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Killing the Holocaust Myth


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  1. Markus

    All these countries that messed with Germany and were consequently occupied installed illegal exile-governments in London or elsewhere. When Dönitz and his cabinet was illegally imprisoned and left Germany with a government incapable of acting, why didn’t he remain Reichspraesident in exile? Other than German occupation of Denmark or France for example, where the governments remained active, the Allies have removed the sovereign representatives of Germany without treaty.

    Were there any official talks and agreements between the German government and the German Jews during the war? Did the German government hand out any reports of the Jews’ well being in the camps to any Jewish organization?

  2. Markus, I think you mean “Unlike the German occupation of Denmark … etc., not “Other than …”

    Are your last two sentences real questions or just rhetorical?

  3. Markus

    Real questions. Was there any official communication between the German government and the Jewish World Congress or any other club?

    I know of the transfer agreement. Was there anything else that you know of? Especially regarding the conditions in the camps, something similar to the Red Cross reports about camp conditions.

  4. In today’s program I couldn’t remember the name of Joachim Neander, the holohoaxer friend of the Holocaust Controversies boys who were calling me ugly names when I wrote the following articles about his work in 2010:


    They are pretty darn good articles and have stood the test of time.

  5. Nothing that I have ever heard about. I don’t think so.

  6. Henry

    Marcus, there was considerable contact and agreement between the Germans and the various agencies of the WJC.

    Shortly after the war began, Nahum Goldmann travelled to London (and Paris) to confer with people in the ‘highest places’ and received the opinion that Germany was totally bankrupt and in order to survive, Hitler would soon be forced to turn to Stalin and communism. Moreover, powerful people inside Germany were already moving to kill Hitler and remove the Nazis.

    These givers of opinion, it was said, were certain that the war would be over by April 1940. However it was Chamberlain who didn’t survive much beyond that date, being replaced by Churchill on May 10th. They were concerned that Hitler would become increasingly desperate and launch an attack on Holland before he could be removed.

    The Allies were convinced that a crushing blockade would be enough to finish the Nazis as this would force Hitler to care for millions of extra people (especially the Jews)with recourses that were draining fast. As part of this policy it was decided that no one would be allowed to leave the blockaded areas as this could serve to reduce the pressure on Germany.

    Before 1939 was out the WJC was approached by the Gestapo to ask why the outside Jews were doing nothing to assist the Jews within Germany and Poland and it seems from this approach that the Jews were free to go if it could be arranged.

    The WJC instructed its agents working in Germany to get confirmation and clarification from Gestapo officials in Berlin. Unfortunately the answer to their enquiries is missing from the Congress documents that I have even though that process of enquiry was proceeding as directed from Congress HQ in Switzerland.

    This information is contained in reports sent by Nahum Goldmann and Gerhart Riegner to their President, rabbi Stephen Wise, in New York.

    As the war progressed there was considerable cooperation between the SS and the Jews for example there was the ‘Europa Plan’ which began in 1942 and involved agencies of the WJC and Eichmann’s SS department

    See here: http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/judaica/ejud_0002_0006_0_06144.html

    One of the Germans involved was an officer named Dieter Wisliceny who was subordinate to Eichmann but at one time had been his superior. At least one senior officer of the WJC was active during the interrogation of Wisliceny down in the cells at Nuremberg, and within the statements that were drawn from Wisliceny (”after much trouble”) is the claim that the gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau were destroyed in October 1944 on the direct orders of Himmler as per an agreement arrived at in Switzerland between Himmler’s men and Saly Mayer of the WJC.

    This of course is in conflict with the legendary boast that the buildings were destroyed during an uprising by a group of heroic Jews who worked within the camp.

  7. Monty Storm

    I have to admit to watching a whole lot of propoganda about Germany, the holocast, and the work camps on the History channel. I know that the jews own the media and control much of the material that is shown on tv, but even they cannot hide the truth completely. They like to call the work camps ” death camps” or at least interchange the terms to confuse the viewer. As Carolyn pointed out they admitted to a shortage of workers, but that didn’t stop the extermination of the jews. I guess the Germans didn’t think the jew was capable of work, wasn’t intelligent enough to do any labor, or they were not telling the truth about a labor shortage. Perhaps they are trying to say that Germany was more concerned about killing jews than winning the war, now that would be a crazy thought.

  8. Markus

    Thank you Henry for the info. If you have more info, please write it if Carolyn is ok with it.

    Monty, indeed, I talked to a Jewish Dr. about that and she said if Germany hadn’t prioritzed the gassings of Jews and wasting all the material, Berlin would have won.

    She also said that the German Jews were the smartest people, and by losing so many brains like Einstein to the US, all intelligencia left Germany.

    I had to laugh when I heard that.

  9. Henry (and Markus) – I don’t think what you have written here is an answer to the question posed: Apart from the Transfer Agreement, was there any official communication between the German government and the WJC, or any other club?

    You write of Nahum Goldman speaking to the Allies, then of an “approach” to the WJC by the Gestapo about helping Jews leave Germany (according to Goldman), but no records from the Gestapo, only what Goldman reported. “They are missing,” you say. You rely totally on Jewish versions of events.

    Testimony gained from Wisleceny in the prison at Nuremburg is hardly “official” and it’s also false. So I don’t know what Markus is thanking you for.

  10. Markus

    I agree Carolyn, but at least Henry had some info, even if it’s bias.

