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Black Demagoguery and Civil Rights


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  1. Carlos Porter left this comment on the Daily Stormer news site, under the article “Derek Black, Son of Stormfront Founder Don Black renounces White Nationalism.” I think it is applicable to this program so I’m copying it here.

    July 23, 2013 at 9:06 am

    An African who took a similar line would soon find himself with a burning tire around his neck, or worse (if there is worse). Either that or he would be expelled from the tribe and would soon perish in the bush, killed by hostile tribes, wild beasts, thirst or exposure. In primitive societies, expulsion from the tribe is considered equivalent to a death sentence. Liberals, by contrast, always think all they have to do is tell the blacks how much they love them and they will be welcomed with open arms. It doesn’t work that way. When apartheid was being abolished, some farmer gave one of his workers a ride home to the local township. He was caught and burned to death. The first people killed are almost always people who have cared for blacks all their lives. Why do we allow traitors to live with us? What I love about the liberals is the way they drive 80 miles an hour to get out of Detroit before dark, then go home to the safety of some white suburb — to which they have moved precisely because there were no blacks for miles in any direction — and then sob and complain about how the poor downtrodden blacks aren’t allowed to live there because of “discrimination”! Then as soon as they wreck that suburb by importing blacks, they move to another one, twenty miles away — again, where there are no blacks — then do the same thing again! They should be parachuted down into the middle of Soweto or East St Louis someplace at about 12 o’clock on Saturday night and told, “OK, you love the blacks so much, go live with them. And don’t think you can come back and live with us, even if you live long enough to get out, because you won’t be allowed to”. In the American South, racial liberals and outside agitators were made to feel physically uncomfortable (hate stares, obvious hostility, refusal to deal with them) to the point where they usually left town (or even the state) for their own safety. We should adopt the policies of shunning or banishment often practised by religious sects and extreme political movements. “If that’s the way you feel, get out. And don’t come back or you’ll be sorry.”

  2. Marcy

    AFTERBURNER w/ BILL WHITTLE: The Lynching (of George Zimmerman)

    http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2012/05/24/update-26-part-2-trayvon-martin-shooting-a-year-of-drug-use-culminates-in-predictable-violence/ This talks about Trayvon’s drug abuse (completely suppressed by the MSM) and how the items he had that night (Skittles and Arizona Watermelon drink) are two of the three ingredients used to make the street drug “Lean” (aka “poor man’s PCP”)

    This story provides information on the cover-up of Trayvon’s criminal activity, “How a Miami School Crime Cover-Up Policy Led to Trayvon Martin’s Death” ( http://spectator.org/blog/2013/07/15/trayvon-crime-school-miami#commentcontainer).


  3. Marcy – Please read our comment policy http://thewhitenetwork-archive.com/comment-policy/ and limit the number of links in one comment. I removed two of them. This is some real good information, though, except for the glorification of MLKing at the end of the video.

  4. Donn

    The hostility of WN’s toward Zimmerman, the trial, his acquittal and the attendant controversy is incomprehensible to me. So what if Zimmerman is Hispanic and not “pure” white? The issues are not his bloodline but gun rights, self defense and the right to a fair trial. These are important “white” issues, regardless of Zimmerman’s ethnicity.

    The Martin/Zimmerman incident has been a huge loss for the blacks. I said so when it first happened. Obama already has 97% of the black vote and he won’t get any more black votes by politicizing this matter. He will only antagonize white people and lose white votes.

    The outrageous, racist, anti-white drumbeat of leftist propaganda has done more to wake up and energize docile whites than I could have imagined. In Houston a 65 year old white lawyer organized a Counter demonstration against some Negro civil rights “activist” there and the whites outnumbered the blacks. How often does that ever happen?

    The shrill, angry anti-white rhetoric and the disgraceful performance of Obama in the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial are doing the Lord’s work for white activists by ripping off the mask of colored benevolence, behind which these monsters hide, and has shown their true faces…ugly, dysfunctional and sadistic.

    For better or for worse, Zimmerman is a hero and a symbol of gun rights, self-defense and the rule of law. These are important white values and we should not be indifferent to the opportunity to support them.

  5. Thanks Donn, I think this is important to be said. But not all WN’s are hostile to Zimmerman (you didn’t modify your sentence); many express appreciation for what he’s done.

  6. Thank you very much for posting my comments on Derek Black. This is what you get for sending your children to expensive universities. In this sense, the student debt crisis is highly positive.
    Would like to say I agree very strongly with Donn; I like Zimmerman. To me, he seems like an all-right guy. He saved somebody in an accident recently.
    To me, the verdict in this case was the only really positive thing that’s happened in a long time. I thought they’d convict him just to keep the peace, then give him a lenient sentence and release him when nobody was looking, just to placate the blacks. And it was a jury of women! One of them said they would have shot that Trayvon character even faster than Zimmerman did! And he was even going to get his gun back (until Eric Holder stole it)! We’ll see if he gets it, since the authorities have no right to keep it. Now it’s even being admitted that “stand your ground” has nothing to do with it, since he couldn’t even move! Why didn’t they emphasize this in the first place? No, I like the guy.

  7. Rahloh McDonogh

    William Finck claims American Blacks are tribal and fault them for having common concerns, but continuously uses term like “our and we” when talking about the “white topics that he has interest in.This country is done because of mind sets like Finck’s.this network should get some balls and invite some black people to debate.but you don’t have the nerve.Like Holder said American are racial cowards.

  8. To Rahloh – This network is for White people only, all the way down the line, including the comments. We created it this way for the very reason that no other so-called White network or radio host held to that standard. [Except William Finck, lol, although I’m not sure where he stands on comments.] So I guess you’re just practicing an Internet version of “block-busting.” Thus it’s not about not having nerve — we do have the nerve and will to stick to our guns and not be brow-beat.

    I am just letting you know I won’t publish another comment from you. It’s just our policy. Have a nice day.

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