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Phoney Wars, Phoney News and Phoney Peace Treaties


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  1. Markus

    – The British have only their anti-Germanism left for their patroitism, nothing more. It’s all lost.

    The Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter nailed this phenomenon:

    „Die Verachtung der Deutschen ist eine Art Rassismus, an der sich viele festklammern, weil jeder andere Rassismus verboten ist.”[2]

    “The defamation of the Germans is a form of racism, to which many people clutch, because every other racism is forbidden.”

    -The Federal Republic of Germany has no legal authorization to revise Germany’s borders. It is merely an Allied occupation construct in a part of Germany for a limited time, as outlined in its Basic Law. Only a peace treaty with the German Reich could finalize Germany’s de facto borders to become de jure. This would not only include the parts administered by Poland and Russia today, but also the Federal Republic of Austria and the Sudetenland administered by the Czech Republic. Border revisions during a war are not final, but serve only occupation purposes. WW2 is not over.

    The Federal Republic of Germany, the Federal Republic of Austria and the foreign administered regions of Germany East of the Oder-Neisse line are an integral part of Germany. Merkel or any other FRG regime can never revise this fact in their legal position. International Law is very clear on this.

  2. Markus

    …and New-Swabia is an integral part of Germany, as well…

  3. Great show. You had me thinking with the question you posed about France invading Germany at the beginning of the show. If they were to manage to defeat Hitler that quick I imagine all of Europe would have most likely fallen to Communism pretty easily, so I think they would have done it. Kind of makes you wonder after seeing how it all played out though.

  4. Monty Storm

    What an interesting program, especially since I watched the movie “The Great Escape” when I was a young man. except for name changes and the Hollyweird stretch of the truth, a lot of what you talked about was in the movie. I must admit I enjoyed the movie, it would have been considered a blockbuster by today’s standards. This is a great Network you have put together, It’s a bright spot in my weekly network activity. And although I am a devout Christian, I would have to agree with one of your former guests, the Judeo-Christian religion is an enemy to white America as they love the Jew more than they love their own race.

  5. Commander Goyim And His Lost Sheeple Airmen

    History Revisionism.

    Even National Socialist can do it. My favourite topic is how Germany could have won war. Yes, the Juden construct endless games on this topic and it is worth mentioning that this form of modern day racism is rampant in gaming; the evil Nazis even have soldiers that kind of look like Germans but with no Swastikas.

    I always start with Dunkirk.

    What a Turkey shoot that would have been. There is always a conspiracy floating around and this one is that Goering took his eye off the ball. Hindsight is always 20/20 but I really believe that a major flaw happened here by underestimating the British.

    An invasion of the British Isles should have gone forward at this time and Mosley installed as PM.

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