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Was the Third Reich immoral?


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  1. In the partial trial transcript I linked to in the program post, we read that Falk Harnack was released from custody without charges. Here is the full explanation of that, which shows how fair they were and how much detail they went into for each of the accused:

    “The accused Harnack came into the affair by accident. He was a soldier in Chemnitz. One day two strangers, Scholl and Schmorell, came to see him; they had been sent to him by his fiancee, who was in Munich. At first he was pleased to have a message from her. But then they plied him with their anti-German ideas and plans, and tried to recruit him for their purposes. When he refused, they left. Shortly afterward he visited his fiancee in Munich. At her suggestion, he again met with Scholl and Schmorell on two successive days. As against their democratic, individualistic ideas, he defended the National-Socialist program of a planned economy. Scholl and Schmorell (Huber was also present on the second occasion, and argued on their side) declared this program to be communistic. They separated without coming to any agreement. Harnack was obligated to report this occurence, but a little while before he had undergone a very difficult personal experience with his brother and sister-in-law. The former had been sentenced to death for high treason by the Reich Military Court. [This was Arvid, 12 years his senior – cy] Harnack himself had had no part in this affair, but he was still suffering from the shock that a sentence like this gave his family — a family of scholars well-known throughout Germany.
    The court felt that it was not called upon to punish Harnack as a criminal because of the special circumstances; that under the influence of his upsetting experience in the family (as the only adult male, he was obliged to provide also for the minor children of his brother) he simply did not measure up to the standard of strength and manhood that would make him conscious of his duty to report and would help him carry out such a resolve.

    He is industrious and highly talented, as the reports of his work as a student of theater attest. But it is of even greater significance that, as an artist, he is enthusiastically National-Socialist. This is shown by his work at the Weimar National Theater and in his productions for soldiers at the front. For this reason it seemed proper that the Court not punish his omission. The Reich is not harmed thereby, and the man is thus justly treated, in accordance with his unique situation. Therefore, he has been set free.

  2. Steven

    Is the Third Reich more evil than the nations and peoples that conquered it? Post war experience and revelations clearly show that the destroyers of the Third Reich are worthy of destruction and extinction. Not just for violations of the laws of war but for high crimes against divine law, financial, political and common crimes and perversions. They are guilty of not only the destruction of germany they also destroyed themselves through their own evil politically correct policies. Don’t be fooled by the fact that the buildings are still standing. The problem is that the finances and the morals of the nations were rotted out from within one legal reform and one deficit at a time. The Third Reich might not have been perfect but the Jew world order and all it stands for is far worse. What is it going to take for people to realize that white humanity has been on the wrong path and led by the wrong people for the last 300 years?

  3. Markus

    Carolyn, you ask if the Jew-run courts are any better?

    Well, the NS-German state was openly totalitarian and authorative. Set rules were given to obey. Jew-Democracy claims to be so open to all free speech rights, yet it is hypocritical.

    If the White Rose was so against NS, they should have moved abroad. Before the Allies expelled Germans from Eastern Europe and Russia after 1945, there were large German minorities all over Europe, where the White Rose members could easily fit in. Also, before German became lingua non grata in North America, German was probably the most spoken language after English in the US. So the Scholls could have moved to Wolga-Russia or Pennsylvania without having to learn a new language.

    I wonder why we never hear of heroic dissidents who opposed the expulsion of Germans in Central and Eastern Europe, whether National Socialists or not.

    Furthermore, the official abbreviation of Konzentrationslager was KL and not KZ, but that sounds less spooky.

    The Scholls, being so pro-Catholic could have also moved to Italy, which was a Catholic Kingdom. Obviously, the White Rose was there to cause trouble.

    Execution in a Jew-Democracy for this, no, but in a openly authoritatian state, yes. NS-Germany had no Wall around it like the DDR. Dissidents were welcome to leave.

  4. Weichseler

    Mega bingo on that statement, Steven!

  5. Pas

    Gestapo stands for ”Geheime Staatspolizei” (secret state police).http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gestapo

  6. Thanks Pas. A summary:
    In 1933, Hermann Goering became Interior Minister of the state of Prussia, thus head of Germany’s largest police force. He separated out the political and intelligence departments and merged them into a new unit he named Geheime Staatspolizei (“Secret State Police”), in order to avoid them going out of his control and under the Reich Interior Minister Wilhelm Frick. Frick wanted to integrate all the (secret) police forces of the individual German states.

    In 1934, Goering urged Hitler to extend his Gestapo’s authority throughout Germany. In this Goering was opposed by Heinrich Himmler, who was police chief of the Bavarian police, the 2nd largest force in Germany. Frick and Himmler allied and took over the political police of state after state, until only Prussia was left. Goering conceded and handed over control of his Gestapo to Himmler on April 20, 1934.

    In June 1936, Hitler decreed the unification of all police forces in the Reich and named Himmler as Chief of German Police, effectively merging the political police into the SS. The Gestapo became a national state agency rather than a Prussian state agency. It had the authority to investigate cases of treason, espionage, sabotage and criminal attacks on the Nazi Party and Germany.

