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Anatomy of the Nuremberg Trials – Telford Taylor’s Lies


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  1. joshuaf

    Hardly surprising Taylor was a liar. “Joined Army Intelligence as a Major on October 5, 1942.” You have Robert A. Mclure, under the watchful eye of C.D. Jackson (later involved in Eisenhower’s campaign for Presidency and Editor of Life Magazine) holding up a human pelvis. A table with shrunken heads and soap and lampshades all asserted to have been made from dead Jews. All props for a most disgusting lie. The Nuremburg Tribunal was all part of the same psych-War to justify the Allied attack and destruction of Germany and to guilt trip what was left of the German population. All these people were in Army Intelligence. This stuff was the seed for the “Holocaust” Myth.

    Today we are paying for these lies. We must go all out to wake up our people. The “Holocaust” is the Jews’ Achilles Heel. Debunking is obligatory. They are terrified of exposure. In the light of untrammelled Immigration into White countries, those who refused to listen before are now much more attentive. I have ordered Porter’s book. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  2. Steven

    In the light of history seen from all sides the third reich was doomed before it started. Apart from a lack of time ,resources and a well thought out over all strategy the real serious problem is found in the councils of government, banks and secret societies outside of germany.
    Germany had enemies with unlimited resources and manpower that were able to arrange events that would justify war that would lead to Germany’s destruction. The trigger for war was polish attacks on german nationals before september 1939. This would prompt a humanitarian intervention on the part of germany to stop the anti german genocide and punish the offending polish nation. This was taken as an act of war by poland and its allies and the rest is history. How convenient it is that at Nuremburg the allies overlooked germany’s reaction to anti german genocide before september 1939 and yet have the gall to hold germany to account for its actions during a war started by Britain ,France and the special interests behind them. It seems that some so called war criminals are more equal than others. Has anyone noticed that Israel and its allies have not been tried and punished for their warcrimes committed after WW2?

  3. Steven

    Evidence of prewar czech and polish abuse and genocide of german nationals.
    WW2 was a reaction to germany fighting anti german genocide or if you like anti white genocide.

  4. who+dares+wings

    Herbert Marcuse (Marxist Jew), Lt. Col. Murray C. Bernays (Jew) and Col. Mickey Marcus (Zionist Jew) were tasked with organizing the Nuremburg IMT using ex post facto legal corkscrew logic for the charges of “collective guilt,” “crimes against peace” and “crimes against humanity” etc. based on Rafael Lemkin’s (Jew) newly minted theory of genocide and Franz Neumann’s (Marxist Jew) official guide to the Third Reich, Behemoth, Jewish-American overrepresentation at Nuremburg, which included spies, judges, prosecutors, witnesses, clerks, psychiatrists, film crews, radio broadcasters, photographers, reporters, secretaries, translators, interrogators, doctors, jailers,and assorted local and imported functionaries and facilitators is chronicled in Hungarian journalist Louis Marshalko’s The World Conquerers and US prosecutor Thomas Dodd’s letters home to his wife. When Julius Streicher said, “Purimfest l945” on the gallows before he was hung he wasn’t trying be ironical. He was giving utterance to an historical fact.

  5. Well done on another very good show, Carolyn. Here’s a little more on Fritz Sauckel for those who may not have recognised his name.

    I can’t remember if you mentioned it during the show but many Germans were subject to compulsory labour. Foreign workers were also paid the same wages as German workers and enjoyed the same health benefits and terms of contract.

    It should also be remembered that unlike the British and the Americans, the Germans did not have an inexhaustible supply of cheap darkie labour at their disposal during the war. The British very definitely treated conscripted labour inhumanely in their colonies. I won’t comment on how the Americans treated their Negro workers at the time because I honestly don’t know (or care).

    Fritz Sauckel worked directly under Goering through the Four-Year Plan Office, directing and controlling German labour. His death sentence at Nuremberg is probably the most controversial of the whole IMT show trial.

    Albert Speer as head of Organisation Todt was the man making the ever increasing demands on Sauckel for more labour from the Occupied Territories as the war progressed. Even so, Speer (the superior) received a mere 20 years’ imprisonment whilst Sauckel was hanged.

    An observer at the trial, journalist and author William L. Shirer, wrote that, compared to his codefendants, Speer “made the most straightforward impression of all and … during the long trial spoke honestly and with no attempt to shirk his responsibility and his guilt”.

    I’m not going to judge or second guess Albert Speer’s game plan for survival at Nuremberg, but he undoubtedly owes his life to rolling over and telling the IMT everything they wanted to hear. Sauckel on the other hand stood his ground against the Allied prosecutors and remained loyal to his Führer and the ideals of National Socialism to the end.

  6. Steven

    I just saw a video that has prompted me to think that it is not enough to expell Jews or send various types of criminals to concentration camps. Some times a problem is so severe that mercy itself is actually a heinous crime. Allied and Jewish war crimes remain unpunished.
    It is a long video but the jewish democratic and bolshevik barbarity will make your blood boil if you are white, straight and normal.
    Adolf Hitler – The greatest story Never told ! The Truth about WW2 .


    Carolyn Have a look at the video. I think you will agree that it ought to go viral.

  7. Steven – I have not watched that video and it is too long for me to spend watching it, so I don’t know whether I would agree it is “The Truth about WW2” or not. And who made it? I’m not encouraged that it takes 5+ hours to explain this.

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