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B’nai B’rith Leader Discusses the Jews – Episode 60


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  1. Franklin Ryckaert

    You can read all the information about the controversy whether the Indians of the New World were truely human and thus could be converted to Christianity in the Wikipedia article Sublimus Dei.

  2. JBW

    Thank you Hadding, for your absolutely dead on imitation of Her Excellency Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt at approximately 53:45 to 55:15 in the program.

    I believe that Mr. Hadding’s analysis of Southern Jewery being more “Aristocratic” in their outlook was probably certainly true, as there were many influential Jewish Gentlemen of the South up to, and through the war years. As the congenial, collegial, slow and somewhat rural folkways of Southern Culture, really the ONLY part of America that grew into an identifiable culture, … the landed Jewish man active in the politics of the day, disarmed by southern hospitality, probably did see the chance of identifying and integrating (moving away from this Rabbi Kin) in the organic, agricultural south, and would have been more inclined to comfortable assimilate with the polite society of the genteel gentile gentry of the pre-war South than in other places in the world, just as they were able to do to with some success in Prussia 100 years earlier.

    Jewish crime not withstanding.

  3. Marina Orwell

    Hear, hear! The last few minutes of this reading had me applauding here in front of my computer. Not only was it beautifully said & wonderfully read, but who can resist the prose of someone who knows how to use the word “lickspittle?” ;o)

  4. Jews, why do we have to be so weird? Growing up as a Jew in the South, I always sort of felt like the culture of Judaism was like family business: its something that you do in private because you don’t need others to see or understand it. It was something that we did that would have seemed “cult-like” to my Southern neighbors, but meant so much to us none the less. We’d do our Shabbat thing, or our holiday thing in private, and then return to society with a sense of peace, ready to walk around as what everyone saw us as: white people. So why do we have to be so overly ridiculous in public? The day isn’t long enough for me to write an article on Hasidic Jews, but damn man, you guys are an embarrassment to us all. Stop doing halftime shows where you make us look like we just got off of a time machine from 1930′s Poland. Stop riding around New York City in yellow school buses, and stop dressing your wives in wigs and rags from Woolworth’s, then surfing the internet for kiddy Porn. And as for your Mr. Gershon, stop having public outbursts a la Bobby Knight, and then refusing to leave with that “F you, I’m one of the “Chosen People” attitude.” Let’s just get back to being regular Jews, who have a beautiful religion, that needs not be shared with others, just for the sake of sharing with others. And Israel, get better basketball teams. You got blown out by the Knicks for crying out loud.


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