  11. But Markus, you didn’t say to Henry when you thanked him and asked for more that you knew it was biased, did you? Why is that?

  12. Markus

    More info in general. Bias or not. It’s good to know and in most lies is a hint of truth from where I could possibly find more references. A tortured German official, who was appointed to communicate with the Jewish Congress, might have said something else earlier or factual protocols of his might be found in German archives. Knowing names is a good start, even if the Jews put words into his mouth.

  13. Henry


    Marcus, you shouldn’t let Carolyn to do this to you. She is the Queen of bias.

    As for her ”Jewish version of events” – The Jews haven’t given a version of these events. I’ve merely repeated what they discussed in secret among themselves. Which is something quite different to what she suggests.

    The approach to the WJC from the Gestapo is discussed in internal correspondence between Goldmann and Wise and was never released nor meant to be.

    I found it about 6yrs ago. It’s inside a 100+ page document that contains, among other things, discussions and instructions on feeding false information to the press. For example: in September 1939, the WJC claimed that when the Germans went into Poland they murdered Jews in their thousands using methods which included the drowning of hundreds in the river Bug. Claiming Jews who tried to get out of the river were ”beheaded” on the banks!

    Wise instructed this BS to be fed to the world’s media but ordered that the source of the story (the WJC) must not be disclosed.

    What is missing from this document is the final report from the Jewish agents then assisting the Nazis (more corporation) with the deportations from Germany/Austria. They were given the task of sending back the report on this issue. It’s not in that document file but may be elsewhere in the archive.

    So enough with this crap that I’m peddling the ‘Jewish versions’ of events.

    As for Wisliceny? The reason the man found himself in the cells at Nuremberg was precisely because of his close work with the WJC.

    He and his mother were in hiding. His mother contacted the WJC to come and rescue him as per the agreement he thought he had with them. She sent the WJC details of the address where they could be found. The WJC then arranged with the Wislicenys a time that they would call; but instead of keeping their part of the bargain, the Jews passed this information to the Americans at Nuremberg. The Americans then went along in place of the WJC and this is how he was captured.

    Again, I have the documents which contain these details and they also list the names of the WJC and OSS officers involved.

    Btw: I didn’t say Wisliceny wasn’t tortured and I did describe the evidence from his statement as being a ‘claim’ – this much is true – but don’t pretend that he and the rest of Eichmann’s group hadn’t worked closely with the World Jewish Congress when in fact they had.

  14. Markus, you ought to have already known this name, and I fear you will just use this information to come up with some more far-fetched theories of which you are so fond. Wisleceny is a questionable character all the way around and there is little that is written about Eichmann that can be believed. Even in German archives.

  15. Markus

    I make no conclusions about this whatsoever. I was just curious.

  16. Henry says, “Don’t pretend that …” Don’t pretend?

    Markus asked originally: “Was there any official communication between the German government and the Jewish World Congress or any other club?”

    Henry answers: “there was considerable contact and agreement between the Germans and the various agencies of the WJC.” Not the German government, mind you, but “the Germans.” By which he means Wisleceny, a minor official.

    Nowhere, Henry, do you cite any correspondence from the German government. All you’ve got are WJC jews talking to each other.

  17. “Henry” has just sent another comment in which he now mentions a meeting between Reichsfuehrer SS Heinrich Himmler and the World Jewish Congress in April 1945 and asks: Can you prove that this meeting with Himmler didn’t take place? This is something he did not mention before.

    Himmler in April 1945 — give me a break! Exactly when in April? We know what Himmler was trying to do in April’45 – grasping at straws! And, just to play along a little with Henry, Himmler was not representing the German govt. at the time (still under Hitler) but had become a rogue element, on his own.

    You are no longer welcome to post comments to my programs, Henry. So long.

  18. JoshuaF

    I think I am right if I say that everyone who listens to Carolyn’s podcasts as I do, or makes comments here are among the “Converted”.
    The problem with a new book on the Holocaust running to 1500 pages is that it will never appeal to the “Un-Converted”.
    This comment is about Tactics, and is in no way a criticism of Carolyn’s work or the work of “MGK” for that matter!
    We are in a War of Words. We, the Converted have to turn the Propagandised into Converts.
    Don’t worry about the Jews controlling the media. You can light a single blade of grass in a paddock of straw and before long the whole paddock will be ablaze. You can go into a shop for example and light that blade of grass with a few simple words.
    This is about what works and what doesn’t. We all have this frustration that we can’t get through. I know from experience that saying, “The Holohoax is bunk” or mentioning the J-word does not work. The audience will simply think you are a nut who wants to kill 6m Jews.
    The magic words are, “IT’S AFRICA FOR THE AFRICANS, ASIA FOR THE ASIANS AND WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYONE” Then you can stick in a few words about GENOCIDE and then finish with “ANTI-RACIST IS CODE FOR ANTI WHITE”. If the response is favourable, tell your audience to pass it on.
    Go to http://www.whitakeronline.org/blog/ and explore for more detail, and in particular listen to this half hour podcast here http://whitegenocideproject.com/beefcakes-bootcamp-episode-9-do-not-tailgate/ which tells you how to deal with “Anti-Racists”.
    I like to take this stuff to the streets and do it one on one or to a small group of whites. But it can be done on comments on the Net. If you are of an intellectual bent and feel uncomfortable doing it, you are probably doing it right!
    Owning the media enables you to control the message. We have to remove the message from the Jew-media and reclaim the moral high ground. We are at War!

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