    On 27 September 1939, the security and police agencies — with the exception of the Orpo (Order Police) — were consolidated into the Reich Main Security Office (RSHA), headed by Reinhard Heydrich. The Gestapo became Amt IV (Department IV) of RSHA and Heinrich Müller became the Gestapo Chief, with Heydrich as his immediate superior. In January 1943, Ernst Kaltenbrunner was appointed Chief of the RSHA. Müller remained the Gestapo Chief, a position he occupied until the end of the war. All these men remained loyal to National Socialist ideals and to Hitler.

  7. the NS-German state was openly totalitarian and authorative. Set rules were given to obey. Jew-Democracy claims to be so open to all free speech rights, yet it is hypocritical.

    You are right, Markus, however the common German citizen did not feel anything threatening as he went about his/her daily life. There were certain memorials (few and far between, and not at all in the towns and villages) that you were “required” to salute as you walked past them, but the salute did not have to be anything exaggerated, just casual so to speak. The fear that Germans had was of the outside nations that were threatening their way of life, and then waging war on them. They did not fear their own government.

    The quote given on the Wikipedia page on the Gestapo: “From its creation in 1933 until its death in May 1945, anyone living in Nazi controlled territory lived in fear of a visit from the Gestapo…” from a book by Rupert Butler is hogwash. It’s not a complete sentence and the page number where this is supposed to appear in the book is not even given. This is the kind of schlock “proofs” that are given.

    Ha! Looking up this 3rd rate book on Amazon, I find that sentence is from the publicity blurb written by the publisher to sell the book!

    From its creation in 1933 until Hitler’s death in May 1945, anyone living in Nazi-controlled territory lived in fear of a visit from the Gestapo–Geheime Staatpolizei–or Secret State Police.


    That’s why no page number can be supplied. The sh-t that finds it way onto Wikipedia pages, and is not removed, is atrocious. EVERYTHING needs to be checked out.

  8. Markus

    I know that most Germans lived fear-free under the protection of the pro-German nationalistic state and only Volksschädlinge were targeted, but the Jew-Press wants to include everyone again for their advantage.

    Hitler said he wanted a state like the Jesuit Order. That doesn’t mean he was a Jesuit, but the principle was the same. You take an oath for your country and breaking that oath means death.

    In Japan, many times when business managers fail or betray their people, they commit ritual suicide to honor their commitment.

    Again, they could have moved if they didn’t like it. The totalitarian system was openly visible and non-hypocratic, yet borders were open for people to leave. The democratic system requires you to break the (to the US constitution for example). It is immoral therefore and ignoble.

  9. Carolyn,

    To get some idea of the Jewish control over Britain please check this post: The Great Kate Middleton Scam:

    How outrageous of these followers of the the former Catholic Antichurch to suggest that Adolf Hitler, who did so much to clean up the immorality which the Jews spread in Germany just as they are doing in Western world today, was immoral, or Germany became more immoral. The vast majority of Christians in Germany supported Adolf Hitler. The story of how the Fuhrer cleaned-up Germany of Jewish immorality and filth has never been told. A glimpse in the video below:

  10. I didn’t think you did not know, Markus; I was just offering some more information. 🙂

  11. ETA

    A WN’t meeting just concluded in Leith, ND. With a small ragtag group of anti-white Marxists, blacks and Aztecs in protests. I was shocked at the hate shown towards the WN’t as well as the White race collectively. I’m sure it would be of interest to many if Miss Carolyn would interview Craig Cobb again. Maybe study into this senseless hate and animosity against White people. Dr. Kevin MacDonald would also be a great interview, to explain to us White people the psychology behind the hate. I mean White folks are taxed to death paying for non-whites social programs, we are the victims of many crimes and displays of overt hatred, yet most of us seem oblivious to the contempt and disrespect shown us. Perhaps an hour with Craig to explain the hate shown yesterday (9/22/13) with an hour afterwards of Dr. MacDonald explaining the reasons why. Why do they hate us? Why do they seek to destroy us? And how their hate goes so deep that what they are doing (in many cases) is; destroying those who provide and maintain a first class lifestyle for them to live in. And that includes not only the basics of comfortable life but, even allowing them, over our own children, preferences in first class college admissions and employment opportunities.

    I’ve attended several rallies in the past seven of so years. Two in Knoxville, TN – where two Whites were slaughtered by five blacks and nary a word from the MSM – who were in ‘hush crime‘ mode.

    One in Belleville, IL – where blacks were attacking and beating White children on school buses – again the media was like ‘ho hum.’

    And then in Kalamazoo, MI – where blacks were simply attacking Whites walking the streets, and once again, the media was in denial. Black attacking Whites? Huh, when, where, no way! – you raaaacists!

