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Jewish Gamblers Corrupt American Baseball – Episode 50


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  1. Captain West

    The Great Gatsby, the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, prominently mentions that the 1919 World Series was fixed. Moreover, a prominent Jewish character is said to be responsible. Gatsby himself credits the Jew as being “too smart” to ever be caught.

    The man has cuff links made of human teeth. The new Gatsby movie makes the character extra obnoxious, but does not mention that he is Jewish.

    Bring a strong stomach to the new movie. It has a strident post-modern flavor.

  2. I came upon a funny-in-a-repulsive-way New Republic article about this by jewy jew ron rosenbaum.

    Meyer Wolfsheim is Arnold Rothstein. I wonder if Hadding would insist on pronouncing Wolfsheim as Wolfsheem, too! 🙂

  3. NoDisinformationAllowed

    Wonderful broadcast and readings from THE INTERNATIONAL JEW, that I was never taught about. Thanks you Caolyn and Hadding — you are both such special truthers.

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