what do you get? No matter what the numbers in the Talmud say, no matter what the lying rabbis say about their alleged “piety”, the numbers still add up to millions of Jews lying, stealing, deceiving, betraying, swindling, raping, child molesting, defrauding, murdering, genociding, causing disease and starvation and suffering all over the world.

    So, your wimpy little exercise in finely dissecting the Talmud isn’t worth a damn because it all adds up to the same thing: the Jews pulling the wool over your eyes. Maybe they can deceive you, but they don’t deceive me.

    My statements concerning the meaning of the Talmud are accurate. The Jews who post their interpretations and lies and deceptive websites full of more lies, are not worth a damn.

    Just call me Rabbi Banjo_Billy, the Cosmic, who will set your mind straight concerning the false teachings of Rab, Rambam, Caro, and all the rest of those damned, lying, devil Jews.


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