    The most disturbing part of the rallies were in the fact that while we were protesting for equal media coverage and a stop to the violence, we were the objects of hate. Hate from the Marxists, college kids, blacks, jews, media and wannabe communists. And their hate was natural and uncontrollable. But yet us Whites, most of us anyway, seem to have an unconditional ‘love’ for those who have an unconditional hatred towards us.

    If Craig could set the show up, with the many examples of hate shown us Whites, yesterday (9/22/13), and then, Dr. MacDonald came on to explain why, why they hate us, perhaps that would help us gain understanding. Understanding where obviously, there is none now.

    Just a suggestion.


  12. ETA – It’s not going to happen. Anyone who wants to get glimpse of what’s happening up there can go to VNN Forum. http://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=158831&page=35

    Craig Cobb screws his whole mission up by hating Christians and ridiculing them. All of his “friends” do too. How, then, does he fit into that community? He doesn’t and doesn’t want to.

  13. ETA

    Oh no Carolyn, these guys will kill anyone who just thinks there might be a God. But I thought you knew this prior to the first interview.

    As far as ‘Cobb’s friends,’ it may be more of ‘Linder’s friends.’ Because that’s where all that hate for Christianity came from, and was allowed to propagate – with Linder.

    Personally I hate all religions and go as far as; ‘if you’ve got a religion that hates religions then I hate that religion as well.’ I believe in the Bible as it was originally written and do not see it as a ‘jew book.’ Yet am not a fanatic in any case. But as far as ‘religions’ – I just don’t like them.

    I would also like to add, I can understand the hate towards Christianity, the jew has done well is brainwashing Whites of how their Christian religion is nothing more than another offshoot of another type of jew religion. Jews have transformed White people’s religion and their main doctrine, the Bible, into; ‘anything and everything meaningful in it, is all about jews.’ Even the Christian Savior is a jew, according to jews. And that is a big turnoff to many Whites. I just never could understand how any White could fathom that jews have all these religions, even owning the Christiana Bible, but yet the Whites, they just don’t have a religion. And the one they do have, or did have, they now see as just another jew religion. It’s ridiculous really, but that’s what ’religions’ have become. With jews, their religions are still their’s, but now, even formally White Christianity, is there’s as well. Amazing. White people, you have no religion – OK? What you do have is ‘Judeo-Christianity‘ (whatever that is). Jew religion = Christ was/is a ‘myth’ – but in jew Christianity – designed for goy consumption, Christ was/is a jew. Is it any wonder why more and more people, White people, despise this new ‘Christianity?’ No it’s not, that’s why people must have understanding and see past these jew lies and reject them. But why some people, such as Linder, goes overboard, I just don’t know.

    In any case, I was suggesting looking into the hate shown towards White people, even by Whites themselves, during the mess in Lieth, ND on Sunday, 9/22/13. And not into Cobb’s irrational and absolute hatred towards Christianity. His hatred for jew-Christianity, I can understand that, but what I can’t understand is why all this hatred against White people. (And just for the record, I believe Cobb, like Linder, goes too far in his hate).

    After all this being written, I understand exactly your reasoning for not wanting to talk with Cobb. I wouldn’t argue with you against that, no more than I’d argue with Cobb over his religion.

    But maybe one day when the time is right for one of your great shows, you can get into detail with MacDonald of why all this hate against White people. Again, hatred shown against Whites collectively and, by many individual Whites themselves.

    And thanks for the VNN link but, I despise Linder and his VNN. I was shocked you interviewed the fool twice. But he is entertaining and does have a following – both those who love him and those who hate him. Which group follows him more – who knows?



    PS. I know you have understanding of communism’s anti religion. To where they attempted to destroy any truths or theories concerning a God or his creation. They wanted the people to believe themselves as animals and not as ‘Godly beings.‘ It was much easier to conquer, control and destroy them if they were considered as nothing but useless and worthless animals. So when the communists sent their brainwashed thugs into kill off an entire village or a large percentage of an entire town, they were not killing human beings created by a God, they were merely slaughtering soulless animals. MacDonald would be a great person to discuss this with as well. As well as how the satanic jews now have people (even White people) looking at White people as the soulless animals. I think it would make for a good show. I mean, just getting to the facts, not trying to indoctrinate or elicit members to any religion. But just give your listeners some real facts. That’s really what I was getting to. Cobb could have set it off with the hate shown against Whites in Lieth.

    Again, best to you Carolyn, I like you and of course I like your shows. I’ve spent many hours listening to your voice and what it had to say. Smilessss to you….

  14. In any case, I was suggesting looking into the hate shown towards White people, even by Whites themselves, during the mess in Lieth, ND on Sunday, 9/22/13. And not into Cobb’s irrational and absolute hatred towards Christianity.

    Craig Cobb takes his dislike and ridicule of Christians into that community with him. It’s not just a White nation or White community he wants, but a White non-Christian community. It’s not a workable approach among those people, is all I’m saying. I don’t dislike Craig at all; I like him; he has great ideas and is courageous. But he behaves, as he said himself when on my program, a little “off-the-wall.” I think that’s how he phrased it.

    Thanks for the compliments, ETA.

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