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Jewish Jazz Becomes Our National Music – Episode 52


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6 Responses

  1. richard

    here’s the popular song for this week:


  2. Wow. That’s a song? It’s a political message: Miss White Girl recommends lewdness and race-mixing as cool. Seems Miley Cyrus wants to top Madonna, eh?

    Thanks, Richard.

  3. Mary, White Advocate

    The YouTube video shows just how low we have gone. The ancient Romans, whom we resemble, were no less decadant. The message is clear. Our people are being destroyed by the same Tribe which ran Tin Pan Alley. This was one of the most disgusting performances I have ever seen, but I am sure there are far worse in that, in this video, at least most of the private parts of the bodies were covered up. In addition to the race mixing, there was also a strong message that lesbianism is OK.

  4. Fred Wilson

    More schlock for the gullible goys. Feed ’em garbage. If they put up a fight, yell INTOLERANCE, scream RACISM.

    Look into most any of the SLUT productions and guess who you will find.
    Find out who produces Madonna, Milli Vanilli etc.

    In that SLUT video, did you catch Miley giving the hand sign for a BJ ?
    Real nice, to put that garbage out for kids.

  5. Fred Wilson

    A lot of the good jazz was White. Stan Kenton and dozens more. Of course you don’t hear much about them, just Benny Goodman ( not really White ).

    The jews bought the major Jazz publication ‘DOWNBEAT’ and started promoting all things black and excluding anyone White. So much so that Stan Kenton made the innocent remark ‘I’m the last of a dying breed, a White jazz musician’. For that simple statement he took endless hell from jews media.

    ( Incidentally, it was Stan Kenton who created the ‘wall of sound’ style, not that murderous pervert jew, Phil Spector)

  6. PE

    That youtube vid was revolting, and a perfect way to summarize this segment of The International Jew.

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