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Andrew Anglin live from Athens, Greece


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  1. nick

    just heared your radio show with andrew anglin good stuff

  2. Carolyn ~ A show with VNN Golden Dawn proponent Alex Linder and Andre Anglin would be good. ~ Bob

  3. code law

    since everybody seems to defend democracy, one should consider the following:

    It is not true that hitler [ maybe that fits also to some other leaders ] did not care about the public´s opinion & mood. The shoe is rather on the other foot, documentation proves that he knew very well which measures the general people are welcoming, which cases might have been met better in another manner ( from the normal citizen’s point of view ).

    When there were differences between the operations of the government and the preferences of the people, he felt very unhappy about that. In 1940 for example, the germans did not understand why the luftwaffe did not respond by the same means as the RAF had already used the last couple of months. In any event, it is an advantage when the leaders don’t have the ability to get away without being held responsible for their mismanagement like it is practiced and praised today.

  4. I received the following email and thought it was very much worth copying and sharing here. If you read his “trip reports” you find him in agreement in all respects with what Andre said on the program.


    Great Saturday show! I am listening to it now. I actually went to Greece last year and met with the chairman and the spokesman of Golden Dawn (it was an unofficial National Alliance trip). They have a real organization. They have a minister of ideology, George, and he has been described in the press as the Dr. Josef Goebbels of the XA! Although publicly they shy away from it, the core of the party is hard core National Socialist. I wrote a trip report that was published at Majority Rights in three parts.




  5. JohnM

    Great show!

    Andre is the real deal, gives one hope that there are still good young White men around who care about our people. Much respect to this young man, a unique talent and a doo’er. Looking forward to his reports from Greece.

  6. TC

    Greeks have LONG memories.
    Why do they dislike Muslims so much, especially those invading their nation?
    Perhaps the 400 year brutal Occupation of their country!! The Slavery, the massacres et al


    Hail G o ld e n D a w n!!

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